Sharefactory Update 3.00: New Themes, Camera Effects, Animations & More

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Sharefactory Update 3.00: New Themes, Camera Effects, Animations & More

Today's new update adds new transitions, comic book-style and Uncharted 10th anniversary themes, faster loading times and lots more.

Today we’re pleased to announce a new Sharefactory update – v3.00 – which includes new themes and a variety of features requested by the community, including camera effects and text/sticker animations.

First – we’re happy to add two new themes with this update. The first theme is a “comic book-style” theme, which is packed with content including three intro, title and outro clips, eight transitions, three backgrounds, 39 stickers and a comic style font. The second theme is a special one for our PlayStation fans. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Uncharted franchise from Naughty Dog, we’ll have a dedicated theme to honor this critically-acclaimed franchise.

The new update also includes seven new camera effects. You can use the new “Hollywood-style” effect to add more flair to your edits. Add quake, bounce, stomp, pulse and more to enhance your best gameplay achievements.

Sharefactory 3.00 Update

Additionally, Sharefactory’s 3.00 update allows you to add custom animations to your text and stickers. You can choose from many different types of beginning, middle and ending animations on your overlays, as well as control the duration of your text and stickers.

Other features in this update include:

  • Improved video USB import feature to support more videos
  • Over 20 new transitions and two new filters
  • Audio ducking to automatically lower game clip volume when Commentary is present on Track 2
  • Improved load times
  • New Project view options including Zoom for easier editing
  • UX improvements

Sharefactory 3.00 Update

We appreciate the feedback from our fans and we’re always working to update the service by adding new features and enhancements that are highly requested by our fans. It’s always exciting to see how creative PlayStation fans are using Sharefactory, and we look forward to more epic videos from the community. Have fun and happy editing!

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  • Thanks for all of the support from the SHAREfactory Community. We hope you all enjoy this latest update!

    • I really love the update. It makes me more like the youtubers I always wanted to be. And now I have more options than ever to become more like them. But. I found it a little annoying when I have to edit the time and effects on the subtitles. I think it would be easier if those effects will be applied after we applied the subtitles, not when we are making them.

  • I would LOVE an Overwatch theme! That’s pretty much the only game I capture. Thank you!!!

  • Thanks for the continued support of Share Factory.

  • Dude…The support and functionality for ShareFactory is so impressive. It’s things like these that are so appreciated by the PlayStation community.

    Definitely could have had an announcement for this at PSX though, so more people were aware of it.

    Perhaps a demonstration of the new features/tweaks as a trailer for Dreams or another 2018 title.

    • Thank you very much! Feedback like this is what we love to hear. We are really happy with the new features and improvements in this new update. Enjoy!

  • I absolutely love ShareFactory! If it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t have a YouTube channel that’s changed my life! I use ShareFactory even for editing my PUBG clips from PC (although I have to convert the clips).

    Please make an “UNDO” function! Every so often I make a simple mistake or split something in the wrong spot, and it would save so much hassle if there was an “undo” button!



    • Thanks for all the great feedback! So glad to hear it has been a useful tool for your channel. We think you’ll enjoy this new update!

  • Also… PLEASE make a version for PC! I would be SO grateful!

    I would PAY to have this application on PC!!

    I would be able to work on so much more things with ease, rather than converting all my PC clips to specifics to import properly to PS4..

    • I too would pay for a PC ShareFactory application. Preferably still fully controllable with a DS4 controller in addition to whatever Keyboard / Mouse control support is added.

    • MY PC Died and thus Iam Left with the PS4 for Editing Videos lol. I will never go back to using a PC..well perhpas one that is not 20 years old…I like the speed, it took the PS4 15 Seconds to do what my Lpatop would do in 15 minutes. and no I am not exagerating.

  • Soooo… trying to take a screenshot of a still from a video I edited today to use for a thumbnail, to my dismay, it seems to no longer be an option and I’m not cool with that

    • Thanks for the feedback. To set the thumbnail for a project, you can just set the play head on the frame you want to use in the main timeline, select Options, and then select Generate Thumbnail. Thanks!

    • Hi Dev,

      The updates looks good but please add back the functionality to take screenshot while in full screen when editing my project. I don’t upload my video to Youtube directly from PS4 but I do it from my computer instead. As such, I need this functionality to be able to take a screenshot and edit it with Sharefactory to make my own custom thumbnails for Youtube. Is there a reason why viewing the project in full screen is considered a blocked scene?

