Horror Thriller The Inpatient Out Today for PS VR

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Horror Thriller The Inpatient Out Today for PS VR

Developer Supermassive Games shares horrifying secrets for VR development, and what’s awaiting Until Dawn fans.

Supermassive Games is really excited to open the doors to the Blackwood Pine Sanatorium today, and I want tell you a bit more about how we built the dark and mysterious world of The Inpatient.

The branching storyline is one of the game’s stand-out elements, and it’s something we are proud of. We tested different outcomes to make sure it was truly effective on every branch and felt seamless regardless of what decisions a player makes. The team invested a significant amount of our initial development time looking at the different ways it could work, so even the simplest of decisions can have profound effects on the story. It was important to us that even the smallest detail was considered — something as small as turning left or right down a corridor can have dramatic consequences on your experience.

The Inpatient

Because the choices you make shape what happens to you, we felt it was important make it clear to players when they had made a particularly important decision. So we have brought back the Butterfly Effect from Until Dawn to highlight that the actions you take have real consequences, both for yourself and the characters around you.

One of the great things about PlayStation VR is the way it immerses you and places you in the heart of the action. It was super important to us that players felt like they were inside Blackwood Sanatorium themselves, so we decided to make it possible for players to select their gender. This is one of the first choices you make when you begin and the selection you make actually affects the way that characters in the game interact with you throughout, helping you feel even more drawn in as you play. From a development perspective, this was one of the more challenging aspects for us to manage. It is a challenge we relished, though, and we’ve been able to present a richer, more believable experience because of it.

So we’ve talked about the impact of the decisions you make in the game, but to create something that would really draw the player in we had to make the story itself compelling — players have to want to uncover the mysteries they are presented with.

The Inpatient

Writing a linear narrative is an art form in itself, but writing a series of narratives that take the story in different directions depending on the player’s choices? That’s something else. So we were excited to once again work with Until Dawn writers Larry Fessenden and Graham Reznick to bring The Inpatient to life.

Virtual reality is such an immersive platform and we knew that along with stunning visuals, the story needed to be fulsome and gripping. As Hollywood scriptwriters, the Larry and Graham naturally added nuance and detail to the characters that make you want to play on and understand what’s happening. We worked together to find new ways for the story to take twists and turns that would increase the tension, while building characters that players could genuinely engage with.

With the storyline in place, we wanted to create an atmosphere that reflected the bleak and unsettling environment inside the Blackwood Sanatorium. You will notice elements such as uneaten sandwiches resting on tables, smashed plates under the beds, and graffiti scrawls across the walls of the Sanatorium cells. These were added to create a bleak and unsettling atmosphere, whilst other additions play an important part in guiding the player to the next stage of the game.

The Inpatient

Of course, The Inpatient also has links to Until Dawn. Fans of that game will see some familiar characters and have the opportunity to find out a bit more about the staff and patients.

That’s all from me for now. We hope you enjoy the new trailer and are looking forward to unravelling the mysteries of The Blackwood Sanatorium. We’ll be opening the doors today…

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  • Getting this ASAP!

  • Already arrived, just needing to go pick it up.

  • I thought this was going to released on PSVR and PS4. No thanks.

  • This is super tempting. Would be a knee-jerk quick purchase except for the fact that I get so immersed in virtual reality that I’m not sure I want to trick part of my brain I’m really in a dilapidated mental institution. But, hey, you only live virtually as many times as you want, yeah?

  • This is a great way to entice potential buyers into PSVR. So kudos for it.

    Nevertheless…it is also a very shameful way to spit on most of your player base. So shame on you, Sony! SMH

  • I would love to play/stream this game but I can’t use psvr with my disability. Hopefully, at some point it’ll be playable without psvr.

  • Wow weird anger going on on here. It’s a VR game since it was adnounced no one should be surprised by that. Disappointed manybe but angry? It’s ok it’s just a video game life goes one.

  • No ps4 ? No buy…
    Because of the motion sickness I can’t play for more than 2 mn on PS VR, so please bring it to PS4 I want to streaming the game and play anywhere with my Vita !

  • I played through this last night (~2 hours run time) and I managed to be the only person to get out alive. Everybody else I encountered in the game died. By the trophy list which I checked after completion, there are multiple scenarios / endings I could encounter on replay.

    The thing I liked the most is being able to use Voice Controls to verbally talk to the other characters instead of picking between dialog options using a cursor. You have to say what the screen shows, but saying it yourself is definitely cooler than selecting between the dialog options. I did have to repeat myself a couple of times, but it never understood me incorrectly which was impressive.

    The thing I disliked the most is the dual move controls for this game are very bad. For any replay I do, I’ll be sticking with the DS4. Another thing that is weird is that it transitions you from sitting to standing (generally free to move) through black screen transitions and it took me a while to realize I should just sit 100% or stand 100% regardless of what the in-game character was doing. Not staying in set position yourself gets the tracking all out of whack and have to hold the options button to reset it over and over. Better to just stay in set position.

  • I will be buying this AT FULL PRICE very soon. Thank you sony for making AAA games and supporting VR. Being upset about a VR only game because you are prone to motion sickness is like being mad at 6 Flags for introducing a new rollercoaster. It CAN’T be all Tea Cups.

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