The Station Comes to PS4 on February 20

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The Station Comes to PS4 on February 20

Unravel the mystery of an abandoned research vessel with an augmented reality interface.

The Station drops you into a sci-fi mystery, serving up cosmic questions to ponder and problems to solve. Over a newly-discovered planet home to a hostile alien race, orbits a research space station. However, it has suddenly gone dark – all communication has ceased and the vessel’s stealth systems have shut off entirely. As a recon specialist sent to investigate the dark, ominous, puzzle-filled station, your only tools are your wits and the clues revealed through your augmented reality heads-up display (AR HUD). What you discover may have you questioning your ethics, morality, and beliefs. Welcome to the AR world of The Station.

The Station for PS4

Your character is equipped with an AR device that feeds you audio and visual materials on board. Each crew member of the station was implanted with a device that would record moments during their mission. These audio logs were triggered by physiological reactions to stress and emotions. Your AR device renders these recordings as points of interests in the physical space. Discovering these orbs scattered around the station will reveal a crew member’s thoughts, decisions, and on occasion, their intimate desires. The information from these orbs will help you piece together what exactly went wrong.

The Station for PS4

All your findings and discoveries are recorded in your TAB menu. This menu exists as a virtual object in space that you can interact with to find your map, inventory, and objectives. Provided you have enough room, at any time you can drop the menu in front of you at the press of the button. Feel free to walk around it, leave it, return to it, or drop it somewhere else. There’s no need for a journal when you have movable digital representation of your thoughts with you at all times.

Additionally, the AR device displays the virtual notes left in the corridors, labs, and personal rooms by crew members. The crew left these messages around the vessel as public virtual messages for each other. Devices on the Station will also interact with your AR device, feeding you information and showing what life was like onboard in better times. The virtual signage will also help you interact with the Station, assisting with both navigation and puzzles. In many ways, the Station is as much of a character as the crew itself. The AR device is the only way to access information that will get you deeper and deeper into the Station’s systems, and closer to the heart of the mystery.

The technology behind the AR HUD has been a challenge design, but we think you’ll enjoy using it to discover the hidden depths of the Station. It’s been difficult to keep these secrets to ourselves, but you’ll be able to untangle the web we’ve weaved for you on February 20.

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