Soulcalibur VI: New and Returning Fighters Detailed

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Soulcalibur VI: New and Returning Fighters Detailed

Uncover the backstory behind Kilik, Xianghua, Nightmare, and the newcomer Grøh.

The stage of history is set, does your soul still burn? Soulcalibur is back with its unique weapon-based combat as new and returning characters battle it out against gorgeous 16th century fantasy settings.

Today we are detailing the return of Kilik, Xianghua, and Nightmare, as well as a brand-new fighter, Grøh, entering the fray.


After being abandoned as a child, Kilik was raised by the monks of the Ling-Sheng Su temple where he was raised to be a proficient fighter. While never knowing his true family, Kilik befriended another orphan named Xianglian and a bond formed between them stronger than even the closest of siblings. They grew into proficient warriors, and their efforts were rewarded with each of them being chosen to inherit one of the temple’s three sacred treasures. However, on the night before the official handover ceremony, fate began to stir…

Kilik is proficient in the fighting style of the rod. Among the many rod styles surviving in China today, the techniques of Ling-Sheng Su are said to be among the most refined and powerful. The rod is a large and difficult weapon to master, however, the freedom of movement, effectiveness at any range, and offensive and defensive capabilities make it an appealing choice over other long weapons such as the spear.


Xianghua’s mother was from the prestigious Chai family in Beijing, and taught Xianghua swordsmanship from a young age, treating her with a firm but loving hand. Xianghua sensed these moments held some deeper significance than her mother was letting on. Perhaps it had something to do with her father, a man she never knew and was told had passed away. Two years after her mother’s death, she decided to focus on the way of the sword. With every passing day, her passion burned stronger than before.

Xianghua learned how to wield a sword from her mother and from a young age was enraptured by the beauty of her mother practicing the sword. Xianghua’s personal style relies less on taking her opponent down with head-on attacks and more on feints and landing a decisive blow only after her opponent has left an opening for her to exploit.


Appearing from out of the shadows like the advent of nightfall, this barbaric knight in azure armor reaps the souls of the living as if they were mere stalks of corn. His name came to represent fear and desperation to all who heard it. Those who found out that the rumors were true, that he was no fairytale villain, would be struck down in a single blow before they could even open their mouths to scream.

Nightmare carries the demon sword Soul Edge, a blade that has been part of many battles and retains the memories of those who wielded it, and those who faced them. Such memories influence the fighting style of the blade’s current master, so even if its wielder lacks experience in combat, they can battle like a seasoned warrior. When facing Nightmare, one must never forget that he is able to at least partially unleash the power of the sword. If he does, be prepared for a blow designed to kill in one fell cut.


The mysterious Aval Organization was a secret group with origins rooted in ancient times. They say the group came to be when a king used the spirit sword to defeat its cursed counterpart, and with his dying breath, entrusted them with both the blade and his unfinished mission. Each new generation has taken on the group’s mission to rid the world of “Outsider” — those connected with the cursed sword. One such member was Grøh, about whom little is known save for that he was a fearsome warrior. Though his fighting style is shrouded in mystery, he is believed to have wielded two swords. Some also say he kept a certain technique close to his chest…

Grøh utilizes the Aval Twinblade Swordsmanship that often employs multiple consecutive slashes. This has a major disadvantage in that a careless practitioner runs the risk of injuring themselves. As such, it takes a lot of practice to use this style effectively. Dual-swordsmanship also allows for the swords to be split in two and wielded separately. This tactic is one of the many ways a wielder can use to surprise their opponent, giving them the opportunity to string together a series of blows that lead to a final, deadly slash.

Let us know what you think about these new characters for Soulcalibur VI and who else you would like to see added to the game’s roster. We can’t wait to share more information for Soulcalibur VI before its release later this year!

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  • I refuse to buy any Namco IP game because of Katsuhiro Harada. Back in 2012, he said the sequence of release were TTT2, SFxT, TTT2U, TxSF. However, Namco released TR and then T7. And since then the reason has changed. First, waiting for the PS4 and XB1. Second, SFxT is still being updated. Third, focusing on T7. Fourth, do not to split the player base. I know the Tekken and Soulcalibur teams are different but I am protesting Namco until we get a crystal clear answer on Tekken x Street Fighter.

