5 Things to Try in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Out Jan. 16 on PS4

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5 Things to Try in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Out Jan. 16 on PS4

SFV: Arcade Edition is much more than a balance update. Here's a rundown of new features, characters, modes and more.

Almost two years ago, Street Fighter V arrived on PS4, kicking off a new era of the legendary fighting game series. Two seasons of characters and two Capcom Cups later, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is on the horizon, bringing highly anticipated modes and fan-favorite characters to welcome in 2018! As we anxiously await the next chapter to arrive, we wanted to provide guidance for the many new features.
Here are five things you need to check out for SFV: Arcade Edition.

1. Play the newest character, Sakura, for free from January 16 through the 23rd

The Street Fighter series’ resident schoolgirl, Sakura, has graduated high school and now sports a more mature look that reflects her current job in an arcade. The best news is that Sakura will be free to play for all SFV: Arcade Edition and existing SFV players from January 16 through 23! Once you update your game with the Day 1 patch, Sakura can be used in all modes, including online play, so start taking notes as you go into battle with her.

Please note that any Fight Money and EXP earned during this time as Sakura will disappear once the free period is over. However, if you choose to purchase her individually or as part of the Season 3 Character Pass at any time in the future, the respective Fight Money and EXP will automatically be granted to your account again.

Sakura is the first character in Season 3 and will be joined by Blanka, Falke, Cody, G, and Sagat throughout 2018. If you purchase the Season 3 Character Pass, available for $29.99, you’ll immediately get all six characters once they become available. You’ll also receive their Battle Costumes with colors 3-10 and default costume colors 3-10 unlocked! In addition, if you purchase the Season 3 Character Pass in North America between 1/16 and 1/30, you’ll receive the nine bonus costumes below as a bonus.

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition for PS4

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition for PS4

2. Arcade Mode

True to its name, SFV: Arcade Edition introduces an Arcade Mode unlike any the series has had before. We’ve created an experience that invites players to relive all 30 years of Street Fighter history. You’ll choose between six different paths that each represent a main title in the series. Each path remains true to its respective title, containing the relevant characters, costumes, and music, in order to further celebrate Street Fighter’s 30th anniversary year. If you’re connected to the internet, your Arcade Score will be uploaded to monthly leaderboards where the top player will receive a unique title, so make sure to practice!

There are over 200 beautiful ending illustrations from various artists, which can be collected in Arcade Mode by fulfilling certain requirements. Here’s a sneak peek at one of these illustrations!

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition for PS4

3. Extra Battle Mode

Once you’re connected to the internet, you definitely need to check out Extra Battle, a new mode that lets you obtain unique costumes, titles, Fight Money, and EXP! In fact, the opportunity to obtain the spunky costume below is available right when SFV: AE launches.

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition for PS4

Rashid is dressed up as Viewtiful Joe from the Capcom series of the same name, which made its PlayStation debut on the PlayStation 2 in 2004. The unique costumes you can earn include these Crossover Costumes that feature your favorite SFV fighters dressed as characters from Capcom’s vast library of games. Unique costumes can be obtained during certain time periods in Extra Battle Mode by completing a series of challenges. Here’s another Crossover Costume to get you excited with Nash as Captain Commando from the game of the same name, which was available on PlayStation in 1998!

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition for PS4

Every few weeks, a Golden Shadaloo Soldier will appear that will offer a decent amount of Fight Money if you can defeat it. Be on the lookout for these particular Extra Battle Challenges and mark your calendars accordingly!

4. Team Battle Mode

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition for PS4

Do you have any friends or family coming over to check out SFV: AE with you? Team Battle Mode will be perfect to spark up some friendly competition. You can set up each local match to your liking, including the number of characters per team (up to 5), how much Vitality is recovered in between fights, if you want the matchups to be randomized, and much more. Team Battle Mode is also a completely viable option if you want to set up a team on your own or are trying to learn multiple characters at once since you can play against the CPU.

V-Trigger IIs

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition for PS4

If you’re a returning player, one of the first things you may notice when selecting a character is the ability to choose between two V-Triggers. That’s because every character, including Sakura, now has a V-Trigger II, which can significantly alter their playstyles and open up potential they may not have had in the past. Head into Training Mode to see the new V-Trigger IIs in action and you may discover a new main! Or jump straight into an online match to surprise yourself!

Updating Street Fighter V

The Street Fighter V servers will be going down for maintenance in the early morning (Pacific Time) of January 16. The SFV: Arcade Edition patch and server maintenance will then be completed in the afternoon on the same day. After we have released the update, SFV: Arcade Edition disc owners must connect to the internet to receive the latest update, which includes Extra Battle Mode, Team Battle Mode and new balance changes. They’ll also be able to redeem the code that comes with the disc to unlock Character Pass 1 and 2 content.

Current owners of Street Fighter V will also need to download the patch in order to update to SFV: Arcade Edition. Once the download is complete, all the aforementioned modes and changes will be present when booting up the game.

