God of War Out April 20 on PS4

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God of War Out April 20 on PS4

Watch the new trailer for Santa Monica Studio's eagerly awaited epic, on track for an April release. Plus, full details on the Collector’s Edition, Stone Mason Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition, and preorder bonuses.

People of PlayStation the world over, God of War is launching April 20, 2018.

I would love to write a long blog post here but, apparently, I have a game to get done by 4/20 so I gotta get back to work as soon as possible.

God of War (PS4)

God of War (PS4)God of War (PS4)

First, let me say that this is my favorite release day of my entire career. If I live to be 100, I do not think I will be able to top this release day.

There has been a long journey just to reach this point, so it’s a little bittersweet to think that we are only a few months away from that journey finally coming to an end. While I am sad, I am also excited because it means everyone will get their hands on this crazy adventure we have been crafting for nearly five years!

Speaking of trailers. Yeah, I just lost interest finding an elegant way to get here from the last paragraph so I just went for it. That is just how I roll. I really am ecstatic that I can finally show you this beautiful trailer we have been cooking up in the creative kitchens of Santa Monica Studio headquarters. It will give you more insight on why Kratos and Atreus are going on their journey as well as provide a glimpse at some new bits of action.

I love this trailer. After I saw it, I pre-ordered the game.

So, April 20, 2018…mark the date on your calendar, people. Clear that schedule, tell your significant other they are wonderful, because that is always a nice thing to do, and then wonder what you will do with all that free time you have now that you don’t need to keep asking me when the release date is.

Thank you everyone for your continued support of our game-making addiction. I will do my best to keep sharing information as we head towards launch.

…But wait, there’s more! I’m proud to share our limited Collector’s Editions and Digital Deluxe Edition, whose every component is connected back to the Norse universe and story of our game.

Pre-Order Offer

God of War (PS4) Buckler of the ForgeGod of War (PS4) Elven Soul Shield (1)God of War (PS4) Dökkenshieldr

I should first mention, if you pre-order any edition (or already did) at a supporting retailer, you’ll acquire these three legendary shield skins (which you’ll need internet connectivity to access!) for Kratos to bash and defend against all manner of creatures we created in the brutal Norse wilds.

God of War (PS4) XP Boost GameStop

If you pre-order any edition at GameStop or EB Games, you’ll also receive the Luck of Ages XP Talisman which improves the wearer’s luck, providing:

  • Increase XP gain
  • Increase Hacksilver gain
  • Increase the ability to trigger Perks

God of War (PS4) Collector's Edition

Collector’s Edition | $129.99 USD/$169.99 CAD

The 9’’ statue was crafted by our team in collaboration with the incredible folks at Gentle Giant. The cloth map is a unique companion to your journey, and an art piece on its own. The Huldra Bros carvings pack as much detail as their personas do in game. Just a few of the highlights, not to mention the digital items as well!

God of War (PS4) Stone Mason Edition

Stone Mason Edition | $149.99 USD/$199.99 CAD (EB Games Exclusive in Canada)

Available in the US and Canada only, this edition includes everything in the Collector’s Edition along with four very distinct, rare items directly from the game. You might recognize Atreus’ wooden Horse and Troll carvings from our E3 2016 debut. They complete the collection with the Huldra Bros, btw. The Stone Mason Ring is a finely crafted piece of jewelry, whose story we won’t spoil. The talking Mimir Head keychain may be your personal favorite after you interact with him in game. Massive credit to Gentle Giant capturing the exquisite detail of these!

God of War: Digital Deluxe Edition

Digital Deluxe Edition | $69.99USD/$89.99 CAD

If digital only is king for you, we didn’t forget. Adorn the legendary Death’s Vow Armor Set to increase your strength, and honor the solemn promise that sends Kratos and Atreus on their journey through the Norse wilds of Midgard and beyond. The digital comic book from Dark Horse, Issue #0 starts to unearth the story of Kratos before his quest with Atreus begins. Not to mention both the digital comic and mini art book will come with exclusive creator commentary tracks.

Finally, available to addresses in the US and Canada only, pre-order this Digital Deluxe beauty to get a sweet, exclusive, shiny, limited-run God of War physical pin.

God of War Pin

Mark your calendars for God of War’s release on April 20! If you’re not convinced yet, watch that trailer one more time or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more development updates!

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  • Awesome.

    P.s. please release God of War 3 digitally on the PS3 PS Store. Thanks.

    • It’s dirt cheap to buy physical

    • Just out of curiosity, why would someone who owns a PS4 (assuming you do) want to play the PS3 version of GOW3 when there is a graphically superior version available for PS4? I bought it from the PS Store over a year ago for about $6 during a sale.

