5 Tips to Survive the Metal Gear Survive Beta

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5 Tips to Survive the Metal Gear Survive Beta

Craft, defend, fight and survive. Beta runs from Jan. 18 to Jan. 22.

From January 18 to 22, you and three friends will be able to get your first taste of Metal Gear Survive as beta kicks off. Your objective? Work together to defend a Wormhole Digger from waves of enemies. Oh, and you’ll need to keep each other alive too! Do this well, and you’ll be rewarded with sweet, sweet loot.

Metal Gear Survive is a blast, especially if you’re playing with friends. We’re super excited for you to get a taste of the online co-op this weekend, but wanted to take a moment to make sure you’re fully prepared. This survival thing isn’t easy, you know!

Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear SurviveMetal Gear Survive

Without further ado, here are a few handy tips you can employ during this weekend’s Metal Gear Survive beta:

1. Spend time in the Staging Area

Like a lobby menu come alive, the Staging Area is where you and your friends come together before transporting into your mission. But don’t go jumping straight in! That would be foolish. Have a look around and you’ll see it has so much to offer. There’s a training area, a space to craft items, and you can even test out weapons/gadgets without having to worry about wasting ammo. Most importantly, you can plan your mission (and have some fun with your friends in the process)…

Metal Gear Survive

2. Resources, resources and… more resources!

You’re not going to be able to create any items if you haven’t got the necessary resources. It will also make it tough to defend the Wormhole Digger and complete the objective, so any chance you have to go wandering a bit and gather resources… do it! You’ll have some “free” time at the start and between waves, making these the ideal times to go looking for precious pieces of wood, iron, and other important bits. Remember, break everything that can be broken and gather away. Just keep an eye on your weight!

Metal Gear Survive

3. Defend smartly

It might seem like a good idea to just put a barrage of fences to cover all gaps leading the Wormhole Digger, but that won’t get you too far once the bigger waves of enemies start to attack. Instead, it’s better to defend smartly by looking at the arrows telling you the projected route of the nasties and placing defensive items appropriately. Also, don’t place fences too close to each other as they might all go tumbling down at the same if a big group decides to attack. Instead, back up a fence with a low barricade, or get stuck in there yourself and stab through the holes. The ol’ “fence-and-stab” technique, as we call it.

4. Stronger together!

This one ties everything about co-op together. Communicate with your buddies, or at the very least look at what they’re doing so you can tackle the objective in the most efficient way possible. Duplicate fences or (even worse) placing one somewhere that hinders your team (we definitely haven’t done this one, nope) is not the way to go! Work together as a team instead. This is a big part of any co-op game, but it’s essential to succeed in Metal Gear Survive, especially if you want finish the harder missions and earn the best loot!

5. Explore… you never know what you might find

Don’t be scared to go exploring! You can stumble upon some very helpful items between waves (and sometimes even during). The maps are quite sizeable, and resources are not the only things littered around the environment…

Metal Gear Survive

That’s all for now — we’ll leave the rest for you to discover and enjoy as you play the beta. Download it this weekend and have fun!

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  • Excited to try it out, can we preload it?

  • The proposal seems interesting. It’s a mix between Metal Gear and Fortnite.
    Looting, construction and zombies in the Metal Gear universe and with the great gameplay of it. What would come of film is a Battle Royal mode as Epic has done with Fortnite and is having an incredible success with more than 40 million players. I hope you have it in mind as it could be a great incentive for people to get the game, because only with the coop mode do not think it has much impact and more with all the clubs that have fallen and are falling .

    • I think a battle royale mode like fortnite sounds very promising for this game. The gameplay of mgs 5 was its best feature and if this game shares the same gameplay/mechanics aspect then a battle royale mode would be awesome and definitely something I would love to see. I was skeptical about this game at first but I’m going to try it out for sure.

    • I’ve been saying that MGSV’s gameplay would make Battle Royale mode out there. Already looking forward to survive but would 100% play that too.

  • Sadly, with how Konami curbstomped MGSV, Kojima, and all their loyal customers to focus on fitness centers and Pachinko machines, I have no interest in buying Konami titles anymore. Especially not a co-op survival horror with the name of my favorite stealth/action/sci-fi series stamped on it just because they used the Fox Engine and MGS5 assets rather than put real effort into a new title.

    They have literally nothing “new” happening in their console/PC lineup currently but Pro Evolution Soccer and MGS Survive. Where’s their epic stable of franchises? Castlevania, DDR, Contra, Suikoden, Silent Hill, etc…

    • WRONG! They do a lot with Duel links. In fact, everyone I know plays duel links so much they play it while their playing other games. I hate what they did to Kojima and MGS5 but at least MGS lives on.

    • Duel Links is amazing! I found it in the beginning of November and I haven’t been able to put it down!

  • Yeah, definitely not. I see that no new assets are even being used, Kojima’s name won’t even be on it. Nah fam, absolutely not. This isn’t a new MGS game, this is an underwhelming expansion attempting to profit off of today’s survival trend, which sucks. MGS has always focused on narrative, and telling an enthralling and complex story. This looks nothing like that. Not even going to waste time with a beta.

