MediEvil Returning to PS4 in 2018

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MediEvil Returning to PS4 in 2018

Coming to a skelevision near you, newly resurrected for PS4.

That’s another PlayStation Experience in the books! And we’ve been holding onto some especially exciting news. Hot on the heels of this year’s smash hit Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, we’re making another PlayStation fan dream come true: a proper, PS4-grade resurrection of the original MediEvil just in time for the game’s 20th anniversary.

If you’re not familiar with the MediEvil series, it’s a colorful action-adventure game originally released in 1998 for the original PlayStation system. As the resurrected Sir Daniel Fortesque, players defend Gallowmere from the evil forces of Zarok, a sorcerer with the power to control the dead.

The game is noteworthy for its unique horror-comedy tone and its early contributions to the world of 3D gaming. It’s still a fan favorite, and I’m proud we can resurrect Sir Daniel once again.

Have a happy and healthy holidays — see you in 2018!

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  • Love this

  • Cool! Can’t wait, PlayStation All Stars introduced me to MediEvil.

  • I hope this is like the Crash N Sane Trilogy and we get a remake of MediEvil 1 & 2 on disc.

  • Thank you, Playstation!


    At the risk of sounding greedy, since many (most?) of the remasters have been trilogy collections, I wonder if this means we might get both PS1 games and the PSP game as well.

  • I have been desperately hoping MediEvil would return for so long!

    This was my all time favorite game even when compared to my other favorites like Bloodborne, Castlevania:SotN and Demon’s Souls.

    It has been a tradition of me and my brother to play it once every year around Halloween.

    Sir Dan should never truly die. :)

  • I hope MediEvil II will be included and the whole thing will be as faithful as can be to the original PS1 MediEvil in its gothic atmosphere in the sense the N. Sane Trilogy was handled.

  • Really wonderful news! Happy to see this great old classic return. :) Day 1 buy.

  • So glad it’s happening! We know what’s next! SPYRO!!!!! How about some Twisted Metal and Socom!? :D

  • Please make the visuals as good as the Crash PS4 remasters and keep it to being as close to the original as possible. No one wants it to be like the PSP remake, that game really destroyed the enchanting atmosphere of the original.

    MediEvil is one of my favorite Playstation series of all time, please do this remaster justice since many of us have been waiting for eons for something like this to happen. I would love to see an all new MediEvil in the future too :)

    • Al-Zalam’s voice in the teaser has me worried. The zombie at the end also isn’t Chris Sorrel’s design, it’s from the psp version. The psp version was kind of a remaster or a reboot in its own way.

  • Spyro Trilogy and Syphon Filter Trilogy. Make it so.

  • The original 1998 Medievil is my favorite game of all time! I can’t wait for Halloween 2018 for the 10th year anniversary! This is a great present. Despite Al-Zalam’s voice making me apprehensive and is a bit worrisome, I’m sure I’ll love it.

  • Yesss Yesss yesss

  • Will be based on PSP Version or Fully Remastered like Crash N’sany trilogy?

    • Most likely the PSP version. Considering they chose to lift the voices from the PSP version for the trailer rather than use the voices from the original, I feel like that’s an intention hint. Plus their choice of wording calling it a “resurrection” (given the PSP title’s name) makes me believe it’s a PSP port with updated visuals.

    • I believe it will be all three. This post says “a proper, PS4-grade resurrection *of the original MediEvil* just in time for the game’s 20th anniversary.”
      Not only that, but on the official PlayStation YouTube channel, if you watch the teaser video for the new remaster, in the video details it shows a thumbnail image of the original MediEvil’s game cover, and says “MediEvil 1998”

      I truly believe it will be all three games, but let’s keep our fingers crossed.

      Regardless, I will be ecstatic and truly grateful for getting whatever it is we get.

  • I’m worried this is based on the PSP reboot. I found that approach to be unfaithful to Chris Sorells vision and design.

  • please don’t include elements from the PSP game

  • Again, just reinforcing what some people are saying here, please do not base it on the Psp remake.
    That version overused humor, introduced annoying characters, and was so kid-oriented that it destroyed the gothic/Tim Burtton-esque feel of the original.
    Other than that, the level design was uninspired and dumbed down.

    Don’t repeat those mistakes, and this is a day one buy!

    • I second this. What made the original great was the dark-gothic vibe and how everything took itself so seriously while also adding comedic moments here and there.

      the PSP version was an exact opposite of this and was essentially comedy on overdrive…with just enough dark-gothic elements so that people wouldn’t forget that it was supposed to be a remake of Medievil.

      Plus, not only were the level designs completely dumbed down, but some were omitted altogether. I was really disappointed that the forest was missing the level within the anthill, and I was even more so when my favorite area was absent (the Asylum Grounds).

  • Thanks so much for this. Been wanting this forever. I love MediEvil.

  • I hope they get this game right. I would love to see a remake of ‘Primal’ in the future. I believe it still has so much potential. I really enjoyed the games that Guerrilla Cambridge made like: Medievil, Primal and Ghosthunter.

    • I always wanted to play Ghosthunter. It came out right when I first started college, though, and my budget and time couldnt afford it.