We hope this rundown helps for when you first pop in the disc or update your game! The entire Street Fighter team is incredibly proud of how far the series has come over the years. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition has plenty more to explore, so get ready to fight next week!

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4 Author Replies

  • When can we digital pre-order the SF4 AE? Also, when will SF30th be available for digital pre-order? Thanks.

  • So do we have to buy this version Of street fighter V to get the arcade version if not which actual version of street fight in the PlayStation store do we need to purchase because there are few version post link so I don’t purchase the wrong one ???????

    • Any version of Street Fighter V will be fine. The Arcade Edition content will be added as a free update.

    • If you already own SF5, the SF5:AE update will be free. All the new modes, modes, UI updates, etc. will automatically download.

      If you buy SF5:AE new, then you’ll get all the above stuff PLUS all the season 1 & 2 character passes (which include battle costumes).

      So, if you don’t already own SF5, you should buy the new SF5:AE game, because you’ll get the 12 DLC characters from 2016 and 2017 as a bonus.

      But, whatever version of SF5 you buy or own, EVERYONE will be playing the same, current version on January 16.

    • I need clarification. I bought street fighter V day one. I’ve since bought the new arcade edition because I no longer had my copy, but the only characters I seem to have are the ones I’d already downloaded previously. Am I to understand I don’t get all of the current dlc characters besides season 3, because I owned the game previously? Because that really feels like a stab in the back for people that supported your previous version of this game.

  • Capcom team,

    I just wanted you to know how impressed I am by the new support you are giving this game. A lot of companies fail to learn from their mistakes, but you have went the extra mile to prove that you actually care about the people buying your games and have added so much to the game and listened to your customers.

    After I get through the Christmas backlog (which could take me a while), I will be getting this game. I love arcade fighters and just never got into SF, but now might be the time.

    • Thank you very much for your words and support! We’re excited to see the community play all the modes available in AE and hope to see you in game, as well!

  • Ok as a non competitive fan whos not into the fgc, online ranks and tournaments SFV has finally got my attention. Will the arcade edition and its timeline story events be available for the new characters like Sakura too?

  • Plz bring back Ingrid to Street Fighter V on Season 4! I’ll buy on day one, Season 3 I’ll wait for sales… I’ve been asking for Ingrid since Season 1, you are not deserving my money

  • I’m glad that the people who already own SF5 will be able to get the pre-order costumes by buying the season pass :)

  • I still pop into SFV every now and then. Thrilled to see improvements and glad this game still gets attention. Really do look forward to arcade mode

  • I haven’t seen anything about adding PS4 Pro support to the game. That is a little ridiculous for a Sony exclusive with a major revision coming out in 2018. Please tell me it’s just been omitted from the patch notes.

    • What would PS4 Pro support add? The game already runs at 60 FPS. I’m not trying to troll, I’m genuinely curious what would change.

    • We’d like to have native 4K resolution and/or enhanced graphical bells and whistles on Pro (even 1440p would be a big step up).
      They already have it on the PC version so this lazy lack of Pro support is utter nonsense.

    • Ahh. The resolution bump. Gotcha! Not having a 4K TV I dend to forget about that aspect of the PS4 pro.

    • Not just resolution bumps, even though 1440 or higher would be noticeable and improved, but graphical improvements as well. Even better shadows, for example. Also, 1080p users benefit from Pro titles that downsample as well. I have two Pros, one running on a 1080p projector and one on a 4K monitor, and I love gaming on the projector as well.

  • Hey Andy, any word on if AE is gonna give SFV PS4 Pro support? We’ve been wanting that for a while. D:

  • “SFV: Arcade Edition disc owners must connect to the internet to receive the latest update, which includes Extra Battle Mode, Team Battle Mode and new balance changes. They’ll also be able to redeem the code that comes with the disc to unlock Character Pass 1 and 2 content.”
    sooo…does that mean that the physical version of the AE will just come with the old SFV disc?! then i’m not buying it again. i wanted to have everything on disc without the need to download GBs of data.

    • If you already own SFV, the only thing buying Arcade Edition will get you is the season 1 and 2 DLC characters via unlock code. if you already have them, then there’s no reason at all to re-buy the game. You’ll already be getting everything else Arcade Edition offers when the game patches. (unless you just want the physical disc for your collection)

    • Thanks for replying. I know that. The thing is, as I’ve said, I wanted to have all the content on disc for archival purposes. And if the physical AE is just a re-package of the old disc with some codes slapped in then it’s not giving me that.

    • The AE disc itself comes with Arcade Mode, the new UI, and V-Trigger IIs. However, you’ll have to download a day 1 patch to unlock Extra Battle Mode, Team Battle Mode, and the balance changes.

    • I bought the disc, downloaded the update, went into Ps store to redeem my codes, and the only characters I have are the ones I already owned. The rest of my season one and two characters were not added to my roster. I think that’s pretty messed up for a game I’ve now spent $100 for.

  • Is there going to be a sale soon? Because I have some leftover funds from the holidays and missed SFV when it was on sale.