  • Whenever a new game debuts, there’s always a good rash of complaining and whining about how “it isn’t this” or “it doesn’t do that,” or it’s not similar enough to the rest of a series. Don’t get me wrong, games ain’t cheap. Nobody wants to lay out $50-$60 and find out what they bought is crap. But hey, I’ve been gaming since the dawn of Pong. I’ve totally enjoyed games like Tomb Raider, Metal Gear, Red Dead Redemption and Watchdogs. I appreciate the quality of the artwork, the smoothness of the controls, and especially the newer “free roaming.”

    A lot of the whiny comments sound to me like WHO’S the best Batman or WHO’S the quintessential James Bond.

    Oh, I’m sure “Survive” won’t resemble any of the previous Metal Gear games, but I’ll bet the artwork will be awesome and the total activity and action will be fun.

    • It’s a non-canon zombie survival game using MGSV assets done by Konami after kicking out Kojima. It’s literally “How can we still make the most money out of the MGS franchise”.

      This isn’t the case of a sequel that looks different. It is a different game with the same name. It’s like the next Last of Us would be a FPS or the next God of War a quest-based dungeon crawler..

    • Exactly. This is not a new Batman or Bond, it’s the studio editing together a bunch of clips from a movie you’ve already seen and CG-ing different outfits on some characters and selling it to you again.

  • Can someone confirm if MGS is always online/online only for single player? Thanks.

    • @rmdf2010 you are right…it can probably be a good survival zombie game but it will never be a Metal Gear to me or to anyone.
      I will see , what the Beta has to offer and after that i decide if i will buy it (probably when it will be cheaper than 50-60)

      @gohan16ken It seems so (news&gaming pages) :( This is one reason i consider not buying the game ….i hate ,,always on” especially, when there is a singleplayer -_-

    • @Shadowhunter9596 The game launches for 40 bucks, so it starts cheaper than 50-60

  • I’m going to download and play this beta just so I can experience first-hand for myself how far Konami has dragged the name “Metal Gear” through the mud.

  • This was smart of them to put out so people can play it because I think most people are looking at this game like, “WTF”?

    To be honest, I will try the beta but I have not been impressed so far with any of the videos.
    It literally looks like a game they slapped the metal gear name on after the fact.

  • the 18th is thursday not friday isnt it? When does the beta starts now? Thursday the 18th? or on Friday the 19th?

  • Step one: Play something else.
    Step two: Wait for game to be free on PS+.
    Step three: Repeat step one.
    Step four: Repeat step one.
    Step five: Repeat step one.

  • F#&@ Konami. Will not purchase. MGS is a Kojima production, this is not MGS.

  • Looks fun. Cant wait to try the beta.

  • Just wanted to state that not even for free would I bother with this game when it’s released. Honestly, it’s a joke that they’re even trying to keep this going without Kojima.

    Imo, this is going to bomb and they’ll eventually wonder why in the heck did they even go this route. It’s insulting for long time Kojima and Metal Gear Solid fans so NO THANKS!

  • Except you’ll probably never find it because the “New This Week” section is borked on web and mobile.

  • Haha well you can tell it not a Kojima game, it’s actually coming out in a timely manner.

  • Been a Metal Gear fan for a long time. Will be checking this out.

  • Is there a chance that mgs4 is coming to ps4

  • Ay y’all I got the game early if y’all wanna see it before y’all buy it y’all add me on snap Kyrenye and imma show y’all how it looks like, I rate it an 8

  • I’m in the US and I been lookin all day for the download haven’t seen it yet only the pre-order for the game no beta WTF looks like this game it starting off good from the beta stage

  • has anyone found out where and when we can download the beta?

  • No animosity towards Konami… Looks ok… Still not touching until the Always Online required “Even for single player mode” is patched/removed or Metal Gear Survive is given for FREE as one of the PS+ titles. Whichever happens first.

    Inexcusable that This game’s single player wont even boot up/get past the title screen once konami pulls the plug on their server. Is there even a LAN mode?

    Would gladly pay for Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater PS4 Remake with the Fox engine. And make sure Hideo Kojima’s name is on those credits too :)

    Thank you

    My .02

  • The Worst MGS, a DLC would have been great but this, it feels like DEAD RISING, and if you have a car you are almost invincible, leave it to Konami to ruin a franchise

  • I’m in Canada and can’t find the beta…where is it??

  • Tip to play Metal Gear Survive:

    -Tip No1: DON’T

  • You know what would be cool
    Being able to play the beta on a ps4 in the us
    Thanks sony and or konami for not having it be available for download

  • Nope. Nope. & Nope. Metal Gear without Kojima is not Metal Gear. They should change the assets and give the game a new name.. I will not support Konami’s use of this franchise any further. The way the treated Kojima was despicable and everyone should be against this game for the sole reason of not letting Konami profit off of the Metal Gear name.

  • Where do I go to get the beta at?

  • Cant wait to download and play this with others. Its already half way done!

  • It seems to adapted MGSV to the defense tower game. I played for 3 hours and I’m going to delete this. Some craft items is hard to find and time to gather so short. I would like to play the game that have time to grind the resource such as when I built my mother base in MGSV.

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