    • Get a grip mate.

    • Please tell me you are joking.

    • Harada has pretty much come out and said that they don’t know how to market Tekken x SF alongside SFV and T7, which are already on the market and have large audiences. They’re waiting until the time is right. I would love to have Tekken x SF tomorrow, but it probably wouldn’t sell all that great at the current time.

    • I get that the game is long overdue and should have been out years ago, but seriously, it’s just a spinoff/crossover game. I’m sure everyone wants to see it but then again no one is really anticipating for the game. I’d rather they focus on their own games first rather than worrying about a spinoff/crossover. From what I remember, the announcement of the crossovers came for a bad time for Namco in where the idea was totally pro Capcom. I remember them wanting to get to work on Tekken 7 right away after TTT2. It takes them a long time to make a Tekken game, the crossover game would just throw them off development. But if there’s any good time to for them to get back on it, now’s the time. But very unnecessary to boycott Namco just because of one game in where they have all good reasons to ignore it

  • anyone else annoyed that graphically it looks like a ps3 game? thought it would have made a bigger jump since its been a while since the last game,

  • I love the Soul Caliber series even though I’m not a huge fighting game fan. However, I will say this. No Taki, no money. lol

  • I wanna see Rapahel and Zasalamel added to this roster.

    I also wanna see a robust character creator like SCV but with unique fighting styles like SC3 had. Copying styles from the roster is fine but I loved using the other fighting styles as well.

  • I doubt they’ll do it, but BRING BACK CHRONICLES OF THE SWORD! Still, just go back to your roots and make it more like Soul Calibur II and III. I hated the character customization system in IV affecting stats and the roster was atrocious in V.

  • Necriiiiid! Please!

  • love what I see so far and im happy you guys went the MK9 route and made a different time line. Now im just waiting for taki.

  • Also, can you bring us PS2-to-PS4 Soul Calibur III?

  • Awesome. Very much looking forward to the game. Please don’t forget Taki though.

  • Please tell me Algol will be in here and I hope customization for your characters will be in here too

  • Talim needs to come back. I also hope she goes back to her SC2 character art but with a more mature look. I didn’t like her see-through pants in SC4.

  • While Groh sounds like he’s got a similar feel as far as play style/weapon type, I’d really like to see Talim back in the series. SC2 Talim was always my favorite.



  • Any chance of their being more details to Come? What about any new details of older fan favorites characters or a Collector’s Edition?

  • I want them to add anybody from the anima RWBY as there cross over guest fighters . They did starwars and link, keeping it a wheapon only fighter this would be awsome

  • I would love to see Seung Mina and Talim back.

  • To the people wbo wrote the descriptions and are going to have a say please correct your descriptions. If the characters are from ancient times then Xianghua (and Kilik) should be from Peking NOT Beijing. The change came when they switched to Pinyin. Considering their are fighters from the time of gods and ancient Greece and China is one of the oldest civilizations and ancient dynasties she should probably be before the name change.

  • Cervantes pls. I’d also like to see Zalsalamel make a come back.

  • The last really good SC was four. Sadly that title has never been made available digitally to my knowledge. (I’m guessing something to be with SW license.) Wouldn’t it be awesome if they decided to buck trends and take a page from SC IV? Do something gamers want and would support. That would be stop with all the stupid microtransactions, season passes, and junk DLC that’s littering the landscape of fighting games. A character or two to buy is one thing, but shelling out money for DLC that should be in game is another.

    Knowing this is Bandai Namco, I won’t hold my breath. I can see BN having a field day with loot boxes for armor and weapon upgrades. I’ll definitely hold my funds until the game is out. The two SC titles after four are enough to give pause.

    That said, the series has almost always looked great visually. I can’t wait to see what they do with current gen specs.

  • Love what I have seen so far. Please don’t forget IVY.

  • Bring Kratos to the fight and I’m sold.

  • It’s nice to see Kilik back with the bow staff as his weapon, instead of the weird Edge Master type character that he was in SC5.

    I’m hoping Taki and Seung Mina get announced for this game. Great characters!

  • Nice to see Xianghua is back I always played with her and Kilik too but y’all better bring Taki back and please keep the nonsense out of this SC.The crap on SC5 was what made me avoid it.

    Also it would be cool to see Zasalamel back.

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