Those Who Remain Announced for PS4, Out Later This Year

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Those Who Remain Announced for PS4, Out Later This Year

Stay in the light.

Hello there PlayStation folks! It’s with great pleasure that we write our first blog post here.

A quick introduction: we’re a small team who have been working on games for more than 10 years. We have a few titles on the market, but this is our first experience developing for PS4. Our last game was an action-oriented survival horror game that we really enjoyed making, but when we finished it, we wanted to create something different.

Those Who Remain for PS4

Those Who Remain for PS4Those Who Remain for PS4

Our new game is called Those Who Remain. It’s been in production for about a year, and is scheduled for release later in 2018. It’s been a long way, and the time has finally come to show the world what we’ve been doing.

Those Who Remain is a psychological thriller that takes place in Dormont, a small fictional town in the US. Dormont appears to be a typical place at first glance, but the town is actually under a curse that has shrouded everything in darkness.

When our protagonist arrives in Dormont, he soon learns that he has more to face than his own inner demons. Mysterious entities roam through the dark, taking any who wander too close. In order to survive, you must stay in the light. Light means safety. Darkness equals death.

The darkness is not the only abnormal thing in Dormont. There are strange portals connecting our world to another dimension. A dimension similar to ours, yet different — a kind of dark reflection of our own world. And just like reflections, actions in one dimension are mirrored in the other.

These two mechanics allow us to create a surreal place with lots of possibilities, but we wanted more than just cool mechanics. We’re taking great care to create a gripping narrative; without spoiling anything, we’ll just say that a kid — a victim of bullying because she’s different — is at the center of the story. A tragedy occurs, followed by a series of unfortunate events, and a series of bad choices eventually leads the main character to Dormont.

Speaking of choices, there are some to be made during the game. We had so much fun discussing the plot that we couldn’t decide exactly how the game would end. So why not include all the endings that were discussed? There are some situations where the player has to decide a course of action. What you decide will affect the ending and the fate of the characters.

This is all that we can reveal for now. Thank you for reading, and from all of us at Camel 101: hope to see you in Dormont!

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  • Trailer is intriguing and I certainly enjoy a game where narrative focus is there along with multiple paths and conclusions to the story. I just hope the characters encountered, puzzle / exploration elements, and general pacing of the game are engaging so it doesn’t feel like a boring walking simulator.

    • They said you can die. It’s not a walking simulator if you can die.

    • jgrizzle358, you can die in Dear Esther.

    • I can say that the game isn´t a walking simulator, very far from it. That’s not what we´re aiming for at all.
      There’s always something to solve or to explore, and there are indeed decisions to be made, which will affect the ending.
      Besides, the place is too dangerous to walk around freely like a walking simulator :)

  • This has a Stranger Things vibe to it. I’m good with that.

  • Looks gorgeous. And I’m a sucker for supernatural survival horror so I’ll definitely keep an eye on this.

  • I don’t normally go in for stuff like this, however this game looks great! With this and the Call of Cthuhlu game coming i think i will be set for the year in the Horror genre.

  • Getting some slight F.E.A.R. / Silent Hill vibes from this, which I’m excited about. C’mon Camel 101, whoever you are, don’t let us down! This game has huge potential. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into it!

  • Sounds like Alan Wake and The Mist had a kid.

  • So, I have to ask, will this be coming to the PSVR?
    I hope, but am not holding my breath.
    Either way, I WILL be playing this. It looks like a blast.

    • Gameplay and mechanically speaking, the game is prepared for a VR experience.
      But it’s not on our plans for now.
      We might do it in the future, though. There are a number of other issues to analyze first.

  • Trailer was really good. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in Dormont.

  • I agree with the folks below, this looks like it would be great in VR.

  • I’m not going to lie, when I read this I thought to myself that this sounds and feels like Silent Hill. I watched the trailer and I can still see some comparison (Unknown stranger, cursed town that changes into an augmented reality) but this feels a little more fresh and it looks much nicer. Keep feeding me information and I’ll keep watching. The game industry needs fresh blood and ideas.i look forward to more about your game.

  • Call me crazy but I had a dream of a VR game that forced you to stay in the light for there are “things” lurking in the darkness before I even heard of this game. I guess it’s a dream come true?

  • Looks great

  • It does look intriguing. Definitely puts me in mind of Alan Wake and Silent Hill. What’s the estimated playthrough time?

  • A world that’s a dark reflection of our own and a bullied girl that’s behind it all? Hmmmm, that’s very alike to silent hill. Very.

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