    • @Redundis, I want it digitally.

      @xDD90x, I have the PS4 version but I also want the PS3 version too. I am very stupid!

    • @gohan16ken et al; I sometimes double-dip when titles are on PS3 and PS4 with separate trophies. I bet Persona 5 would have moved many more PS3 sales if they hadn’t linked PS3 and PS4 trophies.

      On the other hand, sometimes I prefer physical to digital, especially now with PS3. I know gohan16ken has said a few words about lack of HDD on PS3s. I got two PS3s activated and both with 1 TB HDDs. They are pretty much maxed out with digital content.

      And on the subject of God of War (2018), the Stone Mason set looks sweet. Ordered a copy through Amazon since it’s easy to cancel if I change my mind. History says that when CEs don’t sell out before launch, they end up being very cheap shortly down the road.

    • I can’t wait! I am super hyped for this game. I have pre-ordered the Stone Mason from GameStop. I look forward to playing God of War for PS4.

    • Please make a PS4 Pro bundle with a physical copy and all the digital extras included. Thanks a lot!

  • I’m so excited for this game and just cannot wait.

    Also, 4-20. Blaze joke insert here.

  • Damn…This looks good. I wish it was in March, but April seems good to me. Not much going on, so it’ll be a pretty sweet time.

    And…lol 420.

  • Disappointing that both the collectors and stone mason edition both have the statue. They are too similar. Really wish you guys made a collectors edition for 70-90 bucks and no statue but with nice steel case and other smaller things that would actually fit on my dvd shelf. I also like physical games so I’m not interested in the digital version. Regular edition it is, I guess :/.

    • I agree a $79.99 SteelBook® edition with the digital content with the litho and a figure would’ve been nice.

    • This. I love collecting steelcase and artbook but I don’t like statue, I wish there’s $70-$90 steelcase special edition like uncharted 4 or horizon zero dawn. I still keep my horizon zero dawn steelcase special edition even after I bought the game digitally on psn when its discounted.

  • So you could this game is going to be… lit? Already got my pre-order in for the Stone Mason edition. Sucks this means I won’t get the pin, but everything else is just so nice I’m okay with that. I can tell you all have poured so much heart into this game and I can’t wait to experience it for myself. :)

  • Awesome and really happy I preordered when I did. Games in Canada are $79.99 for new releases but last year at E3 Amazon.ca had an awesome deal where select preorders were $49.99.

    I have this, Red Dead 2, Days Gone and Kingdom hearts 3 all set to preorder at $49.99 instead of the current $79.99 WIN!!!

    • earth_inheritor my wallet aches at the thought that Canadians have to pay $79.99. I’m assuming it’s due to current exchange rates with the US dollar. But you got a sweet deal.

  • One of my favorite game series of all time, BUT….Remember what Erick Cartman said about preordering games.

  • Sounds like this game is going to be packed with micro transactions of the worst kind… currency/XP.

    • Matsudaira if they do offer lootboxes. I suspect it’ll be for possible PvP. Otherwise having a more powerful weapon or extra slot, in my mind, would be for the players who need a bit of an edge. Personally, I believe, that the experience of playing any GOW would be diminished if I were given a more powerful item in game. I like the experience of contending with the game and figuring out how to beat it. This requires dedication and patience which many gamer lack. So to abate these people, an easier item through lootboxes can assuage them. I seriously doubt Cory would let GOW become an EA/Activision like game after giving 5 years of his life. Risking a backlash from fans would pretty much make the last 5 years of labor end in a Kratos like tragedy.

    • Cory Barlog already made it clear that he is not a fan of lootboxes and there is no PvP, it is solely a single-player experience.

  • why do you keep coddling gamestop. if they cant generate their own business, then let the market do what it does. you should have additional incentive for standard digital preorder through ps store, not through an archaic brick and mortar

    • id love to see number of hardware units moved through gamestop vs amazon or total e-commerce volume vs physical. at what point do we decide that physical retail is no longer a priority?

    • Braggolach the reason GAMESTOP (which I strongly dislike due to their predatory business model) has their exclusive is because GAMESTOP pays for the rights to have the exclusive from their store. I doubt that Santa Monica or Sony prefers a brick & mortar store. It’s less efficient. Personally I won’t be surprised if GAMESTOP follows Blockbuster in extinction.

