Take Flight in Ultrawings on December 19 for PS VR

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Take Flight in Ultrawings on December 19 for PS VR

Experience open-world flight with full progression and immersive controls.

It’s been a fairly long flight (See what I did there?) getting Ultrawings ready for PS VR, but that day is finally here.

Mark December 19th, 2017 on your calendars (yes, only a few days away) as that’s the day you’ll be flying the Ultralight, rocket-powered Glider, Sport Plane, and Gee Racer across an island-themed world we hand built for this game and you.

Also, Ultrawings launches both in North America and European territories simultaneously. Thanks, Sony, for making this a reality!

For those not in the know, Ultrawings is an open-world, flight game where you pilot multiple aircraft to complete a variety of missions across an island-themed world.

What kind of missions?

You’ll fly through score rings, pop balloons with a dart gun, perform spot landings, take pictures using your fully working tablet, participate in air races, and much more. A simple flying game this is not.

How are you going to fly these awesome aircraft?

You can choose to play with your standard DualShock 4 but, for those pilots that want an even more immersive flight game, you’ll want to break out your PlayStation Moves (you’ll need 2 of them) and use your virtual hands to grab and manipulate the flight stick, buttons, and switches.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that Ultrawings is a flight game with real progression and rewarding challenges to overcome. As you complete missions you’ll earn money and, in turn, you’ll spend that money on new airports and new aircraft. We estimate it takes an average pilot around 15 hours just to complete the missions and double (or even triple) that to get a gold medal on all of them (and yes there is a Trophy for that!).

Finally, we love feedback so if you run into any issues or have any questions please let us know.

P.S. Many thanks to our fans who have waited patiently for the release!

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  • Been looking forward to this game. Can you tell us the price and if the game has a Platinum trophy?

    • 24.99 USD and, unfortunately, digital-only titles do not have Platinum trophy.

    • It’s not the end of the world, but that “digital-only games can’t have a platinum” rule has been broken before, and not by the greatest examples (Taco Master, My Name Is Mayo, etc.). Even Playroom VR, a free download, has a platinum.

      “What you must learn is that these rules are no different that the rules of a computer system. Some of them can be bent. Others can be broken. Understand? Then hit me, if you can.” – Project Morpheus

    • Correct. We just learned this policy was changed awhile ago. Unfortunately, we weren’t informed about it.

    • Man, I was excited about this VR game but it didn’t quite hit the mark. I wanted the full VR piloting experience that this games demonstrates with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive meaning controlling it with the Move controllers as opposed to the DS4. That’s where there problem starts. DS4 control is pretty spot on but the Move controls suffer big time. I’ve calibrated to ensure that my PS4 recognizes the Move controllers accurately but in game, Ultrawings does not. For example when you take off the right Move controller is used to pitch steer control (sorry don’t the actual term) and the left Move controller is for the throttle. One of the most important controls is in fact the throttle but the game will only recognize the left Move controller at a particular height. Once you try to lower the Move controller to where the throttle is the game makes that hand start to float to the right and off screen. So you basically can’t take off and I have yet to find a solution to this. Again, the DS4 controls work fine but that won’t get the full immersion experience.

  • Sounds like a pretty cool title.

    Please tell us what kind of PS4 Pro support the game has. It always affects my PSVR purchasing decisions.

    • We increased render resolution on Pro and the FPS is a solid 90.

      It still looks great on standard PS4 but the FPS is a solid 60. It’s hard to tell the difference though due to Sony’s tech!

  • Very Intrigued, this sounds like the sort of experience I want in VR!

  • PSVR keeps impressing with diversity of highly immersive gameplay experiences.

  • Looks amazing, can’t wait!! Please tell me it’s got HOTAS support?

    • HOTAS support is being investigated. We have the joysticks and are looking into what it will take to add support for them.

      But, honestly, our motion controls are really good!

  • Sounds interesting. Two questions.

    1) Price?
    2) Online?

  • hope it’s good. pilotw… eh..ultrawings in VR sounds great.

  • Great timing. My PSVR arrived *today*, and one of the reasons I plumbed for it: this game! I love flight sims, and seeing footage of this on the Vive made me jealous. Then when it was announced on PSVR, that clinched it for me. Really looking forward to this.

  • Looks awesome! Will it work with the Thrustmaster flight stick?

  • No multiplayer option, and digital only? For me, that means wait for reddit reviews. Multiplayer would’ve made this a much better proposition. 1v1 with bots works well right now.

  • Hi. Can you play this without VR, if we haven’t invested in VR just yet?

  • I seem to loose all progression after leaving the game.

    Maybe am I not quitting the session like I should ?

    This is pretty annoying, but the game is cool !

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