PlayStation Plus: Free Games for December 2017

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for December 2017

Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition headlines this month's free games lineup for PlayStation Plus members.

Hey PlayStation Plus members – we have an action-packed game selection for the PS Plus free games lineup in December. Let’s take a look.

Become Death, the most feared of the legendary Four Horsemen, in Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition. The Deathinitive Edition includes all DLC, alongside updated graphics rendering and reworked game balancing. It is instantly playable and sure to make this a Deathcember to remember.

In Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends, face off alongside or against Po and other Kung Fu Panda characters in up-to four person battles in the iconic Kung Fu Panda universe. This is the perfect game to bring families together for some friendly rivalry during the holidays.

This month’s PlayStation Plus lineup also includes:

  • Syberia Collection PS3
  • Xblaze Lost: Memories, PS3
  • Forma.8, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4)
  • Wanted Corp, PS Vita
PlayStation Plus: Free Games for December 2017

As a reminder, we are giving PlayStation Plus members a bonus PlayStation VR game – Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. It’s available now through January 2 for PlayStation Plus members in U.S., Canada, and Latin America. This survival horror arcade shooter will be sure to give you a scare as you blast your way through hordes of enemies. Download it now (if you haven’t already) and buckle up for the most disturbing roller coaster ride you’ll ever take.

Monster Hunter: World is rapidly approaching its release, but you can get a taste of the hunt from December 9 to December 12 exclusively as a PlayStation Plus member. In this beta, you’ll be tasked with hunting a Great Jagras and an Anjanath in the Ancient Forest, as well as a Barroth in the Wildspire Waste. While these are your main quest targets, be on the lookout for other deadly monsters roaming each ecosystem.

Lastly, for a limited time, PlayStation Plus members can grab the Smite PlayStation Plus Pack for free! The bundle includes 31 Skins, 20 Gods and Voice Packs, plus the Khepri Announcer Pack. The bundle is available from December 12 to January 9.

And that’s it for the year. See you in 2018!

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  • You must be joking…

    • no, they are not, you must be new to the service.

    • No, I’m not, you must a Sony lap dog.

    • you stupid brat. I meant the service is bad since the lunch of ps4, why the surprise now?

    • How did you even interpret the response MomeAlsadi gave as positive towards the service?

      At least interpret things correctly before assuming anyone responding to you about anything is a fanboy.

    • lol RenovKatt…..

    • If we talk about interpretations, how did you assume that I was surprised? because I was not, stupid kiddo.

    • Hahaha! Relax guys – all on the same side

    • Such a huge dissappointment. Thank u, Sony, great Christmas presents (not).

    • @MomeAlsadi “since the lunch of ps4…”

      LoL – and then have PS4 Pro for Dinner?

      PsVita for dessert!

    • Sony really knows how to sell their console during the holiday season…. potential buyers seeing they will get to play Kung-Fu Panda immediately must be a real a treat.

    • Eh, didn’t really expect anything special, Darksiders 2 is cool and a really good game, but there’s always one good game and one bad one. but cmon 2 bad months in a row isn’t really why I give you money sony, like cmon, at least reward people with decent enough games.

    • We have actually gotten quite a few really good games. I mean you might not be a fan of Tropico, or NBA 2k17, you might not personally have been excited about Rocket League, or Outlast, Resogun, Dead Nation, Little Big Planet 3, Metal Gear Solid, Darksiders 2 is an 83 on Metacritic itself with no DLC upsell, Hotline Miami and Don’t Starve might not have been your thing, but if all you guys have to say is that plus has always been terrible and has no good games, then unsubscribe…

      there is nothing you will get that you’ll ever be happy with if you sit here and say that the games are always disappointing. You aren’t a real gamer, you’re some trash heap guy who only wants what ever game his twitch streamer of choice plays constantly, or some gearhead that isn’t happy unless they’re playing a game that won Game of the Year. Then of course even if they gave you Witcher 3 for free you’d complain you didn’t get the DLC and if they gave you the full collection for free you’ll either complain you owned it, or don’t want midi evil fantasy.

      If you’re going to complain at least mention what kind of games you do want otherwise you’re just a whiny little brat.

