Gran Turismo Sport Patch 1.10 Live Today, Featuring GT League & More

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Gran Turismo Sport Patch 1.10 Live Today, Featuring GT League & More

Headlined by the new GT League mode, 12 new cars, and mentor videos featuring Lewis Hamilton.

Today sees the launch of Patch 1.10 for Gran Turismo Sport, and with it the introduction of the exciting new GT League mode and 12 brand new cars, all in time for the holiday season. There are plenty of exciting plans being finalized for 2018, so stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog to see what else is in store for GT Sport.

Patch 1.10 – Features

GT League

GT League is a single player game mode that includes several series of races that have appeared in past GT titles, including fan favorites such as the ‘Sunday Cup’, ‘Clubman Cup’ and ‘FF Challenge’, in which you’ll be able to tune and race a wide variety of cars.

New Cars

Gran Turismo Sport Patch 1.10

Gran Turismo Sport Patch 1.10Gran Turismo Sport Patch 1.10

Gran Turismo Sport Patch 1.10Gran Turismo Sport Patch 1.10

Gran Turismo Sport Patch 1.10

Take to the track in 12 brand new cars, including new additions to the Ferrari and Lamborghini line-up, as well as a brand new manufacturer in KTM and the introduction of the 2013 Sema Award winner from “Chris Holstrom Concepts.”

  • Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible (C3)
  • Chris Holstrom Concepts 1967 Chevy Nova
  • Ferrari Enzo Ferrari
  • Ferrari F40
  • Ford F-150 SVT Raptor
  • Lamborghini Countach LP400
  • Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD)
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R V・spec II (R32)
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R V・spec II Nür (R34)
  • Suzuki Swift Sport
  • Volkswagen Samba Bus Type 2 (T1)

We look forward to seeing everyone out on track with this new selection of cars, and the new GT League mode!

Master the Nürburgring GP track with Lewis Hamilton

Also dropping today, we’re excited to introduce the first of our Lewis Hamilton mentor videos, as Lewis takes to the Nürburgring GP circuit. Never before has a four-time world champion sat down and offered such detailed insight into their driving technique and philosophy.

This latest update provides two videos; a standard and extended version, both of which are packed with tips and practical advice that will help you become a better racer. Both videos provide a real insight into how Lewis races – from how he selects his racing lines and braking points, to his general racing philosophy that guides how he tackles every circuit. It was an honor to sit down with Lewis at the peak of his career and get a better understanding of what makes him tick. Nothing like this has been captured before, and I believe this will provide useful insight for GT fans and future generations of racers.

Both videos can be found in the Lewis Hamilton section of the Brand Central area. Here’s a peek:

Stay tuned to the Gran Turismo website, as well as the GT Facebook page, to ensure you’re up-to-date with the latest news.

From everyone at Polyphony Digital, happy holidays and a happy new year!

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  • No more VR content?

    • More VR would be nice, but I personally want to see them add a patch for Stereoscopic 3D for the entire game just as GT5 and GT6 had. Now THAT would be an awesome treat, especially since the PS4 Pro could easily support it with 30fps in 4k or 30fps solid in 1080p! Please make it happen Polyphony Digital! Until then I’m sticking with GT6 in 3D on my beautiful 65″ Panasonic Plasma 3DTV set, and my 65″ Sony 4K 3DTV set with HDR support.

    • I’m like 95% positive that they have to do 60-120fps to do 3D. Depending on the technology you have to have 30frames per second to each eye alternating based on the filtering technique. But there might be cheats, or maybe it’s not as intensive, or they can double the frames up or something. I think with another form of 3D they interlace it, so you only really get half the resolution which is probably around 800pish I guess cause if I remember right 720p is 1/4 of the pixel count of 1080p.

      It’s complicated, I’m not a developer, maybe 3D will make a comeback on the PS5, and here’s hoping the PS5 is like a pro version of the PS4 pro, and we can play GT Sport on the 5, with enhancements.

  • I may not have a PSVR but I seen videos and you guys really need to add more VR content. Thanks for the free DLC and the much need and missed campaign.

    • I don’t get it. What’s the issue with them making a content update that doesn’t have VR in it?

    • @Tj, nothing is wrong with the update. It’s a great update. But I don’t want them to forget about VR. Right now the VR content is extremely light.

  • Can I tune my cars and do car wash now tho

  • this should have been included from the beginning, sucks to pay full price for a half baked game. But in the upside it will get finished with updates!
    Im finally going to get back to GT. Wait? Will this be in VR too?

  • I may actually buy the game now. I get that they needed to rush it out to compete with Forza, but this was a glaring omission that caused me not to buy the game. Thank you for adding this!

  • Are the cars available in VR? And I hope there are plans to have club events and such in VR. Holding off on the game till VR is more supported..

    • Yes, the cars are available to use in VR. Unfortunately, you have to earn the credits to unlock them on the traditional display. Wish we could earn currency and experience in VR and never have to revert back to the TV. 4K HDR feels like a massive let down after you have experienced driving\Racing in VR.

    • I don’t get how 4K HDR, which is *multiple times* the depth and detail of VR, is a “letdown” after VR. I get that it is a different experience, but to me it’s kinda the other way around.

