Mega Man 11 Announced, Coming to PS4 in 2018

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Mega Man 11 Announced, Coming to PS4 in 2018

The Blue Bomber returns! Get equipped with his newest side-scrolling 2.5D adventure late next year.

Message from Dr. Light…

20XX has never looked better. After many unforgettable fights for everlasting peace, Capcom’s beloved Blue Bomber is making a triumphant return in Mega Man 11 on PlayStation 4 in late 2018!

There are few iconic video game heroes with a legacy as legendary as Mega Man’s. It’s been 30 years since the original 8-bit classic first released and made its mark on the side-scrolling action genre, influencing games for years to come, and even still today. As a new entry to the classic series created by a talented, veteran development team at Capcom, the tight side-scrolling action-platformer gameplay fans have come to expect makes a return while completely revolutionizing the game on PS4. Get ready to jump and shoot your way through uniquely designed stages in any order you choose before tackling all-new bosses and claiming their weapons as your own!

The core gameplay that Mega Man fans expect is met with an all-new visual direction with the introduction of a 2.5D style featuring 3D character models and beautifully hand-drawn environments that mark a huge leap forward for the series. Its Mega Man like you’ve never seen him before, complete with a new look that retains his instantly recognizable style while giving him a fresh, modern design.

Mega Man 11

Looks like Mega Man is taking more than fashion cues from his enemies, too. It’s well-known that our hero changes colors when he switches to different weapons obtained from defeated Robot Master bosses, but take a close look at the trailer. In Mega Man 11, you’ll see he now takes on characteristics of bosses he’s foiled when wielding their weapons!

Mega Man 11

Mega Man 11 has plenty for both new fans and series veterans to enjoy! Classic characters, including Mega Man’s canine companion Rush, will make their return to help Mega Man along the way. A variety of difficulty options are also available to ensure that everyone from newcomers to hardcore fans can enjoy the rewarding, challenging gameplay the series is known for.

This is just the start of Mega Man’s 30th anniversary, and we have even more in store to celebrate the Blue Bomber’s history throughout the anniversary year in 2018. If you’re a fan of the futuristic Mega Man X games, we’ve got great news for you – all eight Mega Man X games are coming to PS4 next year! We’ll have more info to share on these plans soon, so start thinking about which Mavericks you want to tackle first!

With the 30th anniversary year beginning this month, we just couldn’t wait to announce and share Mega Man 11 with PlayStation fans. The game is currently in development, so please enjoy just this small taste of the game, and look forward to more details about Mega Man’s brand-new adventure in Summer 2018. We hope you’re as excited as we are and thank you for your patience for this long-awaited treat!

Mega Man 11

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  • Well that sure does take a hot steamy dump all over Mighty No. 9

    Between RE7, Monster Hunter World, and this, sure does look like Capcom’s gotten their act together. Bout effin’ time.

    Now give me MML3.

  • Thank god its a brand new engine and not just nes graphics again.

    • Well, the 8-bit NES graphical style was honestly stale in MM10, ’cause the game really didn’t try to maybe step the style up a bit more, like having actual scrolling background layers, more sprite colors, & bosses that don’t occupy the rooms’ background in the Wily Castle stages. Kinda squeezed life out.

      The choice to do 3D in MM11 is strange, but, hey, Capcom’s doing it to get the blue bomber going again.

      BTW, if you go to YouTube, look for a video called “Designing Mega Man 11’s New Look”, & if your eyes pay close attention, you’ll notice the game’s art director, Yuji Ishihara, is drawing Mega Man via Clip Studio Paint Pro, on a graphics tablet. Really neat program for game art creation & making amazing high-quality OVA-like/TV show animations on the EX version!

  • Ok, now SFA4

  • Hopefully a Platinum this time around.

    Looks already better than MNo9.

  • I’m more excited for the X Legacy Collection than MM11 but I’ll be buying both.

    Now if we can get the Zero and ZX series into one collection for PS4.

  • Best news all year long!

    Cant wait for all the MM games !!!!

  • Thank you so much!
    I am excited for this! I think I might just rebuy Legacy Collection 1 and 2 on disc because of how excited I am. =D
    I really like how they slightly modernized the look of Mega Man.

    Please also do a good job with the other announced game, Mega Man X Legacy Collection.
    Please make sure you guys give the option for Japanese voices for X4 ~ X8, and let us choose between the SNES or PS1 music for X3.

  • I cannot wait for this one. I love the graphical upgrades. It looks fantastic. And also look forward to the MM X Legacy Collection. Capcom: you would make my day if you would also announce the Viewtiful Joe and Onimusha Legacy Collections on PS4. Those were not released on PS3, it would be awesome to see them on PS4.

  • For Mega Man 30th anniversary, Capcom is releasing Mega Man 11, bringing Mega Man Collection 1 and 2 to the Switch, and releasing all of the Mega Man X games on Switch, PS4, XB1, and PC. So every Mega Man game will be playable on modern consoles. Yet, that didn’t happen with Street Fighter’s 30th Anniversary nor for the 25th. Never have there been all of the SF games playable on modern consoles. This is frustrating!

  • I could not be less excited if I tried.

    • not enough blood huh?

    • I have to admit, I feel similar. I was super excited to see the Mega Man 11 coming to PS4, then I saw the polygon graphics and was super disappointed that the Capcom team does not know how to make beautiful looking, smooth running 2D animation anymore, so they use this super cheap looking polygon junk to make a quick run of the mill Mega Man game. If they actally made it like the Mega Man X series, on the SNES but with better animations like what you see on the Neo-Geo, now THAT would be amazing. But this 2.5 3D stuff just looks cheap, and feels like something that a team of 20 year olds accomplish in junior college. I’m not amused.

      I will take the Mega Man X legacy collection though, even though I own the SNES games, and the one on Sega Saturn already. :P Hopefully they give us a choice in SNES music or CD music as the SNES had amazing chip tunes.

    • If some were expecting better pixel art in MM11, you’d be slightly wrong.

      Capcom chose to do 3D in MM11 on a new engine, because some people thought continuing the 8-bit style from MM9 & MM10 without significant changes would made things even more stale than ever. Even some fans confessed on that.

      Didn’t someone notice MM11’s art’s being made through Clip Studio Paint Pro? Yeah. It is. If Capcom had Clip Studio Paint EX, they’d be making animations greatly matching the quality of many TV shows & movies, too.

      Best program to make them! No need to have Adobe Animate, & other programs that have the same tools, like tweening! Some of you should really try it.

      Hope they don’t forget to include the art gallery in MM11.

  • Well, I can honestly say this newest installment of Mega Man looks stellar.

    Sonic had his comeback in Sonic Mania. Now, it’s Mega Man’s turn!

    I was kinda expecting that the iconic retro 8-bit pixel art style would be a bit evolved to a more fresh feel like Blaster Master Zero did, or the 32-bit style from MM8 making a comeback. The 3D style for MM11 may be a bit strange, but, Capcom’s trying something here, so, best we could do is to give ’em support.

    This’ll not stop pixel artists trying to do 8-bit or above replications to it, though.

    Well, here’s to Mega Man’s 30th anniversary & MM11! May it hope to spur Mega Man X9 & more! Looking forward to it!

  • mega mana maker when?

  • NOICE!!!!!

  • More interested in the X Collection which I still can’t believe its coming but damn Megaman 11 looks great.

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