  • This is great you guys are bringing back old games! A wesome, just next time you guys should bring actual gameplay otherwise it will be proclaimed vaporware.

  • This announcement was a surprise to me. I have a great affection for this series and I am now looking forward to this game.

  • please be the original and not the PSP.

  • To much people waiting for this game on ps4 .congratulations sony ps you are the best competition market on the world.we are impacient for this game medievil on ps4 .

  • Beyond excited to see one of my favourite PSX games getting its long deserved remake; maybe we’ll see Sir Dan get a sequel!

    I’m curious to see whether this includes the two other games (II and Resurrection) or simply the first, as well if it gets a printed release. Regardless of the circumstances around it, it’s great to see MediEvil in a modern light once more.

  • Important in next medievil use the same symphony and melodies like the old games orchestral

    • I don’t think we have to worry about the music, Bob & Barn remastered the original tracks with the City of Prague Philharmonic for Resurrection. They’re still active in the music industry, so it only seems natural they would bring them back on board.

  • I’m not sure why some of you guys are assuming it’ll be a ground-up redo like Crash. MediEvil isn’t nearly as popular or iconic, and the footage used in this teaser was directly lifted from the PSP game. It’ll most likely be like the LocoRoco, Parappa, and Patapon PS4 releases – functionally identical to the PSP version*, but with some improved textures. They call those 4K “remasters” as well. You can see proof of that in the LocoRoco 2 post on the front page.

    *Okay, the PS4 versions of those three added input delay that wasn’t in the PSP version, but that wasn’t an intentional change lol.

  • never got to play the original might look into this.

    • The first two are atmospheric and awesome, the first is a masterpiece. It’s usually cheap on the e-shop, you should try it!

  • Please, forget all about PSP remaster. The cartoon-style zombie at the end of the trailer made me afraid about that. We want that cute blue worm lives in Dan’s head, not an awfull genie.
    Also, bringing back MediEvil 2 would be amazing.

  • *”PS4-grade RESURRECTION”
    *Trailer uses voices from the PSP game.

    Oh god, this is going to be a remaster of the god awful Medievil Resurrection.

    That game was everything the original wasn’t. It was almost a parody of the original game, and that’s saying something given the comedic elements in the first game.

    • NicholasSommerby Exactly! And was it really, REALLY necessary to change the worm on Dan’s head into a a non-stop-talking-genie? He comments on every single action in the game, its so annoying.
      One of the charms of the original was how cryptic it was with some of its secrets. Like the witch’s talisman: you would find it early in the game and have no clue what to do with it until much latter. In the remake, as soon as you pick up the talisman, that yellow genie rubs it in your face all like “Wow, you have to use it in a cauldron to summon a witch! Don’t worry, I tell you when and where! *joke*joke*joke”.
      Seriously, they even shoved a combat tutorial area at the starting crypt. A combat tutorial.. in Medievil.
      It hurts to think about the Psp remake = /

  • MediEvil was absolutely one of my fondest and most formative games, as well as the life-long memories connected to it :)

    I remember exactly how everything played out – it was a rainy night in 1998 in San Benedetto, I remember the streetlights and the puddles, and my dad said ‘we can get you a game – go ahead, pick one!’ and I see this cover, an armour-wearing skeleton in a graveyard, with a sorcerer on a hill behind him! (I still have that same cover/manual to this day)…I took it home, and that was it. I was utterly swept up in the absolutely engrossing gameplay, the enchanting world and the engaging storyline…

    With levels like ‘the Enchanted Forest’ and ‘The Scarecrow Fields’, and ‘The Sleeping Village’….and so many more, it just felt like I was on this massive, amazing, often hilarious adventure :D

    • MediEvil defined, for me, what I now consider to be the perfect description of ‘cosy’ – curled up in a blanket with a controller in my hand (and back then my family were living in an actual Medieval village in italy, called Montefiore Dell’Aso), and I entered Gallowmere…the lanterns, the fireplaces, the sweeping music (Paul Arnold, I still listen to the score regularly, what a master of his craft!), and what’s more, so many sights and sounds became quintessentially ‘MediEvil’ for me:

      • Whenever I see Topiaries, I instantly think of the Labyrinth level.
      • Whenever I see pumpkins for Halloween, I’m reminded of the title sequence :D
      • Whenever I see cobblestoned streets, or carriages…it all makes me fondly remember MediEvil :)

      And back then, we didn’t have the Harry Potter films, so I was reading the books at the same time and MedEvil gave me a visual language for Rowling’s books as I read, especially the Hall of Heroes and the Castle Grounds :D

    • That’s just a sliver of my abiding love for MediEvil, so needless to say when this was announced, I completely flipped out. As you said Sean, just in time for the 20th anniversary! I was already IMMENSELY grateful for who you are and the work that you and your team tirelessly do, but when you announced this, it took that already-super-high esteem and regard that I hold you and Sony in *even* higher. I don’t care if its sappy, but I’m holding back tears a little right now :_) MediEvil represents the beginning of my adventures in games, and absolutely nurtured and swept off my imagination :D

      Thankyou, Sean. There’s a very small chance of you actually reading this, but I completely understand if it gets buried, in fact that would mean so many positives like a) it means you’re getting lots and lots of love for this project, which you and the devs rightly deserve and then some, and b) it means youre busy being your incomparably awesome selves :D Take care Sean, or whoever reads this…so much love from Canberra, Australia (moved from Italy) and gosh, what more can I say…Thank you beyond words could ever adequately express :_)

  • oh god please make this isn’t the Psp remastered version. But they say “Original Medievil” so finger crossed, i don’t think they’re so dumb to give us the worst medievil.