    • So much hate this is why I don’t usually respond to these thing. Gamers use to be so much more fun. Sound like a political forum on here. If you hate the service so bad why have the system and why come on the boards to spew hate….are we being trolled 24×7? Asking for a friend.

    • I’ll be your friend DragonShadow, i have none

    • I guess I’m in the majority…. I can’t wait for these releases. First time there aren’t any games that I already own and many of these I have been thinking about getting. Darksiders 2, Syberia collection and probably an easy and fun Platinum to get with my daughter in Kung Fu Panda!! Awesome!!

    • DragonShadow, if you’re that triggered about people being critical about the service that they PAY for, go create your own forum so that you and any fellow snowflakes can just praise Sony for all the money they take from you.

      If you can’t handle people’s criticisms, just leave!

      Anyway, I haven’t subscribed to PS Plus in a while due to November’s and December’s lack of good games being provided, and I WILL NOT subscribe to the service solely for multiplayer access. ABSOLUTELY NOT! Sony can’t even provide dedicated servers for their “””premium””” service, so that’s a NO BUY for me. Back on topic, Darksiders IS a good game, but you’re better off buying it standalone rather than have it tied to the service and not be able to play it once your subscription is up.

    • Someday you kids will realize that there’s more important stuff to worry about, than what games you get in any given month of PS+. I still play Galak-Z; I’m getting my PS3 back tomorrow and intend to enjoy the hell out of the offerings there. I also have a Vita and PS4.. there’s games which scored highly that I’ve never gotten around to, yet fully intend to play, eventually.

      The thing is, I have hobbies outside of video games. That’s not even touching the responsibilities which every actual, grown-ass human being needs to worry about…. I mean, back in the day I worried about the RIAA pounding down the door of a little old lady, trying to charge her for what a hacker did with her connection.

      Call the freaking WHAAMMbulance! ….or try to play some of the games that you gripe about. Maybe after you’ve watched a friend or three die, you’ll realize that video games aren’t that important.

    • Really @warezIbanez with the “triggered” and “snowflake” bs? It’s a video game forum dude(tte), lighten up. Save it for the political message boards. Jeeez….

    • Anyone who hasn’t played Darksiders 2 it’s a pretty great game, underrated. I know it has been real cheap for a long time and anyone with any interest has probably bought it already but do yourselves a favor if you’ve never played it and check it out. Solid combat with Zelda like boss fights/temples to explore, decent loot system, it’s a solid 8 IMO.

    • funny how so many ppl complain like they are entitled to the games with ps plus the games that come free every month aren’t an never have been what you are paying for you are paying for the ability to play online an that’s it the discounts an free games are just a bonus that psn doesn’t need to give out its just an incentive an ppl should really start at least trying the games instead of complaining you just might find that you like more of them.

    • Great! Another one of crap! Thanks Sony!

    • Why is everyone complaining ridiculous I get it’s Christmas month but you can’t expect them to give you a present I mean yeah sure whatever most of us have been using this service ever since it’s been live but still you can’t expect a company wanting money to give the goods for free. Have some common sense people you’ll get some stuff for Christmas Merry Christmas everyone. Add me

    • The whole PS Plus is a complete joke, to begin with. Sony gives out old games that aren’t worth more than $20 and barely any AAA titles with-in a reasonable amount of time after they’ve launched. They give out 75% of the time bad titles that we didn’t ask for and very rarely ever give us a decent game. Sony doesn’t give out anything else for a service that keeps going up in price every year. $60 for bad; no free dlc, no free avatars or themes…. nothing. Playstation Plus is just a service for games that are over a year old or games that don’t sell well to be given out for free.

      The proper way to do this is to have three games players can choose from and pick one of them as the title they want or have a poll each month asking PS+ subscribers which games they would be more inclined to be given.

    • I’m surprised that PS3 is STILL among the free games but that’s OK. Vita should ALWAYS be among the free games because Sony dumped it too soon and I still have my awesome PS VITA!
      But…..WHAT is Sony doing to support this $500 headset I bought?!?!?!

