Stream Until Dawn and Gravity Rush Remastered with PS Now

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Stream Until Dawn and Gravity Rush Remastered with PS Now

The PlayStation Now streaming library now features more than 600 games.

An earlier version of this post incorrectly mentioned that Yakuza titles will be available on PS Now. The post has been corrected.

It’s officially 2018, and hot on the heels of last month’s batch of new PlayStation Now games, including Dishonored and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, is a slew of PlayStation exclusive games this month ready to stream to your PS4 and PC.

As of today, PS Now features more than 600 games — with more than 120 PS4 games. The $9.99 1st month intro offer (US only) and the $99.99 12-month subscription are still available, so now’s the time to jump in and give it a try, or lock in your subscription for another 12 months. Act fast because these offers end February 6.

Additionally, some users will start to see a new PS Now app interface roll out over the coming weeks. The interface update should make the app smoother and easier to use. Stay tuned for more on this update in next month’s blog post when we’ll also be introducing NBA 2K16.

New This Month

First up this month is Until Dawn, the acclaimed horror game where your choices determine who survives, and who dies. With branching storylines and multiple outcomes, guide eight friends through a deadly night at a remote mountain retreat.

Stream Until Dawn and Gravity Rush Remastered with PS Now

In Gravity Rush Remastered, the PS4 remake of the award-winning PS Vita game, gain a new perspective as Kat, a strong-willed girl trying to protect her future in a world that’s crumbling to pieces. With incredible gravity-altering abilities, Kat is the only one who can salvage the floating city of Hekseville — if only she could remember who she is…

From Santa Monica Studio comes Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, a non-linear, open-world narrative experience that tells the story of a remote English valley town shrouded in mystery. Piece together the fateful events from the fragmentary memories of the former inhabitants through revolutionary environmental storytelling. What you see and hear is just as important as what you do.

Enjoy frantic top-down twin-stick arcade action in Alienation. With hordes of alien creatures swarming across the planet, work together with up to three friends locally and/or online (PS Plus not required when playing online via PS Now) to drive back the alien threat and save the world. Some of developer Housemarque’s other hit titles are also available on PS Now, including Resogun, Super Stardust HD, and Dead Nation.

Knack is a colorful platformer/brawler for one to two players. As Knack, collect powerful ancient relics to grow bigger and more powerful and help fight off the invading goblin army. But the ancient relics hold secrets and mysteries that could put all of humankind in danger…

Stream Until Dawn and Gravity Rush Remastered with PS Now

Quantic Dream is a studio known for their gripping, narrative-driven experiences. The PS3 versions of both Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls have been part of the PS Now library for a while, and starting today you can play the PS4 versions of both games in PS Now.

Here are all the new games available to stream on PS4 and PC starting January 9.

New PS4 Games

  • Until Dawn
  • Gravity Rush Remastered
  • Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
  • Alienation
  • Knack
  • Fat Princess Adventures
  • Shadow of the Beast
  • Escape Plan
  • Hardware Rivals
  • PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate

PS3 > PS4 Updates

  • Beyond: Two Souls
  • Heavy Rain
  • Super Stardust Ultra
  • Hohokum
  • Entwined
  • Counterspy

Here are the most popular games on the service in December:

  • Red Dead Redemption
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  • Mortal Kombat
  • WWE 2K16
  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • The Last of Us
  • Mafia II
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us
  • Sonic Generations
  • Dishonored

If you haven’t given PlayStation Now a try yet, check out the seven-day free trial for PS4 and PC to experience the streaming service for yourself. PS Now provides unlimited on-demand access to a growing library of more than 600 games, with new games added every month, and no game downloads required. PS4 save data in PS Now is also compatible with PS Plus cloud saves, so you can upload/download save files to and from your own console.

For new subscribers in the U.S. that want to take advantage of the $9.99 intro offer, you will need to purchase that directly, as the 7-day trial will transition into the standard monthly subscription.

Stay tuned for more updates on PS Now, and happy gaming!

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  • It is so frustrating that PS3 games are on PS Now but not digitally on PS3 PS Store.

