Tips for Traversing an Inside-Out Universe in InnerSpace, Out Today on PS4

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Tips for Traversing an Inside-Out Universe in InnerSpace, Out Today on PS4

No horizons? No problem.

Hello from the PolyKnight team! Our first game, InnerSpace, is out today at PlayStation Store, and we have to say, this is a very different kind of flying game.

InnerSpace takes place in the Inverse, a universe of inside-out-planets where gravity pulls outward instead of in. This dying realm is home to ancient structures of a lost civilization, and flying inside these tight spaces is going to be a challenge. To compensate, we built flying mechanics that encourage agility and experimentation. Here are a few of our favorite moves. Enjoy!

Drifting lets you survey your surroundings and look for entrances to structures as you glide around them. It also lets you change direction quickly.
Tight spaces ahead. Drifting allows you to avoid walls and make quick decisions. Eventually, you’ll have the skills to make some epic trench runs.
If you want to survey the area from a new angle, fly towards the center of the chamber. Then, drift to get your bearings and plan your next flight path.
Depending on how much space you have, you can yaw for a wide turn or roll into it for a tighter maneuver.
Your wings are pretty rugged, so don’t be afraid to scrape them against walls and see what might come tumbling down.
After surfacing, you can spread your wings to take… or just enjoy falling back to the ocean in a majestic Dolphin Dive.

These are some of our moves, but we’re most excited to see what you come up with. We hope you enjoy InnerSpace, available now at PlayStation Store for $19.99, with 10% off for PS Plus members. Your greatest journey is within!

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