    • It will be on sale again. And again, and again, and again. Seriously, how many versions does 1 game need? Maybe if they finished a game before they release it. I’m a huge fighting game fan, but this is one franchise I refuse to buy into to. I’m guessing they have 2 more revisions in store before they start work on the next game…!

    • @ God-Of-Lyf – Damn right.

    • Street Fighter V is an evolving game, like League of Legends. Capcom are constantly tweaking it with a new character every few months and balance changes a few times a year to keel the game fresh and interesting.
      If you don’t want to pay full price that’s fair, wait for a sale, but there’s really only one version of SFV at a time and all you’re doing by holding out is denying yourself the fun you could have with the game right now.

  • I hope every character can earn Fight Money for every path in Arcade Mode. One of the most frustrating things about the vanilla version is how quickly you run out of meaningful single-player F opportunities.

    • Arcade mode does not reward fight money.
      You use it to unlock galleries and such as well as compete on monthly leaderboards to win special titles.

      Post AE-patch, you will only get Fight Money from winning online fights, raising your character XP levels (which can still be done in the offline modes AFAIK, but is rather little after the first few fast levels), weekly and bonus missions and new modes like the Extra Battle Mode.
      I.e. if you haven’t cleared all of Story Mode (character and Generel including Extra Difficulty), demonstrations, and depending on your skill level trials and/or Survival up to Hard), your’re leaving money on the table.

  • Please give us details on the MediEvil remastered version for ps4

  • Notice how the Capcom rep ignores fair questions about PS4 Pro support. I take that as a no then. The rep could easily have said that they are not planning Pro support.

    SFV AE in 4k surely would have enticed the Pro owners.

  • Will people be able to recieve the 30th anniversary costumes outside from North America if so where? Please can someone answer this?

  • Please tell me the nostalgia costumes aren’t pre-order only…you’d do good by making them available to purchase/acquire later.

    Also its kinda sad to see Captain Commando there…reminds me of the time when Marvel vs Capcom was good and how much I wanted him to be on Marvel vs Capcom 3.

    • Welmosca
      If you’ve paid attention, you’d know the nostalgia costumes are already in the game. You could have owned all of these ones before they announced it as a preorder bonus. Also it’s a first 2 week bonus for the season 3 pass. It’s giving you available content. Not exclusive preorder only content

  • Will we get all the stages for free too?

    • I don’t think so. The Stages were not part of the Season Passes, you bought them with Fight Money (70k each IIRC).

  • When will the season, 3 character pass be available for purchase?

  • As a longtime fan of the franchise that bought SFV on both PS4 and PC day one, I got burned hard. There’s probably nothing they can do to salvage SFV for me at this point.

    Glad you guys were so focused on the competitive scene that you left paying consumers smacking our foreheads for a few months.

    • The competitive community is their biggest customer. You think ppl the play for single player are the ones giving constructive feed back for tuning and playing the game for years and years? There may be a few, a very slim few, but the competitive community is what keeps this and any fighting game going.

  • I only have internet on my phone.
    What offline content is included on the Arcade Edition disc?
    All arcade modes? A Shadow Falls?
    What will I get, and (besides the extra characters) what won’t I get on the disc itself with absolutely no internet?

  • Very excited about AE of course, can’t wait for all the new stuffs.

    Hum btw i was planning to buy SP3 day one to support this game cause i love SFV, but seems that Capcom doesn’t care about Europe since we won’t get the 9 costumes that are only for America it seems, so i won’t buy. I’ll get G with fight money when he’ll be out.

  • UGH! I had SFV AE on pre order and someone told me to just buy the regular version and wait for the update to get everything so I cancelled my order. I just bought it on Friday and Now I see that the update does not come with DLC characters! I got steered wrong and now have to buy season 1 and 2 separately.

  • I have SFV Disc (PS4) already. If i want this SFV Arcade Edition, Do i have to buy this new version?
    Or just download new software automatically?


  • I had purchase the Street Fighter® V – Arcade Edition – S3 Char. Pass Plus Bonus (1)
    (SGD34.50) BUT so far I only able to play with Sakura while the rest of the 5 DLC character cannot be found after i purchased. Please check what is going on?

    • Additional characters haven’t been released yet, it’s called a season pass as you are basically getting all the characters released over this season, as they are released, right now it’s just Sakura that’s available.

    • Thanks raziel2001au, i also discover the same idea after deeper thought, but at least Capcom should put a remarks for all new comers on DLC because almost all the games just purchase and install directly without waiting.

  • Hello everybody, i recently bought street fighter v arcade edition but somehow i cant play General story, it says is unavailable, is it necessary to update and download those 13gb which i consider unnecessary due to the fact that by logic , the arcade version as it is the latest game must contain already the story mode without needing to update

    • It’s stupid but general story is distributed as a free DLC, so you actually have to go to the store and download it (8gb). I really don’t understand why this wasn’t included on the disc as the disc install = 19GB, which means they had another 30GB free on the disc, more than enough for the general story DLC. On the plus side at least the disc contains the arcade edition patch, which is more than I was expecting they would do, most people assumed it would just be a vanilla SF5 disc.

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