    • This is because on a streaming service PS3 hardware is running the game remotely. It is a whole other animal to put PS3 hardware into a PS4.
      The most elegant solution is for streaming it without all the added cost.

      But you should also know that the architecture of the PS4 is more “off the shelf” if you will, so it will actually be a lot easier for a PS5 to run PS4 games. Indeed, no other hardware would be needed, just that it recognize a PS4 game is what it is running. So the future can be brighter in that regard.

    • Sorry, the PS3 is now emulated on the PC so is PS1 and PS2. You guys could have just placed PS1/PS2 hardware in the PS4 for next to nothing, and could have been implementing PS3 software B/C just like the XBox does his gen. Anything is better than nothig, and last gen we got all three systems in one system, which is why i bought about 7 first gen CECH-A01 models for that, but this gen some of us expect more than just a stripped down console, no matter how you slice it, PS4 Pro has the hardware to emulate the PS3 properly, and with Sony behind the project it would possibly be smoother and run with less lag than PS Now, this is what we are asking Sony for, not next gen, but this gen.

    • @Grawbad

      That’s not what @gohan16ken was referring to. He was referring to PS3 titles on PSNOW not being on the PS3 Store. Heavy Rain is an example that is Disc Only on PS3. Most of the time the reason for this is licensing restrictions, but Heavy Rain is definitely an example of something that made no sense. Why isn’t(hadn’t by this point) it available digitally on PS3? Welll…Rewinding time a bit, it makes a lot of sense. Larger titles on PS3 were not often available digitally as the HDD standard capacity was not that large by default and could only be upgrade by so much. The 6TB internal HDD with 8TB External HDD of the PS4 is several times higher maximum capacity compared to the PS3.

      While they could have supported digital copies further down the line, by the time the PS4 was out…SONY moved on from porting PS3 discs to digital. They did it with a few games like the Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction and A Crack in Time games….But it was never a mass converted thing to make sure all games are digital. For PS4, that has been their push, since all titles are available digitally and “most” are available on Disc (many exceptions due to digital only titles).

      Make sure you read carefully first.

    • And @Thrill_Kill

      PS3 foolproof emulation without including internal PS3 parts in a unit is impossible. While the work that has been accomplished on emulating selective PS3 titles on PC is impressive (and to be commended), it is ultimately super flawed. The emulation has countless bugs/issues, piss poor framerates, and is just not worth the overall effort in the end. Playing Demon’s Souls is nice on PC. But it streaming on PlayStation Now and running better is a clear sign of the emulator’s issues at the present. Again, impressive work…But it will be at least 6 more years before there’s anything close to emulating PS3 hardware (And that’s with issues).

    • @Grawbad, a truly very thoughtful reply excpet gohan16ken was disappointed that some PS3 titles are available to stream but not available to purchase digitally on PS3, not PS4.

    • thrill_kill uhh ps3 titles that are emulated on pc are absolutely garbage right now.. unless your pc has pretty much current top of the line equipment(10k+) theres no way a pc can emulate ps3 properly, it took 10yrs for ps1 emulation to be stable and its taken nearly 20years to get ps2 emulation stable so no ps3 emulation on pc is practically garbage right now

    • I did not say anything about PS4 or BC. I am done complaining about the lack of BC on the PS4 or about paying for PS Now.

      My issue now is how PS3 games can come to the PS Now but not to PS3 PS Store. For example, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, Eternal Sonata, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, God of War III, Heavy Rain, Lost Planet 2, NeoGeo Station, etc

      The argument people regularly give is due to licensing and space. But PS Now is running on PS3. So if it is license to be on PS Now then it should be license to be on PS3. Blue Dragon and Ninja Gaiden Black were approved to work on XB1 so they automatically worked on X360 also. Neither one of these games were on X360 prior to the approval.

      Also, GoW3 and Heavy Rain are own by Sony.

      Finally, if the PS3 can handle GTA5, The Last of Us, GT6, and Beyond Two Souls file size, then it can run the other games too.

      The reason they are not on the PS3 PS Store is to increase the value of PS Now. It is about money!

    • @drd7of14 My bad on that.