      Please help.
      Thank you.

  • This update is nice and all, but we still dont have an Undo button. I’d like to be able to undo any mistakes I make instead of just being doomed

    • Also, I think it would be cool to be able to add multiple “Track 2″s, like a layer system of sorts. That way adding multiple tracks will be made much more convenient!

    • Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. Enjoy the update!

    • I have to agree on the “Undo Function”. hmm might want to add scrolling text might be nice. would be handy for doing credits..Unless they added that feature n this go around?

  • Hey Stuart is there any news on the feature that I suggested to you over Twitter?

    @newbreedofnerd really need a quicker way to capture video clips without moving through any menus. we want a Quick Video capture option

    @newbreedofnerd Quick Video Capture just like the Easy ScreenShot feature. one press will take my 30 sec video clip. no more dying midmatch due to clunky menus

    • Hey there, those are features that are outside of SHAREfactory and not in our control. Thanks for the feedback though!

  • Love ShareFactory on PS4. One of the key pillars that makes PS4 the best gaming platform for me personally. The ease of use, the range of features, and the continued efforts to improve and enhance it without making it too complicated for features I am already comfortable using while making everything work faster.

    Just all around Kudos to the ShareFactory team. Keep doing what you guys are doing.

  • Gonna have to check this out. I have three different drafts of videos that I never finished, and still need to get back to editing the vids and uploading them to youtube. Cool to hear about the Uncharted 10th anniversary SHAREFactory theme. I was at work earlier today just thinking about using SHAREFactory to make a tribute video of the series since I am currently replaying it now. I’m towad the end of U3 right now on the Nate Drake Collection and have been saving clips left in right to capture gallery so I could later use them in SHAREFactory whenever I have a good video idea! Thanks for the continued support, even though I have yet to find the time to actually finish a video, hopefully I’ll get at least one done before the new year.

    • Thanks so much! We appreciate the comments. Naughty Dog were pretty excited about doing the theme and we were happy to be able to include it with this update. We hope you dig the new features!

  • Impeccable timing. Just started using this application for my new exclusive Jak and Daxter Channel (PS4 games released last week). Some questions I have though…

    Did I read Text (and sticker) Duration is finally a thing now?! (No text duration has been a nightmare.)

    “Audio ducking to automatically lower game clip volume when commentary is present on track 2”? Does “commentary” include music clips added? (I literally had issues today making a video because I wanted the in-game music out but the sound effects in, with my own music added to it, but lowering the in-game volume affected the sound effects to since it was all tied as one.)

    • Glad we timed it well for you! Yes, we now have duration controls for overlays. It’s a feature that has been commonly requested. The audio ducking is applied to your video track if you add music. Thanks for the comments.

    • I would like to be able to apply a filter for less than 1 second. Sometimes, I want to apply a filter for just 0.5 seconds as I use it as an aesthetic effect when I do certain things in “Overwatch” :(

  • Can increase the splits amount cause every time i edit i run out and i have to render it and start a new project to continue to edit the video and the new update is awesome.

  • beyond a 50 clip limit and the ability to cut clips shorter than one second would be nice to have next.

    • 50 Clip Limmit? Didn’t realise that there was a 50 Clip limit, How ever, I did realize that the system has been partitioned in a way that allows each area a certain amount of space…Sony, Really formatted the HDD in a wierd fashion..ithas sepearte “virtual Drives” for areas , ShareFactory has a Virtual Drive of a certain amount, Video Cpature has a ceratin amount, then where you edit and crete a Video has a certain amount.. Why on Earth Sony Created so many Virtual Drives is beyond understanding.

  • Hey Stuart, I have a big complaint about this new update. The new text animation/fade in thing just ruined my small YouTube channel (128 Subscribers).

    As a YouTuber with comedic subtitle text, my subtitles need to be pin point accurate. But now this new update threatens my channel. You see with the new update has a new feature; the text fade in, and it throws off the subtitle by a solid second, which to most viewers (almost all) is horrible editing on my part. I use to add text, put whatever I said or a friend said and then snip the clip. but now there is a text duration, and it is VERY time consuming to put it on point.