    • This announcement was some of the best news I’ve heard all year, maybe longer. But then the worry of the psp version being the only one included is killing me. I’m hoping for some good news soon about the 2018 release.

  • Wait, wait, wait so is this a remaster of that trashy version from PSP !? Sony, can you actually confirm this for us ? I am not buying a remaster of that PSP crap! If this will not look like Crash N sane trilogy, then you can forget about Crash level of sales.

  • This game was awesome! I still can’t believe that Sir Daniel Fortesque will return!
    Crash Bandicoot, MediEvil, Jersey Devil and Spyro make my childhood so happy and I am really excited to see they some of then again. This new generation will take a chance to see and play these great games from the past.
    Thank you so much!

  • If you want to earn money from this, pay attention to the original soundtrack, infact, a different track or music style will be see as a unpleasant feedback to the players. Medievil has a minor resonance compared to Crash Bandicoot brand, so, it’s up to you Sony!

  • Has it been confirm yet if this is a remaster of the ORIGINAL??? Or the crappy psp version. I won’t buy it if its the psp version getting a remaster…

  • Thank you Sony, truly from the bottom of my heart thank you, I have been begging for this for years, MediEvil is my favorite game franchise of ALL time. I cannot wait to get my hands on this!

    Also… If you guys could please make a collectors edition featuring some cool physical collectibles, like a statue of Sir Fortesque, a poster of Gallowmere, a fancy game case, and maybe the soundtrack to all the games, I would literally cry, and spend any amount of money I had to, to be the owner of said collectors edition!

  • I hope this is a remaster of the original and not Resurrection for the PSP.

  • I have to add my vote for NO PSP Medieval!! It was awful. People loved and still love Medieval because of the PS1 originals.

  • Agreed. As another MediEvil fan I could not believe it when I saw the t-shirt. It looked like Dan to me but thought to myself I’m seeing what I want to see. When he then said “it says Sir Dan” i almost teared up. It felt like a dream and and then it hit me. I forgot about resurrection untill the teaser which served as the bucket of icecold water in my face to wake my up from said dream.

    Not knowing which game it is, is torture. Resurrection with like half the levels missing ad the genie ruining whats left is not at all what i think of when I hear MediEvil.

    If this is based on the original the only thing I really wish for is difficulty settings. Today the game feels WAY too easy. So a much, much harder setting would be great while leaving the option of the original challenge level for for people who’d like that.

  • OMGOMGOMG! I LOVE this game! I can’t wait!

  • Great points there guys! I myself will pay any cash in this world to get the 98 PSX remake! As mentioned above by others, music will be a very important factor in the overall atmosphere. So Sony please do not change the music for the love of everything that is holy…especially boss fight ost since I am sure that for many older gents the stained glass demon fight was one of those first amazing moments in our gaming experience .

  • To those worried about the game being a remake of it’s PSP remake, I highly doubt that. If some of you were very savvy on 3D & texture making, you’d know that the textures & models from the PSP remake are outdated, ’cause the hardware advancements allowed better textures & more detailed 3D models, so, I can say they’ll redo the PS1 classic models from scratch, like how it was with Crash N. Sane Trilogy, have new voice recordings, & lots more.

    The teaser containing the past recordings & the PSP gameplay skit’s likely to keep you waiting until they unveil what they really have in store.

    Don’t expect the new MediEvil installment to be like the PSP remake.

    If Sony can bring back MediEvil like that, I really hope they bring back the Croc series with a remake of Croc Legend of Gobbos. Croc’s been long absent.

  • If this is based on the PS1 game (especially voices and soundtrack) it’s 100% interest and day one purchase from me.
    If it’s based on the PSP game I have 0% interest and will simply skip it.

  • I really think it will be from the ground up like N. Sane Trilogy and that the trailer we saw with the MediEvil Resurrection assets was simply a placeholder trailer to hype people up and get us questioning, and any scraps of evidence we’ve seen since the announcement only make it more likely given that Shawn Layden likes to refer back to N. Sane Trilogy when talking about this as seen in this post, and not that it means anything but when I asked the SaveMediEvil Twitter fan page about the possibilities of Marc Silk who has a long history with MediEvil would be returning to voice some of the characters in the game Marc came back and liked those tweets so possibly a little tease there, and I just think they’re all aware over there that it’d be a disservice to the fanbase no matter how big or small it is to get a port of a PSP game that’s not the original. The bigger question I believe is whether they’ll add in MediEvil II to the package since it was never mentioned in the original announcement, but I guess that’s why waiting for the “more details soon” may be a big deal.

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