Crossing Souls is an Adventure Between Life and Death, Out Feb. 13 on PS4

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Crossing Souls is an Adventure Between Life and Death, Out Feb. 13 on PS4

Discover the outer limits of the known world early next year.

It’s the first day of summer 1986. Your little brother calls you over the walkie-talkie: “You’re not going to believe this, dude! Hurry! Get the gang together in the treehouse. I have something incredible to show you! I think it’s actually starting to… rot. It smells awful, man!”

That’s how Crossing Souls begins, a game where you join Chris, Kevin, Big Joe, Charlie and Matt in the biggest adventure of their lives.

Crossing Souls

An Ode to the 80s

Crossing Souls is an epic adventure that will take the player to a lovingly familiar place – their childhood. A time when everything was possible and we could live an adventure without ever leaving the house. When the day might hold new and unexpected friends, a spaceship built from couch cushions, or homemade time machine to fight crazy villains that were threatening the whole world itself.

Crossing Souls

With Crossing Souls, we’re aiming to nurture the imagination and reexperience an important part of our team’s childhood from the 1980s through video games, comics, cartoons and film. We will never forget those special moments from The Goonies, E.T., Stand by Me, Explorers, Ghostbusters, Gremlins, Karate Kid, Poltergeist, and more that shaped our view of the world and what was possible. All of these provided inspiration for the story we wanted to tell and enabled us to pay our tribute to all of these influences while adding our own twist. A story that will reach the heart of those of you who grew up in the 80’s and the chance to experience the magic firsthand for those that did not.

Love is in the Details

It is not only how Crossing Souls looks that is important, packed full of homages and references, but also the loving nods in gameplay to our favorites like Streets of Rage or Aladdin that we hope players will recognize and smile at along the way.

The team at Fourattic also made a great effort to tell our story through cutscenes created in that distinct style of classics like Thundercats and He-Man with unmistakably 80s frame rate and image quality. It’s been painstaking work, but the result was totally worth it and we think players will love how it helps to tie the game’s tone and mood together.

Crossing Souls

Crossing SoulsCrossing Souls

Crossing Souls

Starting From Scratch

Fourattic is a really small team, with only five people at the studio. We have grown and learned as we developed our game, putting our hearts and souls into creating a universe that pays homage to our childhood. It is our “first child” born over three years ago and now, finally will arrive on February 13, 2018.

We hope with all our hearts that you enjoy as much as we did making it! We wouldn’t have made it to here if it weren’t for all of you. We want to thank all of you for all the support by the fans and the PlayStation community, we really can’t wait to see you all at PlayStation Experience soon!

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9 Author Replies

  • Sweet, glad this finally has a date! It always saddened me to look at my Wishlists and Upcoming Games files and not have a date to put down for this game.

    • Juan Diego Vázquez

      Thanks Dragoonice1993! It has been a long and tough way to release but we’re so happy with the game and it was worth it every day! Glad you’re still waiting for it, hope you like it!

  • Any update on the Vita version?

    • im curious as well. Cant find anything about the vita version. Maybe it was dropped?
      Would like to know if it was delayed.

    • After Mean_Mistreater made the comment, I looked up the Kickstarter page and a Vita version is indeed mentioned in older updates and comments, but conspicuously absent now. I’d like to know about its status too.

    • I just did a little digging on fourattic’s Twiiter page, and found this from earlier this week:

      “We’re aiming pc/mac + ps4 at first. Later, we will try to be everywhere, but still not working on vita.” -(

      It would have been nice to at least get a similar response here, rather than having the question skipped over.

    • this Juan Diego dude is commenting on every other post but this one… I’d guess it was quietly cancelled like everything else for VIta


      “We’re aiming pc/mac + ps4 at first. Later, we will try to be everywhere, but still not working on vIta.”


      Maybe in the future. But i’m guessing with Vita’s current status it will probably not happen.
      I for one would wait for a vita version. And will probably keep playing my vita until sony makes something new, or i give up trophy hunting on the go.

    • Juan Diego Vázquez

      Hi guys, I’m so sorry for not replying here earlier, we were doing a Twitch streaming with the Devolver guys!

      As we said during our Kickstarter campaign, we are a very small team (just 5 people) and we can only focus on a bunch on platforms for now. Our main goal is to have the game ready and perfectly playable on PC and PS4, and once it’s out we’ll see how it works and what can we make about porting it to other platforms.

      We’d LOVE to see Crossing Souls running on a Vita or another handheld platforms, we think the game would fit perfect on them but we can’t plan anything real for now. We are also Vita lovers, but porting into this platform is something unlikely for now. We still need to chat about all of this between us but we’ll make an update soon with clearer and final info ok?

      Thanks to all of you for the interest, support and nice words about the game guys, we really appreciate it :)

      Cheers to all!

    • Thanks for the response/update Juan. I’m sure others appreciate you guys coming out and saying the reality for what it is.

      We all love the PSV, but resources of course should be managed in a way that makes the most sense for your game.

      I had not heard of this title previously, but you can now rest assured that now that its signal is beeping loud on my radar…I await Feb 13th with 2 hands, my DS4, and a smile on my face.

    • Thank you for the reply, Juan Diego. Even though it’s not the news us Vita diehards would’ve liked to hear, I for one am grateful for the perfect candor of your reply. Rest assured, I’ll be buying your game on launch day to play on my PS4.

    • Juan Diego Vázquez

      Thank you guys for understand us, your lovely words and your support. We really appreciate it ^^

  • I have not heard of this, but it’s on the radar now! Style and animation looks fantastic, nice work!

    (Any chance of a retail, even if limited, release?) :)

    • Juan Diego Vázquez

      Glad you liked it and thanks for your kind words, we’d love to have a physical version of the game but it isn’t planned for now sorry!

  • Very impressive trailer! I get a real Super 8, E.T. and Stranger Things vibe from this game. It is now on my radar. Nice work and congrats!

  • Definitively a buy for me. It doesn’t just look amazing, but the love and care that was put into it shines through.

    Spanish talent FTW! Wishing you great success with your opera prima and hopefully many more to come!

    • Juan Diego Vázquez

      Oh we really appreciate your kind words mate, hope everything goes fine and we can create many more games!


  • I first became aware of this a couple months ago from one of the European game shows, I think. I have been following on twitter since then, and am eagerly anticipating this one. As someone who went from 8-18 in the 80s, this looks so up my alley, and will be a day one buyer. I wish you great luck with this release.

  • Wow, that is a boatload of nostalgia right there. Definitely interested in this obvious labor of love.

    • Juan Diego Vázquez

      Thanks Otterpoet :)

      This is our very first “big” game so, due to the lack of experience we wanted to add something that we have by the ton… LOVE! :)

  • Devolver huh? It’s probably good. I liked the feel of the trailer, solid stuff there. It seems like it won’t be open world, but is it? I’m generally not a fan of open world games.

    • Juan Diego Vázquez

      It’s not an open world. At the beginning you will find a “big” town where you will be able to explore and interact with a bunch of NPC’s but the game is and adventure and at some point you will leave the town behind and visit several (and closed) levels in order to find your families and save them and the world :)

  • Wow this looks absolutely brilliant.

  • Another hope for the Vita version. I hope it happens, it seems like it would fit the Vita perfectly.

  • This looks like such a delight. Has been on my radar for some time so congrats for getting near the finish line! I detect some throwbacks to Excitebike, Maniac Mansion, Streets of Rage, Toejam and Earl and some of my favorite 80’s cartoons, and more! Love it :-)

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