Iconoclasts Launches January 23 on PS4, PS Vita

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Iconoclasts Launches January 23 on PS4, PS Vita

It's been a long road, but the impressive pixel-art platformer finally launches this month.

Iconoclasts is less than two weeks away, arriving January 23, 2018! It will be available at PlayStation Store for both PS4 and PS Vita, with crossbuy!

You play as an optimistic young mechanic named Robin, following her through a life of wanting to help those that remain in her life, using mechanical services she is not allowed to perform, according to the law of the world. There’s plenty of platforming, solving things and meeting people, but what will frequently be the focus of the game are boss battles!

I’ve been known to love a good boss in the games I’ve made. They are the exam at the end of training for an action game, at best combining the things you last learned and testing your merit, or just being an entertaining culmination of the parts that have come before.

So, Iconoclasts is no stranger to them! There are more in there than I even planned when development started. As advertised, there are over 20 running about (don’t want to spoil the exact number, of course), and their styles range from figuring out where to shoot them, where to twist them, just shooting them a whole lot, running from them, running at them or several of these at once.

As you play, you’ll learn to master Robin’s wrench. It can do what you expect, like twist your classic bolt, but also can be used to protect yourself from projectiles, and deflect attacks back at your opponents. Alongside the wrench, you have your modified stun-gun that you procure a few upgrades for. The goal being that all equipment you get along the way have several uses in all their forms, without ever adding complexity to how you play. That way, once you first master your controls, the learning is only in what your boss or enemy does against you, not how you yourself should press your buttons, which is a design I have always tried to strive for.




In the end, I feel the game has managed to create a parade of opponents that all have their own quirks and twists on the abilities you’ve learned without all resorting to being about shooting a ton, and remain fun, fast and satisfying. For the fans of my prior games out there, I hope it will be what you’ve waited for!

It’s been a long road, but Iconoclasts is finally almost here. The game isn’t solely about boss battles. There are lots of people to hang out with, some pleasant platforming and other challenges. I just have a big heart for bosses, and wanted to highlight them for you today. I hope you will enjoy Iconoclasts!

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  • Looks great! Thank you for supporting the Vita.

    How demanding is the difficulty in this? Brutal like a Mega Man or Cuphead, easy like a Metal Slug, or somewhere in the middle?

  • Looks great! Can someone maybe tell me how big the game will be depending on that I will go with either Vita or PS4 version?

  • Disappointed that there’s no Plat, but I’ve been waiting too long to skip out on it now. Congrats on finishing it up!

  • Wow! That looks pretty sweet. Another juicy game for my PSV library. Crossbuy lives *2018

    Loving the artwork and everything. Great job team. A Platinum would have been an awesome addition to this excellent looking game, but doesn’t make me less excited to play it.

    Great job Joakim Sandberg of Konjak (and team?) on a long ride to January 23rd. Someone deserves a long vacation. :D

  • This looks awesome. These kind of games are awesome.

  • Good Good Thank you for supporting the Vita.

  • Looks interesting. It would be nice if we could add games that aren’t out yet to our wishlist.

  • Does this have cross save and cross trophy support? I love cross buy, but the gesture is kind of a waste when the other two features aren’t supported. Thank you for remembering Vita, it’s nice to still see games on my favorite portable.

  • It really has been a long road. I’ve been waiting for this game for years! :D

  • Long live Vita!

  • I wish we could pre-order. Sony always has pre-orders for first party games but I just have to remember when indies come out.

  • This looks like a game I’d love to see a physical copy for. Any chance we’ll see a Limited Run Games release, especially on Vita?

  • No platinum, no purchase.

  • OMG, this looks AMAZING…… Vita love baby.

    Day 1.

    Thank you developers. Thank you for your continued Vita support. I’ll support your product with my $$$$$$

    Counting down the days now.

  • Greetings Joakim and congratulations for the so much expected launch!

    btw I am eager to know how much it will cost !

  • I like good metroidvania games, especially if it support cross-buy, I hope this has cross-save too.

  • There have been a lot of fugly pixelized games coming out recently. This one is beautiful. Can’t wait to pick it up.

  • It’s like…. 7:30 AM by the time I’m writing this, and I still don’t see the game available for purchase.

    I’ve been ready since 12:01 this morning…. What’s the hold up? are they actually releasing this game???

    • What time will this be on the PSN store? Been waiting all day, currently 12:40PM Central…

    • Wow, just checked back and it’s finally up…. took till about 1:30-ish.

      I’ve been waiting to play this game ever since I played the demo that was posted on indiegames.com .

      I’m glad it’s finally out but DAMN, if you set a day as a release date. You better be on schedule. Wouldn’t be surprised if this affected day one sales. Some people might have given up by now, who knows when they’ll check back on it.

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