      To that point though, the fact that a game is available to stream shouldn’t correlate to thinking that if here then why not there, as they are two different beasts entirely. Which as your comment shows, you already know that, but he probably doesn’t get that.

    • @gohan16ken Well, I do see where you are coming from on that then. But I don’t think it is as simple as flipping a switch and allowing them to be purchased digitally. The game you run when you stream is not set up to be downloaded to a PS3, it is set up to be run by a server running PS3 equivalent hardware. Which is a different animal altogether.

      Going forward in the future I can see streaming becoming defacto instead of installation. And instead of a subscription service, you just buy the games you want digitally and can stream them instantly. This will required internet speeds to be roughly double today’s capacity and be more widespread and for costs to come down for that speed. The reason it is set up the way it is today is the cost for sony to send the data at at will to everyone playing PS Now. This would be very cost prohibitive if all games purchased digitally were able to be streamed with no further cost.

      I mention all this as more of a hope for the future in that, one day maybe all games, regardless of system, or type or year it came out, all of them will be accessible on any console, on any tv, on any tablet at any time and anywhere and all these issues will become a thing of the past.

  • Another great month! I’m still knee-deep in Fallout 3, but I’ll have to make time for Gravity Rush Remastered and then take another dive into Heavy Rain (which I only played through once, so I’ve only seen one ending). I hope Until Dawn works with the camera — I loved that it recorded your reaction at certain parts.

    Can’t wait for next month’s update — I love the Yakuza series.

    • I did not say anything about PS4 or BC. I am done complaining about the lack of BC on the PS4 or about paying for PS Now.

      My issue now is how PS3 games can come to the PS Now but not to PS3 PS Store. For example, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, Eternal Sonata, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, God of War III, Heavy Rain, Lost Planet 2, NeoGeo Station, etc

      The argument people regularly give is due to licensing and space. But PS Now is running on PS3. So if it is license to be on PS Now then it should be license to be on PS3. Blue Dragon and Ninja Gaiden Black were approved to work on XB1 so they automatically worked on X360 also. Neither one of these games were on X360 prior to the approval.

      Also, GoW3 and Heavy Rain are own by Sony.

      Finally, if the PS3 can handle GTA5, The Last of Us, GT6, and Beyond Two Souls file size, then it can run the other games too.

      The reason they are not on the PS3 PS Store is to increase the value of PS Now. It is about money!

    • Sorry, wrong reply.

    • Thanks, Sam!
      Glad you’re enjoying PS Now and Fallout 3!

  • PS Now is a no brainier! Best $99 I have spent lately. I am still in shock that I can play uncharted on my laptop or PC. For years I have been waiting for a PS3 emulator which I still hope it happens. I play in stereoscopic so I need real graphics and this is the only drawback to me from PS now. To me stereoscopic is more important than 1080p. Fortunately one of my monitors can emulate stereoscopic 3D which adds another level of immersion. I always wanted to play Kill Zone, Uncharted, GOW and I am so happy that I can do it in my PC. Please keep up the good work! SONY is very controversial but this is awesome for PC gamers and even Xbox players. Let’s admit it, everybody wants to play good games including PS exclusives.

    BTW. Latency is better than acceptable however I find the streaming somewhat unstable. Connection drops too often internet connection however this rarely happens with Netflix, Youtube or Prime video so it has something to do with SONY servers. I rather to keep playing at 360p or even pauses it until the connection gets stable instead of constantly getting kicked out.

    This is a nice addition to my gaming experience but at the end PC gaming rules yet.

    • @pcgamer_rules You ARE aware that the PS3 is now emulated along with nearly everything else known to man, and this PS Now is a PS Waste for anyone that knows how to run emulation. I admit I care more about Stereoscopic 3D over 1080p, and over 4K and HDR and all those other buzzwords, which is a reason Im hoping that 3D TV comes back soon when Avatar 2,3 and 4 come out, along with Pacific Rim 2 and a few others that look outstanding in 3D. Sony needs to step it up and just make us BC on the PS4, and give us Stereocopic 3D options on anygame with a rendering switch, just similar to the PC with the nVidia 3D stuff. I think that you know streaming sucks, and anyone that has tried it knows this to be true. I have the fastest internet in California, and yet PS Now streamed to the PC or to my 3DTV set just plain sucks, the lag is just slightly there, but it’s enough to make me just wanna use my PS3 for PS3 games, etc.. when you need a lag free experience, streaming is only good for movie tv shows.

