Watch the New Trailer for Dreams, Launching in 2018

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Watch the New Trailer for Dreams, Launching in 2018

Media Molecule's ambitious new project launches in 2018. Watch the new trailer here, or see the game at PSX this weekend.

If you missed our brand-new Dreams trailer make its debut at the Game Awards tonight, you can see it right here, right now! The trailer kicks off a Dreams-stravaganza this weekend as we demo the game on the PSX show floor, catch-up with our amazing community and reveal more about Dreams during our Saturday panel with the Media Molecule Directors and a special guest! If you’re in Anaheim, don’t miss us at the Dreams booth on the show floor, and if you’re home, we’ll be on the PSX livestream at so you can join in the fun too.

To see more behind-the-scenes content from PSX or ask your burning questions about Dreams, you can find us on Twitter and Instagram at @mediamolecule. Did we mention Dreams is coming in 2018? Dreams is coming in 2018. See you at PSX!

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  • HYPE!!!!


  • Best trailer for the game yet, this is what I wanted to see!

    • Exactly. With such an odd ball showing the last time with zero gameplay did you expect anyone to take this seriously PlayStation? Now, o man you brought it and left me wanting to know so much more. Very excited to see what this game triggers from user created content.

  • I’m so glad to see DREAMS back in the spotlight! It looks like it’s coming along beautifully, and I can’t wait to see more at PSX :-)

  • Just finished watching the 8 reasons why Dreams will change PS4 forever. And I have no doubt have a very nice clear concept of what to expect from this game. I say game and what I really mean is essentially an Amateur’s Developer Tool. I’m literally here thinking of THE game I want to make. The storey and world I want to develop. And script I want to write. It would be nice to be able to share this creation as well. Along with it’s potential to apply VR to it eventually. I’m sold. I’m literally here with a note pad preparing to write my game before this “Game” comes out.

  • Sorry but if I learned anything from media molecule is dont trust them with their release dates specially when they dont give a day let alone a month but just year…they keep telling the same bs since 2015

  • MM has never made a game that was less than great! this one looks to be amazing!!

  • awsome


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