Zen Studios Shares Tips for PS VR Titles Pinball FX2, CastleStorm VR, More

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Zen Studios Shares Tips for PS VR Titles Pinball FX2, CastleStorm VR, More

So you just got a PS VR virtual reality headset — now what? Zen's impressive catalog of VR titles is a great place to start.

Hey PS VR fans,

One thing to know about us at, Zen Studios, is that we are every bit as much into virtual reality as you are. This is why we develop games for this revolutionary platform and why we can’t wait to tell you all about them. We know a lot of you are new to the platform after getting PS VR as an incredibly awesome gift for the holidays, so we figured now’s a great time not only to give you a nice rundown of all Zen has to offer, but also to provide a few tips, straight outta our home office in Budapest.

Let’s hit the ground running with an epic and funny fantasy adventure! If you pre-order Out of Ammo, our newest title coming on January 30, you will receive CastleStorm VR for free! You can bolster your VR library on the double!

CastleStorm VR

CastleStorm VRCastleStorm VR

What is CastleStorm VR all about? Plan your castle carefully, and place your important rooms in strategic positions as you battle Vikings, orcs and fire-breathing dragons in this tower-defense/RPG hybrid. All this in the unprecedented viewpoint of VR – making the perfect headshot with your ballista has never been easier!

Zen Tips: Turkey for everyone! If you can’t bring down the unstoppable Golem who’s battering your gate, then load your Turkey Elixir into the catapult and smash it into his rock-face. Berserkers or Wolves are very fond of turkeys, so spawn in some of them to follow up. The results will be funny. Good hunting!

Royal Architecture: Your castle can never be too large! Build multiple rooms of your favorite troop type and ensure that a lucky stone from your opponent doesn’t disable the production of your army. The safest area of your castle is in the bottom part of the far side from your foe.

Infinite Minigolf for PS VRInfinite Minigolf for PS VR

Speaking of aiming carefully, in Infinite Minigolf you’ll have to angle your shots perfectly to score a coveted hole in one! With over 20,000 holes created by the community, you are sure to find all kinds of challenges in a charming environment. Use the powerups to your advantage, and fly, jump or speed across the golf course, and seize the world record on each creation! You can even challenge opponents in Multiplayer matches while getting the edge in perception with your PlayStation VR headset.

Zen Tips: If you see the Fly (indicated with a ball with wings) and the Heavy (a big dumbbell) power-ups bunched up, that means you’ll have to make a very precise landing! Make sure to activate the flying power-up right before picking up the Heavy. Then, when you see your target, press the button again, and the weight of your ball will pull you down right away.

Pinball FX2 for PS VRPinball FX2 for PS VR

If you grew up spending all your quarters in arcades, then you are old friends with pinball machines. The closest you can get to the real thing in a video game format is Pinball FX2 VR! With a variety of totally different pinball tables and breathtaking environments, this is how video game pinball is supposed to be played.

Make sure to hit the ball where the lights flash, and follow the instructions on the dot-matrix display – that’s your ticket to the top of the leaderboards! Remember, multiballs can take you a long way just keep those balls in play!

Zen Tips: During a monster battle on “Epic Quest” – an actual pinball RPG – there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Pay close attention to the health of the monster and your own. These are indicated left and right of the flippers.
  • A timer will go down indicating when the monster will attack. If you shoot the Sword ramp, you’ll hit him and the timer will reset!
  • If you are a daring knight, hitting the Smash target will land a critical hit but will not reset this timer, so you may end up with a dent in your armor!

Out of Ammo for PS VROut of Ammo for PS VR

Out of Ammo, developed in collaboration with RocketWerkz is a title that was so beloved on PC, we absolutely wanted the PlayStation community to enjoy it as well.

In Out of Ammo you can assume the role of a battlefield commander and plan your defense carefully to repel the enemy. Build up towers and barricades, while assigning your troops to key points. To execute your strategy to the letter, you might have to take matters into your own hands sometimes. Assume the roles of your soldiers, and rush into battle guns blazing in a first-person view.

Zen Tips: The five rules of a successful general:

  • Use your airstrikes in emergencies.
  • An enemy at a chokepoint is a controlled enemy.
  • It’s always easier to repair something than build it anew.
  • A clear line of sight can make or break a defense.
  • It never hurts to fire a few rounds yourself. ;)

Don’t forget, you can pre-order Out of Ammo today and receive CastleStorm VR for free with the purchase to help your wait until the January 30 release!

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  • i reported several bugs on CastleStorm VR and didnt reply..nice company…

  • Is your R&D department working on AR as well as VR? That’d be something I’d save up then pay top $ for. Also, when is the 2nd VR model releasing in the US?

  • The company that comes out with a vr game then stops supporting it almost immediately. No thanks, We are are going to stay far away from anything your studio does in the future.

    • Hey God-of.Lyf!

      Thanks for checking in regardless! We’ll make sure to update everyone if or when we have new VR tables on the way for Pinball FX2 VR!

      Hope you had a fantastic holiday season!

  • Hey devs… what is the PS4 Pro support for OoA (if any)? Thanks!

  • What happened to pinball fx vr is that it with the tables I love it so much please put other tables in even if there no scenery around and your just in that main room I’d pay

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