    • While I’m not a fan of store exclusives of any nature. I can’t say I agree with your position on “Physical Stores”. Amazon is still technically a physical store. They ship things sure, but they are not digital. Right now Amazon hasn’t exactly been doing a bang up job in getting me my deliveries. To add insult to injury amazon changed their discounts program for games without telling anyone. So now I’m preordering from of all places, Best Buy and I’m actually walking to the store to pick it up on release. It’s actually been nice to just head over there when there is something wrong with my orders that are delivered or to simply do in store pickup instead of waiting 2 to 3 days for a delivery.

      You’re seriously underestimating the need and value of physical locations. I say this as person with a lot of Digital titles and shops mostly on Amazon.com.

      Lastly the Value of Digital is less than that of Physical. I do not buy digital till its under 20 for full releases. The reason for htat is due to me being at the mercy of not just Sony’s servers (wait till PSN is down for a month and you can’t access the store for ag ame you just bought), but Comcast.


  • The trailer was epic! My most anticipated game this year, and possibly this gen!

  • I pre-ordered the standard edition on Amazon exactly 1-year ago (2017-01-23) for $47.99

    While the Stone Mason, Collector, and Deluxe editions are nice, I think I will stick with my standard edition and just enjoy the game. I have enough Kratos statues already from past games collectors editions.

  • I don’t like how it seems like the industry is trying really hard to force digital versions of games down our throat. I’m still getting the physical copy even if it doesn’t have any of these other incentives.

  • “pre-order this Digital Deluxe beauty to get a sweet, exclusive, shiny, limited-run God of War physical pin.”

    How does this work? How would you know where I live if I’ve only ever used PSN cards to buy things?

    Shame that there’s no digital soundtrack in any of these editions…

    • Never mind. Via PS store:
      “Once Pre-Order has been confirmed, a voucher code for the 2′ Physical Kratos & Atreus Pin will be emailed to the email account associated with your PlayStation Network ID within 72 hours. Visit http://www.thepinvault.com to redeem the offer. During checkout, you will be required to enter your name, mailing address, phone number, and the voucher redemption code. Pins will only be sent to addresses in the U.S. and Canada. Your pin will be shipped within 12 weeks of game launch.”

    • You can add your home address to your account and they will use that to mail the pin.

  • Cory you are the Steven Spielberg of gaming. I appreciate your hard work and dedication to your craft. I have no doubt this game will be nominated for game of the year. I do not mind waiting 5 years for a God of War game because I know each time it releases it’s a major event. I end up stopping all other media (Netflix, tv, movies,etc.) just to experience this 3-D interactive wonder. You always bring me to another world and wrap my heart in every moment. Something that very few forms of media can do. Keep up the amazing work. You have a life long fan. Bless you Cory.

    Adam Hollingsworth

    To all you gamers out there who are wondering whether to pre-order. I can say from experience that you won’t be disappointed from doing so. I’ve bought every special/ limited edition of every God of War game. I even bought a PSP just to play God of War. I’ve got the Stone Mason edition of this game waiting for me on April 20th. I have never once regretted buying any of it. You won’t be disappointed. Trust me.

  • Can’t wait! Three questions,

    1) Will the digital deluxe edition be available on the psn store?

    2) Are you targeting native 4k 2160p?

    3) Is my body ready?

  • Fine trailer. But why didn’t you upload a 4K version ?
    Game looks interesting. Some graphical downgrade maybe?

  • And so it begins. Cannot wait!

  • No steelbook edition? That sucks, guess I’ll get the standard or check if GAME UK has one and import it.


  • does anyone know if amazon is still offering the 20% off with membership if we pre-order the stone mason edition on there?

    • Nope, I just checked on Amazon and Google says Amazon updated their policy a year or 2 ago. Best bet is Best Buy haha. I canceled my preorder at Gamestop and got it at Best Buy. WIN!

    • It’s still 20% off on preorders. The policy change is that the discount used to end two weeks after launch. Best Buy Gamers Club is still a better deal though.

    • Amazon no longers give 20% off of collectors editions.

  • Does this mean I’ll miss out on the pin if I get the Stone Mason edition?

  • Do the Collector’s and Stone Mason’s come with a physical game disc with the Steelbook, or a digital code. This page seems to indicate it is a digital game download?


  • The Digital Deluxe Edition is the only one on offer? No standard digital edition?

    Usualy the PS4 exclusives cost 59.99, and not 69.99

  • Nice nice…been waiting on that release date.Was pretty sure it was gonna be on march but guess putting it on april goes pretty well with this game being well…a whole another game rather than GoW.