      The PSVR is an ACTUAL CONSOLE! It’s a THING! I spent loads, and actually had to BORROW the money to buy it at launch, which I have since repaid, and I own Move controllers and everything!
      WHERE are the GREAT PSVR TITLES?!?! Regardless if they were FREE….like that spooky roller coaster ride which I OF COURSE already own because it’s one of FOUR PSVR games…

      I think this is the final PlayStation console I buy. Sony just wastes their fans excitement. Spend ALL THAT MONEY developing a tech and then just piss it away?!


    • It’s impossible to please everybody… As far as I know Darksiders 2 is a decent game.

    • Bad games are fun with friends! So im gonna fight my friend in the Kung Fu Panda game for the Ring of the Conquerer

    • Come on you guys. The fact that Sony is giving us a lot of free dlc packs (game comes with some of them aka darksiders 2 deathinitive edition) should be enough for you and not only that they are giving you guys 3 games on top of that for ps4 btw one of them is for psvr one of them is cross platform with PS Vita not only that they are giving you guys 4 game for the ps3 so quit being ungrateful plus Sony is bringing back some of their own classics then they might be working on security updates then at a later time they might just give you the better together update for Minecraft ps4 edition I cannot say for sure I don’t work with them

    • Finally, something good out of Ajax

    • Seriously? out of all good games you picked this ones? -_-


  • You’ve gotta be kidding…

    So glad we’re not getting indies anymore. Instead we get awesome retail games like this!!! Great job everyone!

    • I often prefer a lot of Indie Games over most of the copy pasted AAA garbage that comes out these days, however I do enjoy both. But I would rather play Journey than say Call of Duty. And I usually buy the AAA games that I am interested in instead of waiting to see if they come to Plus. I use PlayStation Plus primarily as a source of discovering underground indie games that I normally probably would have glossed over. That being said I am excited for Darksiders 2 because I never got to finish it on the PS3

    • Jgrizz you SIR are not smart persona.
      People of earth pitty you.

    • Boris heating on Indie Games is frowned upon by the industry and majority of Gamers and taste is entirely subjective and people cannot control what they like and don’t like so to judge other people’s taste makes you pretentious

    • Last couple months we been gettin decent stuff except November.those games were stupid as hell

    • I personally look at Plaustation Plus lune up games not as “Good , I will get awesome brand new game for free” but mstly “Ir is nice to have a game that I wouldn’t buy for money “. And for 5-6 months this year it really paid off.

    • As long as you buy year long subscriptions you will get good games. Just don’t hate a game because it isn’t triple A, sure a kung fo panda game isn’t great but little kids also use the service, and, its a bad game to play with friends, which can be great fun.

  • Lol us Playstation users must have been bad this year if this is what we get for Christmas.

    Do you all even try anymore? If I didn’t play Rocket League, I wouldn’t even subscribe anymore.

    • Because I’m an actual gamer, a hardcore one with a lot of variety, I find that I save more money from the extra 10-20% PS Plus discounts over not subscribing that it pays itself off. Not to mention that PS plus is only going to cost me $30 because I’ll get a $30 credit back for using my PSN card and spending like more than 4k on it (like utilities, car insurance, anything you use a credit card on) and then I get point that I can use on the PSN for more games.

      I think the way it’ll work is that I’ll pay $60, then get $3 back in cash back, then get, $30 credited back to me at a later date, plus another $40 minimum in credit for spending $4,000 through the card over the year… So PS plus because I have a PS Credit card will be -$10. It’ll just take a year.

      So yeah you guys go ahead and complain about the money you’re spending on plus, because I personally am not having any issues. plus with the Sony Rewards thing the games I play, and get trophies on will give more points for more PSN credit… So… yeah…

      So yeah… Kinda have everything working itself out.

    • ^Another Sony Shill talking about how much he saves for how much he spends. YOU’RE STILL SPENDING MONEY, and you’re spending it far more than anyone with an ounce of reason would be comfortable with, ESPECIALLY WITH BORROWED MONEY PLUS INTEREST.

      But hey, perhaps you should continue to pat yourself on the back by starting up a website and forum with DragonShadow considering just how much money you can spend with your PS© Card and that NeoGAF is going down the tubes.