    Please if you read this I need something, or someone to help me resolve my problem. YouTube already makes things difficult as it.
    Other then that HUGE problem the update doesn’t present any other problems, and is actually a good one again expect for subtitles.

    • Hey there, thanks for the feedback. We tried to make the text animation more robust but I can understand your issue. I suggest that you set all animations to NONE, and then extend the duration of your text to the full the length of the clip. That should work for your situation. Thanks!

    • Hey there, one more tip. You can use the d-pad L&R to quickly extend the overlay duration to the max limit. Thanks!

  • I would really like to see a holliday style. Iam not the average gamer though, while I love to game, I also have a system that is partially off grid, and I love to DIY videos, I also have realitives and I like to create videos of our son. While I realize that this is designed for gaming, I also know Sony’s Other secret, I have the HDR XR 520V, and the second expression You Had Sony, was Dare to be Creative. Beleive it or not creating a video is indeed a work of art. Now why on earth am I using the PS4 to do my Video editing, simple, My Laptop of 20 years has ceased to funtion.

    So Now I am armed with an OTG cable, A Cell Phone, and external USB HDD and the PS4 Pro.

    Oh an Now here is a feature, might be going overboard a bit…But ya know……3d Videos are becoming the new thing along with VR…While YOuTube does and can transcode the videos using would be nice if we could create 3d Videos . Now that would be interesting …We have VR in the PS4, and I am sure that the PS4 Pro will have more than enough power to create a 3d video.

  • I am not sure if this can be done or not, but what I would like is a function at whihc we can down load our own YouTube Videos and edit them, or have a way where we can down load Or Vides and Photos On PIcasa for intergreating in to importing videos for editing. ..adding a feature to access and download the video for editing.. This also Brings up a Second Question? when you say to support more Videos, is this as in aditional Video Formats or Re-alocated for more Videos to be edited? I am kinda confused on how the term is being used.

    • Hey there, we added support to re-encode videos that would previously fail validation. You should see a much higher success rate when trying to import your own video content from USB. Thanks!

  • Just fixed all my Keytime issues and only had one Video that failed to Open :) way happy :) I noticed PLayfactory was doing a new way of importing…It was re-coding the video? I now have my snow storm shot I can edit :) I don’t suppose You guys could possibly make this Viewer Compatible with the VR head chance? I don’t have the head gear yet, but looking to getting it very soon.

    • We did add a feature where the app will encode some videos that would previously fail on validation. Glad this update helped!

  • Can you please add some sort of green screen thing so we can remove the green screen from imported photos?

  • Hello, I would like to say I LOVE the new update, but one problem is erking me. As of now I seem to not be able to take a screenshot while viewing my clip in full screen. I am NOT trying to set a thumbnail, just trying to take a quick picture and put it into the video itself as a pause effect. But of course now I am not able to do that. Why is now a problem?

    • I agree. Please back the ability to take a screenshot while editing. I’d press L2 to go into full scree mode, then press the Share button on the controller and take a screenshot of a scene in the clip. I can no longer do this and it was a feature I’d use in every video I made. Please bring it back!

  • Before this update I was able to go full-screen and take screenshots and now with the update it blocks any and all recording/screenshot capabilities with the message,”Gameplay recording has stopped because you entered a blocked scene”, when you go full-screen. Is it possible to restore the ability to screenshots in full-screen mode?

  • Just wanted to say a big THANKS for the improvements to Sharefactory! It really is a gem of an application for PS owners.

  • The new features are all nice. There’s some things ShareF could still use though…

    – Text (used like ghetto-water-marks) applied to all clips, so you don’t have to manually make a brand new text for each clip when trying to create a water-mark-like text, since there’s no “apply to all clips” feature.

    – The “Time Bender” feature is a nuisance, because the time alterations last as long as the clip it’s applied to. There needs to be more freedom implemented so that we can control how much of the clip we actually want slowed down.

    – Trimming music is pretty complicated all around.

    – (As one guy said) Please restore the ability to take a screen-shot, so we can use SSs for a ghetto “pause effect”, otherwise, implement a compensation pause like feature, whether it be tied to Time Bender or its own standalone feature.

    All I could think of at the top of my head.

    • – Same with the “Pan & Zoom” feature, since it also forces the entire clip to be panned/zoomed in (when all I want to do is have a small portion of the clip zoomed in on).

