Two New Ways to Get PS4 Pro

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Two New Ways to Get PS4 Pro

Head to GameStop on Jan. 26 for the Limited Edition Monster Hunter: World PS4 Pro bundle and the Glacier White PS4 Pro.

Monster Hunter: World is the biggest game yet in the beloved series, and we’re ready to celebrate with an amazing new Limited Edition PS4 Pro Bundle available for $449.99 USD (MSRP) exclusively at GameStop on January 26. The Limited Edition Monster Hunter: World PS4 Pro bundle will allow you to seek and slay ferocious beasts across a vast, ever-changing environment. Featuring a Limited Edition Monster Hunter: World PS4 Pro console, DualShock 4 wireless controller, Blu-ray disc and digital content, there’s no better place to hone your skills and take part in the ultimate hunting experience. Use the terrain to your advantage, or be hindered by the hazards they present. The choice is yours in an all new open world adventure teeming with surprises and excitement. This bundle will be available in very limited quantities, so if you want to pick one up, check with your local GameStop for availability.

Monster Hunter World PS4 ProGlacier White PS4 Pro

Looking for the perfect PlayStation product to match these snowy winter months? Well look no further! The Glacier White PS4 Pro will be available for the first time as a standalone console, so look for it exclusively in GameStop stores at the end of this month for $399.99 USD (MSRP). In Canada, the Glacier White PS4 Pro will be available exclusively at EB Games for $499.99. CAD (MSRP) in the coming weeks.

Excited to take on the challenge of Monster Hunter: World? Think the Glacier White PS4 Pro is cool as ice? We’d love to know what you think in the comments!

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  • Not even a Monster Hunters fan, but that Special Edition unit is beautiful.

  • Okay PlayStation, time to tone it down. You guys are slaughtering it right now.

  • The white looks good, but exclusive to GameStop/EB? Hard pass.

  • When is the PS4 Pro Slim coming out?

  • I wish this was available to other stores than GameStop. Glad to see Sony releasing something special for the Pro,

    I hope this deal will be more open at a later time.

  • Already have the white one, wish I could show you a picture of how a sticker kit can make it look even better

  • Thank you for bringing the Monster Hunter console over. Seriously awesome. It is a shame that it is only Gamestop though, terrible place to buy things.

  • Will we get the option to buy the Monster hunter controller as well?


    Why do you guys use a horrible image hosting site like Flicker?!

    I clicked on the pics (hoping to see higher resolution images) and it says I have to be logged in too see them.

  • Thank you so much Sony! Can’t wait to get my hands on the Monster Hunter Edition.

  • Thank You for this PlayStation ive been a fan for very long this makes me Happy…

  • Every limited edition console I have ever seen, has really looked quite terrible tbh, especially the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and WW2 PS4 systems, but this, this is so freaking gorgeous (the MH one) that I may actually trade the Pro I already have in just for this…I’m dead serious. This looks like an actual cool console that I would love to look at.

  • If I didn’t already have a Pro and MHW pre-ordered, I would definitely pick up this special edition!

  • I imported a Japanese one smh and the game code doesn’t work in the U.S. – price I pay for being super hardcore or lack of announcement efficiency on PS marketing?
    2 weeks before launch smh

  • I bought my PS4 Pro last week in a normal Mall
    here in switzerland. And she is doing a great Job on my philips 4K HDR Backlight and a nice sound system.
    Guys, its time to raise your wallets and bring that girl home.

  • Man if I would have known Sony was going to do this, I wouldn’t have imported a Japanese one. Nevertheless, the console looks even better in real life. I definitely recommend getting it if you don’t have a pro yet.

  • Already own a PS4 slim. But my god, i’m seriously contemplating buying that beautiful MHW limited edition pro.

  • Finally a great looking special edition PS4. I just got a PS4 Pro so I won’t be getting this and I didn’t really love the demo of Monster Hunter, but if I was in the market still I’d probably pick it up because it’s so nice looking.

  • Release that white PS4 pro in Northern Europe and see what happens. I’d buy it just because I had too.

  • Is the Monster Hunter special edition coming to Canada as well?

    • Called 2 different EB Games one said it didn’t exist the other said they only have the white in the computer so far. LAAAAAAAAME!!!!!

    • Rob
      EB Games Canada is always late unless it’s something really big or like E3 stuff etc. Alot of games I try to preorder aren’t up for preorder until weeks after Gamestop. It’ll probably show up randomly in the next few days or Next week if we get it

    • I hope. i have a pro and i still would re buy the monster hunter edition.

    • Thanks for looking into it. Yeah I would trade my original in a heartbeat for that edition.