    I’m glad it’ll be released on april,this gives me time to focus on old games I have planned to.Lookin forward to play it and I really hope y’all made something as impressive as Cronos on GoW 3.I’ve been waiting to see Santa Monica’s prowess with the PS4 power.

    Good job winning me over with the “Be The Warrior” trailer…game has been pre-ordered ever since.

  • This trailer is EVERYTHING I wanted and more. I’ll be the first to admit, after Ascension, I felt like the God of War games had run their course. This new setting, this “new” Kratos, having him be more dimensional than simply an “ANGER AND KILLING MACHINE” looks to be exactly the way to breathe new life into this legendary series. Hats off to you, Cory and all the men and women at Santa Monica for succeeding to right this ship when it would’ve been so much easier to head off in a different direction entirely. PRE-ORDERED NOW.

  • OMG, I am so ready. So so ready.

    My Stone Mason Edition is paid for. And it comes out 4 days before my birthday.

    I have been waiting to long for this, as most of us have. :)

  • Great trailer and now the waiting game begins. Got my PSN pre order in.

  • So about this Dynamic Theme….I really hope that image is just a placeholder because that’s the “Dynamic” Theme from PSX and it wouldn’t be “exclusive.” What’re everyone’s thoughts?

    • I wish they would post videos of the themes like they used to during the PS3 days. Also no special avatar pack? I’d rather have that over the pin.

  • Game of the year 2018.

  • I have been waiting for the date for this before I preordered anything. What sucks is that EU gets a physical limited edition but US doesn’t. I would be all about the steel book limited edition for my preorder but I have no use for the statue or all the other trinkets that come in the collectors and stone mason editions and do not have that kind of extra cash for those version either.

  • Norse mythology theme and released on Hitler’s birthday…? Sounds like some Arian brotherhood stuff.

  • I pre-ordered the Stone Mason edition earlier today, I was not expecting the release date today and I couldn’t be happier!

  • Yes!!!! So HYPED for this game! Can’t wait! D1P!

  • What about a PS4 PRO bundle? Need to know. I have the money ready for a PRO bundle. PLEASE

  • This is a Day 1 buy but I’m disappointed that were not getting a limited steelbook edition for just preordering or even make one that costs $70. The collector’s and Stone Mason Edition is cool but too expensive for my taste and I’m not much of a statue guy. Welp standard edition it is.

  • My most anticipated game of 2018. Thanks for the update Cory! I’m glad to see the Stone Mason Edition is coming to Canada.

  • I cannot wait anymore, already got my stone mason collection pre-ordered, bring it!

  • I love the God of War series and this game is my #1 anticipated game for 2018!

    With that said, I don’t like that there are game changing boosters that are included with these offers. Since there isn’t multiplayer to foul up balancing people don’t seem as upset, but I find it insulting in single player games too. Where someone who pays $20 more has access to tools and boosts that someone with the base game could only get by paying more money for dlc.

    Developers are pushing the envelope on what gamers will accept and I’m simply pointing out that these mocrotransaction issues aren’t only a problem for multiplayer. They can be a problem for single player too. I really am hoping that it’s not a big deal for GoW, but I am very concerned with the gaming industry and their trickery used for monetization.

  • Is there going to be a PS4 Pro God of War Edition? Please I have been holding out to buy a PS4 Pro because I want a God of War Edition. Does anyone know?

  • What frame rates will it play on PS4 PRO?

  • Mellow Kratos just isn’t working for me, where’s the angry guy who yelled at and murdered everything?

  • So digital owners get the shaft on a dynamic theme?! Why is this so hard to offer?!

  • 4/20 <3 quite the date y'all chose for this spectacular franchise

  • I didn’t know there was a Deluxe Edition: https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP9000-CUSA07408_00-GODOFWARDDE00000

    That version has extra armors but not the shields from the pre-order physical editions? This is so weird. I hope you rpovide those shields for the digital version too permanently and not pre-order only.

    What are those pin things exclusive to pre-order even in the digigal Deluxe Edition? Are they physical pins?

  • First: awhile back Appy gamer app had information about not having a jump button in this game

    Second: for those laughing about 4/20 if u all do that stuff you will be laughing all the way to the hospital!

  • Cory, I worship the ground you walk on.

  • Ah super troopers 2on 4/20 and GoW. Me and Johnny Chimpo will having some fun this day.

  • So am I to assume the US doesn’t get the Limited Edition of the game that comes with the steel book case and physical art book? That’s the only edition I’d want outside of the standard edition.


    • Agreed, the Limited Edition is the only one that interested me too. It`s a shame that will be only released in Europe. :(

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