    • @Thrill_Kill. I know that some emulators are out there but so far what I have seen they are not stable and there is significant risk of getting malware by trying everything out there . What I really mean is a reliable and respectable emulator.I do not want to buy games just to find out that they do not work. Neither Kill one or Uncharted are playable on rpcs3 but I promise that I would buy the games if they were playable on the emulator.

    • @Thrillkill, a 3D lover! You’re awesome. It’s truly disappointing that the 3D is basically dead in the U.S. Every big tv manufactorer has stopped making 3D tvs. 4k 3D was the absolute best. I got two LG 4k 3d tv from their last 3d lineups and the 3D is beautiful. 4k 3D means that passive 3D had absolutely no degradation in quality. At 1080p it didn’t so much reduce quality except that each eye saw a unique 1/2 of the picture. People always thought that the passive meant half-res, not realizing that the two halves were not the same and equaled 1080 when processed in your brain (hence passive). PC gaming in 3D has always been awesome.

      I have heard many others say the same thing about the quality of streaming on PS NOW.

      @ for anyone, I know I read before that games on PS NOW are streamed at 720p and full digital surround is not available. Is that still true? That’s a deal breaker for me. I don’t want to play a watered-down version that’s still going to be jerky.

    • @ myself (lol), I belatedly read another post that asked about streaming in 1080p as an update. I can’t do 720p in a 4k world. I think that the selection of games is better on PS NOW than on the MS Game Pass. But you get the real McCoy with MS and not a watered-down version. That’s a big difference.

    • @Tatanka2007. Manufacturers can try to kill 3DTV for whatever esoteric reasons. I really believe that not having market for stereoscopic is BS. Every time that I go to a gaming forum I see people responding that they love 3D gaming. May be 3D movies at home have no traction but gaming does for sure.

      Any way you can make your own 3D TV or Monitor. All you need is polarizer film (Cellophane) and passive glasses. There is tons of information on the internet about how to do this. I have 3 PC monitors from which two of them are passive 3D. I also have a passive 3D TV but I am ready to take any of my other regular pc monitors and use polarizer film. You can even remove the filter from your monitor to get a “secret screen” and build your own glasses to polarize it for each eye. In my case I use Tridef for games and PowerDVD so I will be always able to play and watch on 3D as long as the software is supported.

      I just cannot stand to play in 2D any more other than multiplayer. However some multiplayer games I play on 3D.

    • I replied to your other comment, but thanks again for your support of the service! We’re working hard to bring more great games like Uncharted, RDR, and Killzone to the library.

  • Hey Brian,

    PS NOW is getting better and better. I will be subscribing this month.

    I wanted to ask if you could bring Top Spin 4 and Virtua Tennis 4 to PS NOW?

    Also please bring SOCOM 4 (Single Player at least) and FF XIII and XIII-2 as well.

    Thank you and keep up the amazing work.


    Rob aka Graf

  • Is there any way that I can review the games that I play in PS Now?

  • I meant rate

    • Hi pcgamer_rules,

      You can save games to a personal list within the app, separate from the in-app play history. But there’s no rating system within PS Now, in-app or on the dashboard where the game icons appear after you play something. You can only rate games from the dashboard if you’ve downloaded or purchased them.

  • When do you fix the work of ps4 games on PC? It constantly requires additional information and does not accept it.

    • I didn’t know what you were talking about at first as my game list didn’t update until a bit ago.
      I didn’t have this problem prior to the new games being added but now I do.

      Whenever I try to open a game it ask me to update my profile and when you are done, that closes and the game doesn’t open then you go through the same thing again when you try to open the game.

      Not sure what is going on with that, it is rather weird.

      I have tried reentering the information and everything to no avail. Reinstalled PS Now even and nothing.

    • And now the games have disappeared from my list.
      Maybe they are working on it.

    • This problem is from Friday, a feeling that they either do not know or do not believe.