    • you guys get any update on this? I’m going to be pretty upset if we don’t get the MonHun one here.

    • The Monster Hunter: World PS4 Pro bundle will only be available in the US.

    • That’s unfortunate. Thank you for the update.

    • This is the most disappointing news ever. I would have pre-ordered and paid in full. We need a Canadian retailer to get this. Don’t leave us Canadian fans out!

  • What about us Monster Hunter fans in Canada?

  • I assume the Monster Hunter one will be in canada but what’s the price. I would rebuy mine for that console it looks great. If Canada is left out, I don’t know…

  • I still feel guilty I had to get Destiny 2 (still in shrink wrap) to get my PS4 upgraded to the sweet looking Glacier White PS4 Pro. Nice to see they making that available as stand-alone.

  • Once agin Pro selln at 400 not 350 dammm Sonnyyy

  • How bout selln da Game wit da Control or a Comtrol Skin i jus take da Skin who needs more Controllers

  • Mayb da PRO SLIM which i NEVA herd of will b Cheaper like 300 320 den ps slim will b 250

  • WHAT ABOUT CANADA? Tell me we’re getting the MonHun bundle. PLEASE. >_<

  • Damn you guys shouldve announced this during xmas or something

    • If they did that it could have caused some pre Christmas sales to not happen as they waited for these.
      Most stores had holiday return policies that are still in effect though.

  • If I am honest, all of the special consoles with graphics on them up to this point have been just meh to me. I am sure people liked some of them and that is fine, they have just not been for me. The only one that I did like was the White Pro that came with Destiny 2.
    So it is cool it gets it’s own model.
    Now, the Monster Hunter Edition looks very nice. I am not really sure I am getting the game, but the console looks great. The controller I think I would need to see in person.

    I think I “might” like the game, but the beta actually removed it as a day one purchase for me. I felt like I was running around attacking a big monster that didn’t even react to my presence much. If that makes sense. Like I could see its hp going down, and it did attack me, but I felt like I was just slapping away at something that didn’t react to my swings.

    I get the beta was limited and all that. It is supposed to be an open world and such, and we didn’t get it that way in the beta.
    I am just waiting for a review, preferably by ACG on youtube, but I want to see some of the final product before I decide.

    And I just went slightly off topic, sorry guys. lol

  • Daaaaaang lookin’ real nice…..Any chance we could see the Monster Hunter controller sold separately?

  • That Controller is gorgeous any chance of it being sold separately in the near future?

  • How about you add a 4k BluRay player instead of the same one that’s in the reg/pro ps4s. And what about adding the option to add Kodi to the list of media options.

    • Give this person a prize!!! How hard would it be to put a 4k bluray player in there….not very!

      I am waiting for sony to try and go all digital with the next console. Only reason I can see for skimping out on a 4k bluray player. I would not buy it as we are limited on speed and gb per month.

      Should have it where you buy a disc of a game/movie and you get the digital one for free. That way if the disc gets scratched you can still use it from the online stuff.

  • These consoles really need to come with 2TB the 1TB will fill up way too quickly.

  • I see no listing for the limited edition ps4 pro version in the site. I guess no love for Canada? Sigh.

  • its official we are not getting it in canada. I mean even EB Australia is getting it.

  • …CANADA! #MonHunBundleCanada

  • My fellow Playstation fans, since the blog is slow on the uptake on this one, I present to you the:

    God of War Stone Mason Edition

    And to be honest, I am paying 199.99 for Ni No Kuni 2 and that feels light at that price. This one feels packed for 149.99.
    Almost like if the prices were reversed it would seem right.

    In any event.


  • I would want this because Xbox sucks

  • I would like to see a deep red Ps4 Pro to celebrate God Of War like PSP got back in the day. #ANewBeginning.

  • My fellow Playstation fans, since the blog is slow on the uptake on this one, I present to you the:

    God of War Stone Mason Edition
    (I posted this yesterday and I think because it had a link right here it is still “awaiting Moderation”. So I am reposting without the link. Just search God of War Stone Mason Edition)

    And to be honest, I am paying 199.99 for Ni No Kuni 2 and that feels light at that price. This one feels packed for 149.99.
    Almost like if the prices were reversed it would seem right.

    In any event.


  • Monster Hunter 8 days away. Oh god. My groins!!!

  • No gamestop store has monster hunter bundle in store on the 26th. You are wrong Sony, they did limited pre-orders only.

  • Why is this console exclusively released to the States? It’s not fair. Canadian players want it as well.

  • Please give us another chance to get this awesome bundle! Gamestop sold out of pre-orders almost immediately….

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