Dreams is Coming to PlayStation Experience 2017

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Dreams is Coming to PlayStation Experience 2017

Media Molecule will be on hand hosting a game jam, as well as a special panel on Saturday

The time has come, friends! PlayStation Experience 2017 is just around the corner, and if you’ve been dreaming about seeing more Dreams, then Anaheim, California is the place to be! The Molecules are busily working away as we speak, preparing to pack up their suitcases full of Dreams (and maybe some clothes) and head on over to PSX to share it all with you.

On Saturday, December 9, PSX officially opens to the ticket-holding public and we’ll be there hosting a community GAME JAM at our Dreams booth! That’s right, folks: come and get a firsthand look at how quick and easy it is to make games, music and more just using Dreams.

But that’s not all! Then you can join our studio directors Siobhan Reddy, Mark Healey, and Alex Evans alongside a very special guest to take an in-depth look at the development of Dreams during their exclusive Saturday panel at 12:30pm.

And if your Dreams bucket isn’t quite fit to burst yet: Saturday attendees will also get the chance to ‘Meet the Molecules’ during our Community meet-up which is happening at 7:00pm on Saturday evening at our booth. Along with getting the chance to hug John Beech, you’ll also take a deeper dive into Dreams thanks to a special community-led Q&A session where we’ll be asking the Molecules a whole bunch of community-submitted questions. And of course, no community event would be complete without some juicy swag to get your hands on, so come by and say “hi!”.

Phew! That certainly is a jam-packed few days! It’s going to be a blast and we just can’t wait to see everyone and hang out! But don’t fret if you can’t make it to the show, because we’ll be tweeting and livestreaming as much as we can so be sure to follow us online as we share behind-the-scenes snaps and news from the show.

Keep on dreaming everyone, and we’ll see you all very soon!

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  • Year of dreams?

  • WOOOO!

    Been excited for this game since I heard its coming! The fact the are having a game jam, meet up, and a panel is SO exciting!


  • “Planet earth…or as the rest of the omniverse calls it, the orb of dreamers.

    The occupants of which spend so much time, sleep, and dream.
    Their vast imaginations humming away charged with creative energy.

    Where did it all go?

    Up through a cerebum imbilical cord where it collects and melds with all the other dreamers energy…and something wonderful happens.

    It forms a world…an ethereal dreamscape of adventure and possibilities.
    An abstract plane of beautiful wonderment, just waiting to be explored. And you can go there now…”

  • “One day they will have visions, one day they will have Dreams”- I Robot

  • Yay! The fact that you’ll have a booth at PSX with (presumably) hands-on demos means there might be a build out there for us soon too? I’ve been wondering when we might see that open Beta we had heard might someday be available. That would certainly be something I’d love to tinker with on my holiday break! ;-)

  • This game was announced way too early. Hopefully they’ve learned for next time. When does it actually release?

  • Can’t wait for all the Dreamy info lol, Fingers crossed this also means the Beta is more of a reality now!

  • Release date or stfu

    • Actually no, a release date is not as much of a concern than seeing more of what the actual game is…Try not being so rude next time. Really not necessary.

  • Since the announcement of PS4 this game was shown at the event, holy **** this game is still not released.

  • yeah !!! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, I love create, play and share

  • Glad we’re getting more information about Dreams,really lookin forward to it.Mm are the most creative devs out there along with JapanStudio…anything Mm creates is worth of attention,y’all are simply brilliant.I really wanna see how the gameplay is so here hoping for a glimpse.

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