    • Your Time Bender and Zoom in and Out issue is easily fixed by just splitting the clip around those sections and then applying the Time Bend or Zoom to that specific cut clipped section.

  • Nice to see that this video editing application is getting support & necessary updates but i do hate/dislike 1 thing, & that is: not being able to use all the themes i have downloaded when im not connected to the internet. I play online using my hot spot on my phone & i would like to not have to use it just to make a video using a certain theme. That is really my only concern about sharefactory a fix would be great

  • Love the new update even more choices to make great video’s. I still capture videos from Playstation, PS2 & PS3 on my game capture device & use the ShareFactory program to do my editing and almost all my video’s on my youtube channels are done with ShareFactory. Undo button would be nice but I have learned to save my project at key places I am happy with so I just exit without saving & reload the project…. Thanks again for this great video editing program & cant wait to try out new features..

  • How is possible that i cant not now add clip to my first clip and then cutting to good lenght? In old version it was possible

  • This is a very cool update and I am actually liking the stuff here but I did notice one major thing got removed. We no longer have the ability to record Full screen in SHAREfactory is there a reason for this?

  • Lovely update can we get more themes like ffxiv and or GTA online thanks!

  • Love the update, but it’s caused a huge problem as now when I or anyone goes to create a custom thumbnail by adding overlay and then making the screen full to take a screen shot it enters a block screen which allow us to take the pic. This needs to be fixed immediately.

  • OMFG I just want to say thank you that I don’t have to cut my clips for stickers to appear and disappear when I need them to…. hit me with the “Max clip size reached” bs. I’m sorry but 50 clips isn’t enough for the “masterpiece” I’m creating.

    Side note: sticker anime is badass.

  • On 19/12/17 there was another update on ShareFactory, but since that update I cant render/share any videos to Youtube. It comes up with a message saying ‘An unknown error occurred rendering this movie. The render movie operation was cancelled’. Please can you reply with a way to fix this problem or update the program again to fix it. Thank you.

    • Hi LukeMillerx,
      I am the Project Lead on SHAREfactory and would like to help if I can. I just sent you direct message via PSN so we can troubleshoot this.
      – Mohammed Khan (PSN: Kubla)

  • How come taking screenshots when you full screen on a project is blocked now? I used to do that to make freeze frames for text then have it restart so its like the video pauses then resumes smoothly. I cant do that with capture gallery screenshots because getting the exact moment without the pause button icon is nearly impossible. Took away a really big staple in editing :'( can you add a real tool to just pause the project and resume?

  • The update is awesome. However i would appreciate it if screenshots in projects were unblocked.

  • The things I would like:
    1-markers to place at certain points of the video
    2-be able to put a reverse effect on clips up to 5sec
    3-option to turn off pip on track 2
    4-Able to work with others-probably in the future
    5-able add your own transition and or effects from your USB instead of general effect like shaky can
    6-a tweak for the focus camera effect can you be able to choose what you want to focus on.

    Those are the priority If you would like updates and feedback PlayStation and I’ll tell what you can improve on.

  • I like the new effects, but blocking the fullscreen recording kills it, that’s how I added better commentary then the weak “add track 2” function. You really destroyed a perfect feature with removing that. And you guys knew it, why else remove that? Please fix this.

  • I am a Gamer.
    From my childhood I play games
    And I’m from India….
    Recently I started a channel named EverythingPlaystationPro
    And for that channel to make videos and to give it a quality content for viewer it’s important to Edit in that way Sharefactory is Soo Much Useful Thanks Alot Because im not a Pro on video Editing in pc and I don’t understand and I don’t have an upgraded pc. I just have PS4PRO.I bought ps1,2slim,3slim,4 pro ,psp. Except psp vita and vr(Mostly all products from Sony Playstation) so to provide my best contents and to provide a long videos in YouTube

    * please remove import size (2gb) it hurts me alot
    *Give us all fonts from Adobe cc2017 or more fonts not in small numbers we need a lot of fonts and stickers
    *Add more Subscribe and like (Stickers)
    And I hate this (There is Insufficient film clip storage remaining to import this video)

    Anyway thanks alot….

  • Im having trouble importing a video. Everytime I’ve tried to import it, I receive a message that says there’s not enough clip storage space, but I’ve imported bigger videos than this one and I deleted a lot of videos to make room and i still receive this message

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