Sneak Peek: PlayStation Experience 2017

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Sneak Peek: PlayStation Experience 2017

Get a behind-the-scenes look at PSX experiences for Shadow of the Colossus, God of War and more.

PlayStation Experience 2017 is just a few days away and you’re in store for something truly special. To back up that claim, we wanted to give you a quick look at some of the incredible experiences and displays that we are furiously building for you right this very minute!

Last year, the PlayStation stage and programming took up over half of one of the halls. This year, the exhibit hall completely fills both Hall A and B of the Anaheim Convention Center. All programming has now moved over to the 4500-seat Arena attached to Hall A. That means we have over 50% more exhibit space filled with your favorite PlayStation games and experiences.

Not only did we fill it with more games, but we are building massive interactive environments for some of the hottest upcoming PlayStation games such as God of War, Detroit, and Days Gone. We’ve pulled out all the stops and collaborated with top creative geniuses to create authentic worlds that will completely immerse you in the games you will be playing in 2018.

God of War

You will be able to trek the frozen Nordic tundras of God of War, learn about the back history of his son, Atreus, and take your own photo recreating the box art scene complete with frigid lake. Plus, if you’re really daring, and a true God of War fan, we will have a special makeover station that will ensure you bring out your inner Kratos by shaving your head, painting your face and dressing you up as Kratos himself!

Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus was an incredible game when it first launched on PS2, and it looked even better when enhanced for PS3. In February, you will get to experience the game for the first time again with the rebuilt PS4 version. But at PSX, be prepared to live a moment that was once limited to your dreams as you face our full-scale Gaius Colossus bust. Climb up his back, grasp the sword atop his head and plunge it into his skull. Perfect Instagram material!

Days Gone

Another fun area to explore will be the Pacific Northwest where you’ll step into the world of Days Gone. You’ll encounter massive, 12-foot tall infected bears and hordes of Freakers, so this area won’t be for the faint of heart – you’ve been warned!

The Inpatient

We’ve gone to great lengths to recreate our game worlds at PSX, and that extends to some of PlayStation’s top new VR titles. One of the creepiest will be the sanitarium that we have created for The Inpatient. Step right up as our orderlies come out to greet you, seat you in a wheelchair, and then wheel you back indoors into an individual psych ward room for your play experience. You may not come out the same after this experience!

This is just a tiny peek at the massive new PlayStation Experience 2017. If you’ve been to PSX before, you will be astounded by how much it has grown and all that is has to offer. If this is your first visit, then you couldn’t have picked a better time to embark on your personal PlayStation journey.

We’ll have hundreds of playable game units covering dozens of games from Worldwide Studios and publishing partners including Activision, EA, Ubisoft and Capcom. And more than 80 independent developers will be on hand to show you the latest in PS fun.

We’ll also have an expanded PlayStation Gear retail store with over 175 products including the debut of 40 limited-edition items you won’t find online. For the first time, we’ll also feature an exterior store with extended hours in the courtyard between the Marriott and Hilton hotels outside the Anaheim Convention Center.

In the Arena, we’ll have a big lineup of panels and other special programming all Saturday. Then Sunday, all eyes shift to the Capcom Cup as the best of the best in the world compete for over $370K in prizes seeking the title of Street Fighter V 2017 champion!

Take a break from holiday shopping, or just buy yourself the ultimate holiday gift – a ticket to PlayStation Experience 2017. We wish we could tell you more, but we are holding it back so we can see that look of surprise and awe when you enter the halls. We are looking forward to it!

See you soon in Anaheim!

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  • Can’t wait, so excited and hyped to take in all the PSX goodness this weekend in Anaheim.

  • Can’t Wait! I’m hitting up Disneyland on Monday if anyone wants to join in.

    • same here will be going Disneyland on Monday. Apparently my cousin’s family decide to go on the weekend when PSX happen. So monday I am join them to go disneyland

    • I’m headed to Disneyland on Fri, then leaving early for the PlayStation presents.

    • I’m open to joining fellow PSX fans at Disney on Monday. Perhaps we can meet at the convention on Saturday.

  • so what happens to all these props after the event is over with?.. is there a way to get them or bid for them or something?.. i need these in my life!

  • All I want is a release date of at least March for God of war

  • Hoping marvel’s spider-man is there!

  • Wish I could go but I don’t live in cali, let another state have it next year. they should bring it back to las vegas.

  • @PlayStation, please record 360 photos or videos of these sets when they are done and post them to your YOUTUBE channel so fans with PSVR that can’t attend PSX can see them.

  • Yaaaassss I’m so hype!! I hope everyone has a great time at this year’s PSX. I would love to go to Disneyland but I’m work :/ If anyone sees a chick with a reddish brown hat with hella pins on it, say hi :D

  • How can I get access to Friday’s presentation without a early bird ticket? If extra seats are available will you be letting us with regular tickets in?

  • Very interesting! Seems part of this year’s PSX is focused on “you had to be there” type moments. I hope everyone that gets to go has an awesome time!

  • Looking forward to this!

  • You’ll shave my head well guess I can cross getting a haircut before PSX off my to do list :p

  • What a great time to be alive!

  • Hopefully we are able to get finally some good news on this game with releases dates for :-

  • This is one of the most interesting posts I’ve seen on a site like this. Very interesting! Hopefully more “true” behind the scenes stuff can be shared in the future. (As opposed to the scripted BTS stuff like marketing dev diaries). Seeing the work that goes into this sort of stuff is truly awe inspiring.

  • Wow, I wonder who will actually do the head shaving for Kratos. I would if my body was more built for it, maybe next year. ;)

  • Why was Spider-man deleted from the artcile????

  • Oh truly amazing stuff.

  • I hope they give dates for “GOD OF WAR”, ” Detroit “,DAYS GONE”, AND I WISH ” LAST OF US 2″ OR A LEAST A TRAILER FOR LAST OF US

  • People need to play these games and not put a negative statement about it you’ll understand the games more “DETROIT” and “LAST OF US 2” are amazing games the David Cage and Neil Druckmann are truly incredible society looks the bad in these games I look for the passion in these games an android saving a child’s life or survival in a world with people who want to own the cures or conquer it reminds of the real world

  • Wow! I’m so looking forward to this:D

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