Experience PlayStation App: Your Key to PSX 2017

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Experience PlayStation App: Your Key to PSX 2017

Download now to get the most out of your PSX weekend.

We’re excited to announce a major Experience PlayStation app update, now available for download on iOS and Android devices! This app is your ticket to getting the most out of PlayStation Experience 2017. It’ll be a sidekick who gives you tips and tricks so you can unlock rewards like themes, avatars, collectible cards and even reserve spots for autographs and demos.


After you download the app and login with your PSN ID – immediately scan the QR Code on the front of your badge. This unique code proves that you’re a PSX 2017 attendee and it must be scanned to access RSVPS, rewards, and the digital card collection. Replacement codes are not available.


Each day the Program section of the app gives you access to RSVP for select demos. Make sure to check the app to see when the next reservation window opens, as they fill up quickly. When it’s time for your appointment, take your trusty sidekick out of your pocket, show the staff your itinerary, and step right up to enjoy your demo.


If you’re excited about autographs keep your finger on the trigger when RSVPs open up. Space is very limited and the app is the only way to get to get in! Our very first autograph session of the weekend will open for RSVPs on Friday, December 8th at 6:00pm – the rest of them will open up on Saturday, December 9th at 1:00pm.

Saturday, December 9

Time RSVPs Open Teams
12:30 pm Friday 12/8, 6pm Accounting+
3:00pm Saturday 12/9, 1pm Uncharted 10 Year Anniversary
4:30pm God of War
5:30pm Ghost of Tsushima
8:00pm The Last of Us Part II

Sunday, December 10

Time RSVPs Open Teams
12:00pm Saturday 12/9, 1pm Monster Hunter: World
1:30pm Greg Miller
3:00pm Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris


If you’re going to be hunting down PlayStation Collectible Cards, good news! You can use the app to scan cards into your digital collection, easily browse through your deck, and even show them off without the fear of bent corners (or drool).


Everyone loves free stuff, right? This app will makes it easy to find and complete quests on the show floor – which will unlock rewards. Just enter the Quest menu and visit the Rewards section to start your journey. The app will guide you to visit certain booths, play demos, or complete other tasks that grant you access to particular Reward QR Codes. Why should you care about these codes? When scanned they’ll unlock goodies like themes, DLC, and even a full game or two. Make sure to check quest details to find out how to earn Silver, Gold and Platinum Collectible Cards – this is the only way to get these physical trophy cards and supplies are limited!

The ultimate event companion is ready just in time for PlayStation Experience 2017. Be sure to download the app before the show begins – you’ll want to be ready when the doors open!

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  • The cards are digital!? Sadness….

    • To quote the post, “You can use the app to scan cards into your digital collection…” So I am guessing the cards are physical but you can scan each of them into your ‘digital collection.’

    • Last year some of the app related quests would unlock a card that could be redeemed quickly at a booth. The cards are physical.

  • I’d like some clarification on the cards, as well. Do we have the option to view the cards we get/have digitally but still get physical cards at the show? I love those cards and have a nice amount from the last two years (I’ll be bringing my collection for swapping or trading this year, @darrenhupke on Twitter, find me)

    • Don’t worry! The cards are still physical. Scanning them into the app just allows you to easily browse through your collection & reference which ones you have.

    • Phew! Still physical as well! Got my Playstation and Limited Run Games albums with me ready for trades!

  • The iOS app currently does not allow me to log in. Will the feature turn on at the show?

  • Update doesn’t appear to be live on Android yet.

  • There is no PSN login button yet, when will this be available?

  • The app on ios appears to still not be updated, the only event I can enter is the Argentina Game Show from October.

  • yeah same thing here. has the app been updated yet? still only seeing the argentina show

  • App update is live. App is still showing just Argentina. Access to PSX seems to be on their end. Any update on when we can see it? Not till tomorrow I assume :(

  • Any reason for peeps (such as myself) not attending PSX 2017 to download the PS Experience App?

    Just wondering if there’s any specific benefits for non-attendees.

    P.S.- Hopefully the NY will get its own PSX one day. ;(

  • Will last years card set be purchasable at the gear store? I tried card hunting in 2015 and found it kind of annoying since most of the people with the cards didn’t actually give them away. When I heard about the 2015 set being on sale last year I grabbed it. I didn’t card hunt last year because I presumed this year that the 2016 cards will be purchasable. I love the card hunting, but it mostly comes down to user error on the staffs front.

  • New handheld please

  • So is everything open for RSVP’s Today? Because we will not be picking up our badges until late friday night and if the entire event and autograph signings get filled before we even have a chance too register for anything that would be a very very sad thing..

  • Was hoping the secret autograph section was going to be Kojima, but Rick and Morty guys are okay too I guess.

  • Can someone pls tell me the names of the two guys signing autographs for Destiny

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