    • @warezIbanez

      Well, it is MakaiOokami so it shouldn’t be surprising. I don’t want to knock on him too much as I have agreed with some things he has said before… but he has his moments.

  • Interesting choice putting XBLAZE: Lost Memories up there as the free PS3 freebie. That’s a free platinum right there

    • Code Embryo was a nice read. I would say to people to give this a read also since it’s a sequel, but 80% of this title is just Code Embryo.

    • I would’ve liked Sony to have offered this title on Vita, just like the previous one, Code:Embryo…

  • Oh f off sony another month of a game i aready own my PlayStation Plus accoun. That its i’ll stop buying games and beg for them like everyone else.

    Oh please sony make Monster Hunter: World free for January please sony i beg you im too poor to buy good games. so i want them free for PlayStation Plus because im a freeloader.

    • Wont’be released. But you’ll get to try it next month :) see you in the jungle!

    • They won’t. A new $60 game, effectively being sold for $20, the majority of which goes into Sony’s pocket? Capcom would have someone’s head for that.

    • Sorry but not all of us can spend money on games. Last game I bought was Crash Bandicoot ‘N’ Sane Trilogy the month it came out. Otherwise I don’t really have the budget to buy new games. Which is why I go with PS+, but haven’t had the money to buy that either.

  • Hey look, all that whining about not getting retail games paid off. Congrats everyone! Now you’ll never be subjected to those awful critically acclaimed indie games you hated so much.

  • LOL

    This gotta be the worst December lineup you guys ever did. Seriously.

  • Darksiders 2 is a good game but come on, between the fury’s collection and the humble PSN bundle, everyone who wanted it already got it. And this KFP game looks like trash from everything I’ve seen, bad as a game and bad for trophy hunters too due to the way the multiplayer is set up. I was really hoping the leak was wrong, but apparently this is the best you can do. Very disappointed.

  • Even if I didn’t already own Darksiders 2 this would be yet another horrible month. Going to have to do better in 2018 if you want me to re-sub in Dec.

    Why not lower the amount of games every month so the quality will go up? Haven’t seen a PS3 game given out in like 6 months I’d bother installing yet alone playing.

    • Agreed. Drop the PS3 games and give us an extra PS4 game or something. The PS3 games given out have been so unappealing lately.

    • agree . PS3 games are useless these days

    • I’d be perfectly okay with 2 PS4 and a Ps3/Vita crossplay title if that meant we got quality on a monthly basis. I don’t even expect AAA games…

    • Sooooo you want 3 extremely disappointing PS4 games instead. Yeah, smart thinking.

    • I didn’t sell my PS3 when the PS4 came out because i was hopeful that PS+ service would remain as good as it was. I was so wrong then. I didn’t renewed my subscription this year until some months ago (we got second son and phantom pain for PS4). I kinda feel disappointed, not at all for Darksiders II, but for everything else. My vita have years getting dust. At least the past week all PS3 user got wonderful News….

  • I swear to god, with KFP, Worms games prices I can give players a lot of better games, seriously why choose the games that no want or ask for? neglect the bad PS3 games that you give us every month and add its money to the ps4 ones so we can get something maybe better, ask players what they want and I am sure a lot of our suggestion would be more logical and could even cost less money, trust us, we don’t want AAA games or 2017 games no all we want is good games and yes you gave us a lot this year but why stopping now ?

  • Nice. I can’t wait to play Darksiders 2 again after 5 years. Such amazing game.

  • This is pretty terrible. Who’s job is it to pick these? Shuffle the deck Sony! I know there is some idea guy probably named Carl thinking hey!!! Let’s give them dookie for x-mas but we will do a holiday say every week and throw in some flash sales and then will pick the top ones people bought and put them as plus games for the new year! That way we can disappoint them and get them to buy more!!! Carl’s boss Fred from marketing will be like, this man is a genius! Carl… You need to take a good look deep in your soul.

  • I haven’t touched Darksiders 2 yet, so getting the DLC included is a boon.
    Been meaning to try the Syberia series.
    O SNAP XBLAZE! Double plat time! Have it on Vita, now can do the PS3 version too!
    Is that Kung-Fu Panda game a Smash clone?!

  • Welp. Not the best but I’ll give them a try. Already have Darksiders.