    • Hi Alekcan2057,

      Thanks for the note. The engineers are aware and looking into the issue.

    • Brian, I am having the issue to, but also, the new games showed up for me earlier today and now they have disappeared and I can’t seem to do anything that will bring them back. Like it hasn’t updated since last month.

  • Hey, Brian Dunn.
    I’ve been using PS Now since the beta back on PS3 in 2014. I love the service and I’m glad to see it get better. Question, is the service going to get an update so the games stream at 1080p?

    • Thanks for the support and kind words, UltiGamer500! Nothing to announce on that front at this time, though.

  • Why isn’t PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale at least on this service. There are many fans who just want this on PS4 already.

  • Used to love this service. Then you had to go and drop PlayStation Vita and Bravia support, which are the only two platforms I was using it on.

    Hope to see the service expand to additional device again in the future. A new PlayStation Mobile device would be perfect for this service. How about a PS4 Portable in 2019 or 2020?

    I always saw a lot of potential in PS Now, and I supported it from the beta all the way through the last day on Vita and Bravia. I am glad to see it continue to grow, and look forward to re-subscribing when it returns to additional platforms.

  • Please add more ps3 games to ps now
    Ps4 games can be downloaded from ps store

  • Been curious about PSNow. Going to start my trial soon. Is the year subscription 99.99 in Canada too?

    Also care to let us know what Yakuza games are coming?


  • Thanks for the reply Brian. Have a good day.

  • So great that Sony is supporting PC more than Vita, your own platform /sarcasm Do you know that Xbox is struggling because all their games are also available on pc, you guys are trying to do the same thing? But hey, what do i know…

  • I seriously still don’t get it. Why can’t 500 games not just be added at a time? The games are being streamed from a PS3 with no changes whatsoever, there is no major “work” needed to get any of them “running” on PS Now. Its the game exactly the way it was on PS3.

    The Xbone BC thing is pretty great although people always try to compare it to PS2 and PS3’s BC. Yeah, PS2 let you play 5% of the PS1 library and you had to have the internet to download the game to be able to play it lol. That’s exactly how it was lol.

    But it IS funny the way, even though Xbone is slowly adding 360 games that natively run on the console, they are still catching up to the amount of games released on PS Now this past 3 years. Its kind of embarrassing and I feel like it defeats the whole purpose of making the PS Now a stream-able service. Just get to at least a 1000 games on it already and the service will be worth it so much more. And don’t ever remove games from it like that failure of a service Xbox Pass.

    And are you ever going to keep the promise at the PS4 reveal 5 years ago, that you hope to get every single PlayStation game ever made up there on the service? You know, PS1 and PS2 games?

    • It would have to be modified PS3 architecture as they can’t have a PS3 sitting in a server for each person that is playing a game. I am guessing there is actually some work that must be done to get the game ready.

      But really that is not why they don’t just put more up at once.
      They don’t own all the games.
      If they want to put a SquareEnix game up they gotta pay SquareEnix some money to do so.
      Some studios probably ask more for this kind of thing than others. Indies are probably far cheaper.
      Then there is how much they want vs. how long it will be on the service.
      I bet some of these companies took a fee and let them keep it up indefinitely, but I also bet some of them cost far more and might have a renewal date if they want to keep it up there at that time.

      And I don’t remember them promising that, just that it was a vision of the service to one day have all playstation games on it.

  • Still can’t launch PS4 games.
    Still can’t see the new games.

    They popped up once yesterday morning and then somehow disappeared. Not sure what to think at this point.

  • Hi Grawbad,

    I’m checking on the fix for the PC issue.

  • im unable to search for this months new games.. would love to know if theres a fix in place

  • PS Now deserves much respect. Folks aren’t giving Sony enough credit for how incredibly smooth streaming VIDEO GAMES has been!

  • I subscribed for a month to check out PS Now and see how my network did for my PS4 and PC, and I love it! Curious as to if and when we’ll be getting PS1 and PS2 classics on PS Now (specifically the ones that are already on the store for the PS3)?
    I still love the service and I’m appreciative of the work Sony has put into the service, I just want to enjoy some of those older games, too.

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