Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition Out Now

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Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition Out Now

One of the year's most ambitious games gets a new release, including The Frozen Wilds expansion

We’re happy to announce that Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition is out in stores today! If you’ve never played Horizon Zero Dawn, or if you’ve misplaced your copy somehow, now is an excellent time to dive (back) in. The Complete Edition includes the expansion, The Frozen Wilds, which adds a sizeable chunk of content to Horizon Zero Dawn’s already formidable world. That means more ancient mysteries to uncover, more gripping quests to complete, more dangerous machines to defeat and more colorful personalities to meet.

We’ve prepared a trailer to commemorate the Complete Edition’s launch, one we hope gives a bit of voice to the amazing community that has embraced this game. We continue to be in awe of the amazing support Horizon Zero Dawn has received around the world. Thank you!

Horizon Zero Dawn launched on February 28 and since then, we have tried our best to listen to all your feedback and better your experience. We’ll sum up the most notable additions you will have access to right when you start up the Complete Edition.

First of there is an all new difficulty setting called Story. This will allow you to immerse yourself in the narrative of Horizon Zero Dawn and the exploration of Aloy’s world without having to worry too much about combat.

Secondly there is New Game+; with which you will be able to relive the adventures of Aloy without losing your character progression and your collected inventory.

Thirdly we have added an Ultra Hard difficulty for everyone who likes to have a challenge. This new setting will enhance machine senses and behavior and other additional smaller tweaks.

But that is not all the CE has to offer! You will also have access to The Frozen Wilds expansion and on top of that we have given you access to weapons and outfits that were previously available for players who purchased the Digital Deluxe, Limited or Collector’s Edition (requires 1.45 patch or later). For instructions on how to obtain these in game, check out this helpful FAQ.

If you decide to join Aloy on her quest, please share your adventures by sharing your Photo Mode pictures with us, and if there are any questions you may have, please visit our FAQ.

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  • After enjoying Horizon Zero Dawn and The Frozen Wilds DLC so much, I am so disappointed that there is now a Complete Edition. It just sounds so final. I mean, I would want more DLC like The Frozen Wilds.

    Well hopefully a full sequel is not too far away. The story of Aloy and the world of Horizon as a playing field has just begun.

    • They’re already working on Horizon 2 that’s for sure but the sequel is coming only after 2020 that’s for sure too.

  • This is the edition that I was waiting for! Thanks Guerrilla games!

  • As a PS4 owner its your duty to have Horizon.You’re a sinner if you have a PS4 and don’t play Horizon…will say just that.

    A bit of shame that us early adopters aren’t getting the outfits offered by the different versions of the game but ok.

    And again…truly awesome cover art.

  • Awesome, really enjoyed this game and the dlc, but why don’t give the goodies of the digital deluxe edition to all the game owners, this edition leaves without all the features to the previous owners who don’t purchase the deluxe edition.

    Marvelous game btw, my goty election

  • I preordered the digital deluxe edition but I never used any of the extra outfits haha. This is my goty for sure! I just regret not ordering the collector’s edition at this point…

  • Just got regular edition last week… Its ok you guys deserve every penny for a quality game like HZD. I got my 14yo son a Switch and got HZD for myself black Friday. My son hasn’t stopped playing HZD!!! Kudos for making a game also that our whole family can enjoy the story without being unnecessarily gorey or everyone swearing every sentence !!!!

  • I can’t wait to try The Frozen Wilds! This is one of just a few complete edition’s I’ve ever purchased, and I bought it because Guerrilla and Sony actually gave us a COMPLETE GAME the first time around, and because Frozen Wilds is actual EXTRA CONTENT that was made after the fact. I appreciate that they didn’t trick us like so many other developers and publishers do nowadays.

    I spent around 60 hours with the base game, and loved every minute. I don’t think I’ve ever spent that much time with one game before (next on the list would be Far Cry 4 at around 40 hours). Thank you for the amazing entertainment.

    • Really? 60 hours is the most you’ve spent on one game?
      I’ve spent more than 700 hours on Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2, LOL
      Plus several other games I’ve spent over 100 hours on
      hmm, perhaps I play on PlayStation too much ha ha
      Anyways, Horizon is on my list of want-to-play-games, just have to decide which edition to get.

  • Is everything including the expansion all on the disc? Please say yes.

    • I doubt it, most big games you have to download, even if you have a disc.

    • It was posted on twitter account that DLC is included on disc, so I’m guessing all the other content as well. A must buy.

      Billy King‏

      @Guerrilla Hey guys! For the Complete Edition of Horizon, will DLC come included on the disc or as a digital code?
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      Guerrilla‏Verified account

      Replying to @kylorenish
      It will be included on the disc :)
      5:24 AM – 31 Oct 2017

      Happy holidays :)

    • EVERYTHING is on the disc. similar to how The Old Hunters version of Bloodborne was

  • God damn it. I have the base game (physical) and am planning to buy the DLC for the holidays (snow setting on a holiday break, come on thats perfect), but this art just gets me… you know. i might as well double dip and have the DLC thru this one lol

  • I have played a few hours of the standard edition. I am planning on buying the Complete Edition but will the save data that I already have on my hard drive transfer over to the new edition?

    • I have horizon zero dawn on disc and have been playing it, then just purchased the complete edition digitally…. just realised what that might mean… meaning I bought a whole game (incl. the forzion wilds etc) but I don’t know if that means my saved data from the disc can transfer across….?

  • WTH. Purchase the Deluxe Edition then Frozen Wilds but now it can all be purchased for $50. Feeling ripped off! Could have at least made FWilds free to Deluxe puchasers

  • Can you earn the trophies again on the complete edition ?

  • And can you start the dlc from level 1 or have you got to be a high level ?

  • On another note if I sold my copy of horizon can I still buy frozen wilds and play or it will not work without horizon.

  • Hi where can I get the free outfits on the hzd complete edition? Any I dea guys?

  • Hi, why I didn’t get the outfit n weapon when I go to trade with Karst about the treasure boxes?

  • Guerrilla I love this Game of Horizon zero dawn is always A Fantastic game of YEAR 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣❤️
    I really hope your make a DLC 2018 on the HORIZON ZERO DAWN

  • Hi “Playstation”, i bought HORIZON ZERO DAWN COMPLETE EDITION from ps store, and i didn’t recieve some items, like Carja Mighty Bow, Carja Trader Pack, Banuk Culling Bow, Banuk Traveller pack and Nora Keeper Pack.
    Could you please tell me why i didn’t recieve those items ? please, it will help me a lot

  • Do you guys think the complete edition is worth paying $50 for someone who beat the base game already? Is Frozen Wilds worth getting it alone? (along with outfits, the new bow & things like that?)

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