Farpoint for PS VR: Versus Expansion Pack Releases Today

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Farpoint for PS VR: Versus Expansion Pack Releases Today

The PS VR FPS gets two new PvP modes, three new player skins, and 15 new weapons today.

The team at Impulse Gear is excited to bring you the Farpoint Versus Expansion Pack. The Versus Expansion Pack is free for all Farpoint owners and features two new PvP modes that pit two players with active PS Plus memberships against each other. In a unique twist, players can spawn enemy creatures from the planet and use them strategically to gain an advantage. In addition to the new modes, the Versus Expansion Pack also includes three new player skins and 15 new weapons which are unlocked by gaining Player and Weapon XP.

Starting off with the two new PvP modes – Deathmatch and Uplink. In Uplink, communication relays are dropped into the play area and players must capture and hold them to gain points. Killing the other player and their enemy AI will also award points.

Both Deathmatch and Uplink are based on a system of rounds. You need to win two out of three rounds on each map to be declared the winner. Every round takes place in a different/separate area of one of three new maps – Underworld, Pipeline, and Permafrost – each with three areas, so you need to learn the layout of each area to master a map.

Farpoint Versus Expansion Pack: Levels

A key part of the gameplay is capturing enemy spawn points. If you capture them the enemies will fight on your side. Each enemy type has a different function and abilities so choosing which one to spawn, and when, is a tactical decision.

As an example, Grunt enemies will stay near you and act as body guards. Drones will scan and search for the other player. You can follow them to find out where the other player might be hiding. The Goobers act as artillery, lobbing acid balls down on the enemy player and enemy AI. You can only have a limited number of active allies at one time so you will want to be selective who you summon.

Farpoint Versus Expansion Pack: Grunts

That’s not all! The Farpoint Versus Expansion Pack includes three new player skins and 15 new weapons. The new skins and weapons are unlocked by gaining Player and Weapon XP awarded in Challenge, Co-Op and PVP game modes.

Farpoint Versus Expansion Pack: New Suits

Player XP is awarded by the score you receive in any multiplayer mode of Farpoint, whether it’s Challenge, Co-Op or PVP. The score shown at the end of the match will be converted to XP. There is a bonus for playing PVP since in general the PVP scores are lower. This bonus means that you can earn Player XP at the same rate in all of the game modes.

There are 16 player levels in total and you unlock a new player icon for each level. Every five levels unlocks one of the three new player skins.

Weapon XP is awarded by damaging enemies using one of the five base weapon classes; Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Precision Rifle, Plasma Rifle and Spike Gun. The more you use a weapon class the more XP you will earn for that class.

There are 15 levels for each weapon class and you unlock a new weapon in that class every five levels. So, in addition to the five base weapons in Farpoint you know and love there are 15 new ones to unlock. These new weapons are very different from the base weapons and offer all new strategies and methods of play.

In addition to the PvP game mode, the following new features are included in the Versus Expansion Pack:

  • Player XP progression with unlockable skins
  • Weapon XP progression with 15 new weapons to unlock
  • Chaos difficulty co-op games are now significantly more chaotic!
  • Easy crouch while sitting using the crouch button toggle
  • New turning comfort settings (yes, they can all be disabled)
  • New Trophies

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2 Author Replies

  • Sweeeeeeet! Can’t wait to jump back in.

    • The team at Impulse Gear will be jumping in today as well. We need to unlock some Weapons and Skins!

    • With the DLC and loot box controversy raging on it’s so refreshing to see impulse gear give back to the community… you are all legends!!

  • Nice. I recently got my PSVR updated from launch version to the one that came with Skyrim so I am excited to play more VR games. Nice to see this Farpoint game being so well supported post-launch.

  • I purchased Farpoint with Aim Controller when it was first released, how do I acces the expansion? I see no add-ons or updates at all.

    • The Farpoint Versus Pack is included with the Farpoint 1.08 software update. So, just update Farpoint to 1.08 and you get the Versus Pack.

  • Wow, this game is already amazing and I have shown it to so many friends making them want the PSVR, now this free update! thanks for all the hard work, and good work over at Impulse gear you guys are awesome.

  • I’d love to play this game but I cant seem to find the game+Aim at any retail dealers. Please, TAKE MY MONEY!

  • Will the farpoint gun ever go back on sale? I cant get the gun anywhere and this is the only reason im holding out buying this game. Look on reddit for tons of other people saying the same thing.

    Please at least give us the option to order it online.

  • Woo excited for this and the ability the crouch while being lazy as I’m a couch player. Also the ability to turn off all comfort setting is always welcome.

  • Awesome! cant wait to give it a crack :) Are there plans on expanding this to 2v2 or 3v3 further down the line?

  • Man. I guess now I have to get one of those Aim controllers. I got the SKyrim bundle on black friday. It’s good, not perfect, but it’s nice that now I have Everything once more. Except the aim controller… you people need to stop making things I need, because I desperately need to save some money, I am hopelessly in debt.

  • Great news thank you so much..Will try these later as haven’t played this for sometime. Great support!!!

  • I take it theres matchmaking for solo players to join pvp?

  • Love the game played it today for the first time. The Deathmatch is so fun and feels natural. Keep the updates coming!

  • I just tried this for the first time and I must say I am impressed . It’s great to see how well multiplayer can be a part of vr shooters rather than just playing alone . It brings out the realism far better than playing vr games alone . Is there any information or talk of maybe more than just 2 players in one match ? Perhaps even 2 versus 2 ?

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