A Hat in Time Jumps, Flips and Swings Onto PS4 Today

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A Hat in Time Jumps, Flips and Swings Onto PS4 Today

Gears for Breakfast’s adorable intergalactic 3D platformer launches today.

The time has come! Gears for Breakfast’s critical and commercial hit 3D platformer A Hat in Time is now available on PS4 for $29.99. For lovers of Crash Bandicoot, Psychonauts, Jak and Daxter, or Sly Cooper, here is your next modern favorite!

A Hat in Time tells the tale of the space-faring (and surprisingly acrobatic) Hat Kid. A Mafia goon (without a spacesuit, no less) punches a hole in her spaceship, and out fly the 40 Time Pieces that power her ship. Hat Kid must traverse five large, luscious worlds — while using dozens of badge-power-ups and adorable hats — to regain her Time Pieces from the corrupt Mustache Girl.

Along the way, you can expect some high-flying and hook-shooting adventures in Alpine Skyline:

You’ll also race a rocket-riding Mafia goon, solve a murder mystery on a high-speed train, and work spooky contracts to try to reclaim your soul. Nothing serious. While platforming and collecting gems across a rooftop party, you will also lead a marching band that won’t hesitate to kick you down to the streets if you’re too slow:

A Hat in Time features comical writing and over-the-top voice-acting — it even has an unlockable option to turn those voices into mumbles, if that’s your thing. The unique mechanics, clever level design and writing, cute-as-heck characters, and outstanding orchestral soundtrack have already made A Hat in Time a major critical and commercial hit, with thousands of overwhelmingly positive player reviews. A Hat in Time is also currently the #4 most active speedrun.com game, surpassing decades of classic and modern platforming and action games.

We thank you so much for your support of A Hat in Time throughout the years; we hope you enjoy! (For our PlayStation Europe friends, the game launches in a few hours on December 6!)

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  • Amazing!! OMG, I have been looking forward to this release! Thank you!

  • This looks insane. I’ll take it.

    • The looks, the graphics, I almost feel like these people made the best Sonic game to never feature Sonic.

      There’s just stuff in here that Sega should be taking note of. I look at Mario doing a spinny roll in Odyssey, and as I’m playing Odyssey all i can think of is “Well dang what part of this could Sega not do? Why can’t Sega do this? Why can’t 3D Sonics be like this?”

      I mean even ex rare devs that kickstarted Yookalaylee ended up falling short of this game according to Metacritic. Maybe I’m wrong and this game isn’t a game that can scratch a Sonic itch, but this the new Sonic game that isn’t Mania…. Come on big companies, start copying stuff that works and put your own spin on it! LITERALLY!

  • I’m curious. Doesn’t matter much but does it run 60fps on ps4 and does it have any enhancements on ps4 pro. Like higher res and supersampling?

  • I’d love to try it out first! Is a demo in the works?

  • AAAAHHH, I’ve been waiting for this moment for yeats! I bought the game while at work and now I’m heading home and it should be ready for me to play by now! (Gotta love technology, eh?)

    So good to see this Renaissance of 3D platformers this year! Hopefully Spyro, Jak, Rayman, Sly and a bunch of new IPs will be next! :D

    • I want to play this game but I probably wont’ pay more htan $20 for it. Not that it’s not worth it, but just I got Patapons and Locorocos, to buy, I might get Mario Kart 8, I’ve got Breath of the Wild and Odyssey to play…

      I’ve spent more than enough money on games in the past month, I need to enjoy the ones I have, and I’ve been waiting for games to go on sale and I just have all these Star Ocean remasters to buy, and replay, and maybe platinum… So many games, so little time.

  • Uhh… what is this trash? Mii’s Are coming to PlayStation now??

    • Are you trolling the comment section, because the characters in this game look nothing like Mii’s.

    • I mean if you want an indie game with highly articulated 3D models on a cheap budget you could always get the Little Red Riding Hood chronicles or what ever it was.

      Oh wait no you can’t because that was a AAA game on an indie budget that went bankrupt because games cost 1-5 million to make on the low end, and on the higher end they cost like 10-100 million.

      Look if you want games with amazing super awesome graphics, fine, go buy those games and buy all their DLC and don’t wait for a sale and go “MORE OF THIS!” otherwise… I don’t know what to tell you because the thing that makes a lot of developers shut down is trying to do too much, and going over budget, and then not being able to expand their teams and work on more than 1 project, and then if a project fails the entire company has a chance of failing.

  • I been looking forward to this game ever since it first came out on PC. Will there be any PS4 Pro support for this game?

  • Looks cute.

  • Hmm… looks worth getting and playing.

  • …………….. We have all these games similar to Jak and Daxter and taking inspiration from Jak and Daxter

    – Skylar and Plux: Adventures on Clover Island
    – Yooka-Laylee
    – Biomutant
    – Fading Skies
    – Hat in Time
    – Etc

    yet no actual true Jak 4. Just doesn’t make any remote sense. Don’t even get me started on how Jak and Daxter is Naughty Dog’s ONLY series (ON PS4) to get the underwhelming port/emul. treatment, whereas Crash Bandicoot Trilogy, Uncharted Trilogy, and The Last of Us all got remakes/remasters (PS4), respectively. Furthermore, outside the ND clan, we have Jak’s biggest rival series, Ratchet & Clank with a remake. Crash and Ratchet Remake (Spyro next, inevitably).. quite weird/glaring to see without Jak.

    Sony you guys are in charge of the emulation, not ND this time, yet you guys really couldn’t give us at least 1 true PS4 Remaster of a Jak game. Jak X was quite clearly the prime game to use, to gain redemption from it missing back on PS3, and since it was ND’s first online game, which apparently helped development of Uncharted Drake’s Fortune (narrative/cutscene structure/technicality). Trilogy already had touch ups, so Jak X would have made sense t-… sigh.

  • wow just wow BUT i buy it went it get a retail version that kind of game deserve retail.
    bring it on!

  • The game looks neat. I know GFB’s got a hit on their hands with A Hat in Time. I hope that when they make a sequel, they should include health indicators to all bosses, keep the art style, have Hat Kid talk more, upgrade to Unreal Engine 4, which is necessary, and take some notes of Super Mario Odyssey to streamline a couple things.

    Also, GFB should try & have Clip Studio Paint EX to make professional, high-quality OVA-like animations! It’s the best program to make them without needing studios that make them! True!

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