    • Once you feel the sense of speed, expereince the increased depth perception, unlock full controll of eyes and head, and literally play from inside the car going, back to a locked and unattached view point looses a lot of appeal. Every aspect of the game feels multiple times more natural, and delivers a much better simulation. It goes from feeling like you are playing game, to feeling like you actually have went to the track, and I will take going to the track over playing game every time.

    • This is the same experience I felt going from games in 3D like Pacific Rift 3D and GT5/6 in 3D from behind the wheel, to flat as paper racing in 4K HDR which feels so non realistic that the entire feeling of depth and realisim is GONE! This gen feels so flat compared to the PS3 era it’s insane. Without VR I would not even be playing on PS4 this gen other than the Soulsborne series. :P Its sad really how we are going backward in technology this gen instead of forward. Even the Wipeout series on PS4 is a letdown not being in 3D.

  • Excited about the new cars, but I am sad that I will have to play on the TV to earn the credits to buy them.

    Please put some focus on the VR in future updates. That is what sets this game apart, and delivers the first major leap in GT in years. Here are some basic things we need:

    1) Ability to earn Currency and Experience in VR. (Let us advance without having to play on the TV.)
    2) Time Trials in VR.
    3) Drift Trials in VR.
    4) Ability to modify races in VR. (Number of laps, A.I. difficulty, tire wear, etc.)

    Those 4 things would go miles towards making this title much more appealing. I bought PS4 and PSVR to Play Gran Turismo in VR, I bought GTS to expereince next gen racing in VR. Lets make it happen.

    Thanks for all the hard work so far. Keep it up.

    • I’m getting daily miles for SURE in VR… I’m pretty sure I’m getting money too – but for some reason it doesn’t have the screen at the end of a race that shows you what you’re getting. Check again.

  • Maybe this game will be finished in time for it to hit the bargain bin, until then we are not interested…!

    • Speak. For. Your. Self.

    • said nobody in this thread but you ^lol The holiday music is a nice touch. Just got my my pro and wow, the 4k is NOT a letdown! I do have to say, we need some more VR functionality. Seems like it should be able to handle time trials and even the original campaign content.

    • Just wait it out man i made the horrible mistake of buying it day one and wow i was disappointed it was trash! You couldn’t play jt because servers where down!

  • The credits for each win in GT League are tiny. There’s no trophies, few credits…there’s just not much incentive to doing GT League. Considering the new Countach is like 1.8M credits, and these races are like 10K credits…I like the races OK (and I like that you can use a single car for an entire series), but up the prize money!

  • Actually I agree with God of Lyf! The game is still nowhere near Forza standards. It has come as long way since the PS3 days, but it still feels like just a very polished version of a 90s racing game engine.

    • Forza is a terrible example of a good racing game. First off it’s not even a real simulation game. Secondly, it’s full of pay to win micro-transactions and loot boxes. GTS is leagues ahead of Forza.

  • Not to bring up the F word here.. (Forza) but I own both games and Sony should really be applauded about how this game is being handled. No lootbox modifyers… Free DLC… I love this game.

    As a PRO & VR owner I hope we see the VR mode get expanded a bit more… because it looks and plays great.

    Sony should be immensely proud of what they represent with the release and continued support of this game. I’ll remember it.

  • I really appreciate the post-launch support. Please look into expanding the VR suite

  • came here to say this game needs more VR SUPPORT like others mentioned before me. There’s even a vr bundle that comes with the game but the content is nothing short of underwhelming

  • I have been a huge fan of Gran Turismo games from the beginning. Being able to tune wash and change the wheels as been the part of the game that separated it from the rest. I am really disappointed with this piss on it 4 version that I returning the PS4 console and the the game. Returning to my PS3 version of gt6 where life is good oil changes are done.

  • Finally we all get to play

  • Love the update but have to say a little disappointed there’s no prize cars for beating each event or even all 17 races in beginner.

  • Yep no prize cars in gt league, disappointing.

    • Can anyone confirm it is only beginner that doesn’t have prize cars, seems pretty pointless to play the rest if it doesn’t.

  • You get a car for driving 10-15 mins but dont get anything for beating GT league tournments.. It does not make much Sense to me… Some “dlc” trophies for GT league would be a Nice touch

  • Yup just when I thought they had me back! I can’t see the point of doing all the Pro an Endurance races for nothing so sad actually made the update pointless if you ask me!

    • My Hope is that they keep adding things to GT league and maybe change It a bit.. also there is no championship like before with points… Just single races… They Will no Keep me for long If It stays like this

    • Well, the first professional league race pays 100 000 credits for a 15 minutes win (plus mileage points and decent xp). I wouldn’t call that nothing. Plus it’s, you know, actually fun to play, unlike being penalised on top of being pushed out of the track from behind by online bumper cars. Seriously, people who prefer online games to single player deserve a world of hurt and microtransactions.
      I also would much rather get new trophies for GT League than more duplicate gift cars I can’t even sell for credits.

  • Please contact me on constructive criticism.

  • …When “Polyphony Digital” decide to grow a pair. “GT League” is what the ppl wanted all along. Next is offline mode (fk nfs 2015 & the crew 1&2) an please Don’t add loot boxes!

  • This is amazing. Gran Turismo was always my fave racer from the PS1/2 and PS3.. And now I can finally play tournaments on GT7 .. But I do have one question! Who is Lewis Hamilton? His name does sound somewhat familiar ..

  • Please FIX GT Sport
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