Three Ways to Slay in Doom VFR, Out Today for PlayStation VR

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Three Ways to Slay in Doom VFR, Out Today for PlayStation VR

Take the battle against Hell itself into your own hands with the PlayStation VR Aim Controller, two PS Move controllers, or a DualShock 4.

Take the fight against the demons of hell into your own hands with Doom VFR and the PlayStation VR Aim controller. From the devastating BFG to the reliable Super Shotgun, feel the full weight and awesome power of your destructive arsenal like never before, in the most immersive Doom experience yet.

Futuristic weapons, hellish demons, nightmarish environments…

Set shortly after the demonic invasion on the UAC Martian Research facility, you find yourself as the last human survivor – until you die. Under a top-secret UAC operational contingency protocol, your consciousness is transferred into an artificial brain matrix enabling you to transfer between various bodies and machinery in the UAC base. This gives you the ability to teleport as a style of movement and also interact with your environment to overcome the demon hordes.

Doom VFR will launch you at breakneck speed into a virtual reality hell, as you battle to prevent a catastrophic failure within the UAC base. You are outnumbered, but never outgunned, with weapons such as the BFG, the Plasma Rifle, and the Heavy Assault Rifle at your disposal. You hold in your hands all the tools you’ll need for massacring demons; from Imps to Revenants and Cyberdemons, in the most visceral, gory, and devilishly satisfying ways possible.

Doom VFRDoom VFR

Movement is key

Lightning-fast movement, instinctive evasiveness and the ability to think on the fly are crucial skills for survival, and these are just as important in Doom VFR. The ability to use the PS VR Aim controller allows for unprecedented demon-slaying accuracy. The L2 button at the front of the controller allows you to slow down time and teleport (great for lining up that perfect Gauss Cannon shot), while the directional pad is reserved for dash buttons, enabling you to dart forward, backwards, left and right. Stagger an enemy and dash forward to get up close and personal — then explode them into a gory mist of gibs.

Doom VFRDoom VFR

As you power your way through the UAC research facility, you’ll encounter various weapon mods. Tied to the square button on the PS VR aim controller, gamers will be able to unleash additional fire modes for their guns to ensure those demons are sent back to the depths of hell in the most explosive way possible.

Additional ways to control

While the PlayStation VR aim controller puts the weaponry of Doom VFR firmly in your hands, it isn’t the only way to play! The latest trailer below showcases the additional ways in which you can control Doom VFR. Not having a PS VR Aim controller doesn’t limit you at all in the demon slaying carnage, as you can control and shoot entirely with a Dualshock 4 wireless controller or two PlayStation Move motion controllers, while surrounding yourself in virtual hell.

Doom VFR is out today for PlayStation VR.

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  • As a fan of doom and VR gaming I’m going to pick this one up either way, but is there an option to turn off the teleportation? I thought I saw something about the option for smooth controls just a couple of days ago. I’d love smooth controls with the AIM controller:)

    • Did you watch the video or read the article? They clearly show full locomotion with DS4 and Aim.

    • I read the article that says nothing about full locomotion and I just figured the video would be the same as all the others they have been showing up to this point so I skipped it. Nice to know they included it though;)

  • So, if you use the analog sticks on a DualShock 4 or the aim controller, can you move around normally without teleporting?

  • Any plans for a patch for left handed folks? C’mon guys!!

  • No platinum trophy :( I get that it doesn’t make a difference to the gameplay, but for those who care about trophies, it seems like a lazy unnecessary omission.

  • the last VR game i bought was RE7, you has have to have DEMOS for VR games. its hard to invest money on a game that i dont know if im going to enjoy or get motion sickness. WE NEED DEMOS FOR ALL VR GAMES!!

    • I have to agree that even though I own quite a few VR games, the only one I really got into was RE7 as well. I admit, making Demos would make the VR games easier to decide on what to buy. It was due to the DEMO of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, that I bought the full game, and I would not have bought it otherwise.

  • This game really needs to be patched to work with the PS3’s normal Sharp Shooter controller I mean come on guys, if you can make the game work with the waggle stick, then you should also be able to make it work with the left D-Pad stick that also has the analogue thumb stick as well. This would allow people to play the game with a normal feeling, instead of making people “warp” which is stupid, and making people use the aim waggle sticks to shoot with and use their freaking big toes to control the analogue controller as people have been making videos on doing, I mean really? I ordered the game, but if the game does not get a normal feeling to it like the Sharp Shooter did with Resistance 3, then this will be a FPS that collects dust.

    • Did you even read the article or watch the video? You don’t have to warp, you can move with the DS4 or Aim joysticks same as any other game, warping is just an option. (the controller you’re referring to as “aim” are “move controllers”, the Aim controller is entirely different, and is shaped like a gun. And no, the sharpshooter will never work, people need to stop asking about it. The sharpshooter only has one joystick and they’re not at all the same under the hood.

    • The thing is, I have watched people play the game on YouTube, and they have to use their feet with the analog sticks on the controller, and use the aim controller for shooting to get the sharpshooter experience. Some of us want the smooth controller like gameplay that the sharpshooter uses, and using two move sticks does NOT simulate this experience since neither of them have a D Pad or an Analog stick. So having to use the controller to move the character around the screen normally, and using the dang move controller for a point and shoot combo is not really comfortable, which is WHY so many WANT the sharpshooter experience back on the PS4. If the PS3 right hand Move controller works on the PS4, then the Left had Move controller should as well, it’s that simple. I now OWN this game, and I find using TWO move controllers uncomfortable, but using the controller does not allow me to point and shoot, so like others, I have to use the stupid controller in one hand (or with my feet), and use the 1 move controller in the right hand to point/shoot. It’s lame and the sharpshooter needs to be patched in.

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