Happy Holidays From PlayStation.Blog and Friends

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Happy Holidays From PlayStation.Blog and Friends

Our annual collection of holiday cards from across the industry is bigger than it's ever been! Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy holiday.

Hello readers, and goodbye 2017! It’s been a heck of a year, but I’m ready to kick back for a couple weeks and play just… a ton of video games until 2018. Maybe I’ll finally finish Persona 5!

A lot of really talented folks stopped by to write posts at the ol’ PlayStation.Blog this year, and we’ve invited a bunch of them back to share digital versions of their teams’ holiday cards with all of you. There’s some quality stuff in here!

I didn’t count (get off my back!), but I think this might be the biggest holiday card post we’ve ever done? Either way, the PS Blog team and all our friends below wish you and and your families a refreshing, prosperous holiday. See you next year!

Accolade - Bubsy

Aksys - Tokyo Xanadu

Annapurna Interactive - What Remains of Edith Finch

Arika - Fighting EX Layer


Battle Ages

Battle Island Commanders

Battle Islands

Bend Studio


Bethesda - Doom VFR

Bethesda - The Elder Scrolls Online

Bethesda - Wolfenstein II

Bigben - Warhammer 40k Inquisitor

Devolver Digital

Digital Extremes - Warframe

Discord Games - Chasm

Drinkbox Studios - Guacamelee 2

Enhance Games - Rez Infinite

Epic Games - Fortnite

Epic Games - Paragon

Firesprite - The Persistence

Focus Home Interactive

Gears for Breakfast - A Hat in Time

Gems of War

Grab Games - Knockout League

Grey Box Games - Dreadnought

Guerrilla - Horizon Zero Dawn

Idea Factory International

Impulse Gear - Farpoint

Jackbox Games

Klei - Don't Starve

Koei Tecmo

Media Molecule - Dreams

Messhoff - Nidhogg II

Naughty Dog - The Last of Us

Naughty Dog - Uncharted The Lost Legacy


NIS America

Papers Please

Pixelopus - Concrete Genie

Psyonix - Rocket League

Santa Monica Studio - God of War


Ska Studios - Salt and Sanctuary

SNK - Samurai Shodown V

Square Enix - Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Square Enix - Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix - Final Fantasy XV

Supergiant Games - Pyre


Team Meat - Super Meat Boy

THQ Nordic

Thunderlotus - Sundered

TribeToy - Bow to Blood

Tripwire - Killing Floor 2

UFO - Raiden V

USC Games

World of Tanks

XSEED - Senran Kagura

Zeboyd Games - Cosmic Star Heroine

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13 Author Replies

  • Merry Christmas!

  • All really nice but am I the only one who thinks the Aksys Games one looks kind of 3D? It looks like the gingerbread people are floating out in front of the red and green background. It also kind of looks like the red and green background goes into the screen a little bit as well. It might just be the colors they used or the way my phone screen is but I think it’s really cool how it turned out like that.

  • So many lol. Congrats Sony, PlayStation and fellow studios. All parties. Thank you for the fun games. Can’t wait for it all again next year.

  • WOW!!!! I think this is the most I seen. Love them! Merry Christmas PS Blog!

  • This is always my favorite blog post of the year. Thanks to everyone who contributed!!

  • The card for Chasm called my attention as I had never heard of that game before until this moment. I did a search, found some videos and now I’m kinda looking forward to it. Hope it comes out soon!

    Also, the God of War card is so cute, haha.

    • Chasm looks excellent! I’ve had an eye on that one for a few years. Really looking forward to seeing more of it.

  • I am happy boobsy is back!

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to PlayStation Nation!!!


    Rob aka Graf

  • So who do I send my address to to get a plate full of dual shock cookies?

  • Merry Christmas PlayStation and a Happy New Year! Thanks for yet another incredibly unforgettable year of gaming!

  • Never knew I wanted them til now, but where can I get some of those dualshock 4 cookies? Also do they come in snickerdoodle lol?



  • Slightly bummed that there was no Solstice Card this year, but the adorable look on A Hat in Time makes up for it.

    Guess I need to find time to watch the Hogfather!

  • Happy holidays to everyone! its been a great year for games all together. Best wishes for 2018 in both life & the gaming arena!

  • Happy Holidays!

    The cards are all amazing, but those PS4 controller cookies take the cake! With my skill, the only thing I could maybe manage to do are the square, circle, triangle and X shapes…

  • Thank you! Happy Holidays to everyone. Its awesome to hear from the other side of the screen!

  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

    Ps. I’m seeing reports of a special festive ps4 dynamic theme being distributed. What’s up with that?

  • It’s insane seeing the amount of development and games that are all part of the playstation family. something i’m greatly excited for is the continued support for the VR industry as a whole. i have a sneaky feeling that ya’ll are working on a new peripheral for PSVR to be a “must have” as much as the Aim Controller (which I absolutely love). I wish there were some way to like, get developers interested in toying around with games based on community demand. I’d love to experience Killzone in VR. When the Sharpshooter was introduced back on ps3, Killzone 3 totally showed how flawless Sharpshooter controls could be.

    Before I go, i just want to say that I am truly excited for Dreams. That game is going to open soooooooo many possibilities.

  • They all look awesome! It’s a great reminder of how much I love PlayStation and the games we get to enjoy on this lovely platform. Happy Holidays fam!

  • Happy birthday to our Lord Christ Jesus.

  • Thank you very much and too you HAPPY CHRISTMAS and holidays!!!

  • The Chloe and Nadine one caught my eye. Naughty dog seemed to be careful in the game not to insinuate anything about whether these two characters had any feelings for each other, considering they had much more important Business to do… but maybe?

  • The chibi Senran Kagura characters are so adorable. Peach Beach Splash was an awesome game.

  • Hi justin this is a bit off topic but it would make a great Christmas gift if you could answer there use to be a game call massive action gamer or Mag in others country just wondering if there anyway that game could come back and if not why I don’t think Sony knows how much of a gold mine they have with that game it’s one of the best shooters that has ever been made my question is what could we do to get Sony to realise how much people want this game who do we talk to what can we do to try to get this to happen not only the people wants this game but Sony themself would make so much money from it it’s a old ps3 game but I would still pay full price for it and I know I’m not the only one they would have millions of people buying this game and just by word or mouth would make so many more people to come and play that game if you could give me any advice at all would be such a great help I’m sorry to ask you for such a thing it’s just what everyone wants thank you for you time and hope to hear from u soon

  • Some very nice cards this year but I’m disappointed at ND…they always do great cards,this year both are crap lol.Horizon one is simply awesome…what a great idea.Love the Raiden 5,Arika and Papers Please ones too.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to y’all fellow PS gamers and the Blog team…keep up the great job in 2018.And let’s wish for a 2018 full of gaming goodness.

  • Yay! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and Holidays!! 2018 is going to be my year. xD

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