  • This is really scraping the bottom of the barrel, Sony. Darksiders II is just a re-master and therefore not a true “ps4” game.
    Kung-Fu Panda, also doesn’t represent the PS4 and what it can do.

    The plus games for each month should be something that showcases that console, and something that represents that console. The free PS4 games should be PS4 exclusives, something meaningful for those of us who have signed up for Plus.

    Hopefully you’re dropping the PS3 and Vita (even though I love my Vita to death) offerings in 2018 and focusing more on PS4 games that are intrinsic to the console. (No more ports, no more remasters)

    Long live PSNOT.

    • You know, you’re really just begging for less content for the same price. You should probably think about that for half a second.

    • Yeah, that’s not a good suggestion. Vita & PS3 needs all the love they can get.

      However, the service hasn’t even offered games like Killzone Shadow Fall & Battlefield 4- Killzone definitely needs the bump in player count, and BF4 would certainly give some sort of confidence boost in EA after their EMBARRASSING debacle with EAFront 2.

      (PS, long live Pandemic & the REAL Battlefront II.)

  • Jeez, can’t throw a good one? Hopefully I bought HZD and Injustice 2 otherwise my vacations would suck

  • Interesting choices…

    FYI, over the weekend, I discovered that Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005) PS2 classic for PS3 is being sold digitally on GameStop for $30. Just in case you didn’t buy it prior to it being removed from the PS and Xbox Stores. Also, Mass Effect 2 and 3 are being sold digitally for the X360 on Newegg for $20 each. Sadly, they are NOT playable on XB1. You still need to go through EA Access.

  • Looks like no Christmas from Sony this year.

  • Well, darksiders 2 isn’t bad game, too bad I own it, but still haven’t played it. Maybe its time? Not sure about Kung-Fu Panda

  • I was hoping the xmas lineup would be nice. Last year the december lineup was cool so I was hoping they would put some effort.

    Might as well not gives us anything, Sony. This lineup is the equivalent of getting a lump of coal from Santa. Have we really been that naughty?

  • While I have both Darksiders for ps3 (disc, but Darksiders digital was a ps plus offer years ago), just not looking into playing them on ps4. I do have Darksiders Warnastered & Darksiders 2 Deathinitive on Steam.

    Darksiders 3 is coming next year or so.

  • I’ll play the Siberia games if I ever hook my ps3 back up. That’s probably it. Already got Darksiders in the Humble Bundle and not really a fan of it anyway.

  • Finally, Kung Fu Panda. The game everyone’s been clamoring for.

    And Darksiders 2, the game that’s been heavily discounted in almost every recent sale.

  • This is even a bigger joke for the end of the year. An old game remastered that was like $7 last big sale. And I say, go to xbox to those idiots saying dump PS3 and Vita games. I still use all 3 and even my psp. If I am paying $60 a year, I had better get games for the other systems. Nit just one good PS4 game. Sony owns the market, they won’t go broke giving better titles for each system.

  • Darksiders, was released 5! years ago, this version was 2 years ago, most everyone played it or has it already, It’s $4 on Ebay with 2 days left and $15 new copy. There are plenty of awesome games they could have and make most happy, every month. Also PSN has no marketing sense at all, how about stepping it up and releasing a better/nicer AAA game for Christmas, PS+ anniversary, etc.. even if you take a small hit for that month. Just imagine if instead of $19 this BF, Horizon Zero was free so they could sell DLC and PSN sells PS+ subs and have a HUGE positive social marketing response.

    • Horizon is still making money for Sony. That would be the worst decision on their part to offer that. Face it, it is either older AAA games or newer Indie games. People hated on Indie games and complained about them in the past blogs, Sony listened and now they are offering older AAA games. Horizon has not even been out for a year, your expectation is very unrealistic.

  • I just wanna know what’s going on with the Jak and Daxter bundle on the PlayStation Store at the moment.

  • When the free games list is so bad, they have to remind us about other free games they gave us a month ago…

    • Well it is a yearly service and you’re complaining about 1 month of the year so its not surprising that you should consider past games given that *year*.

  • Do people really expect high quality games every month? lol They probably choose games that they know no one has played in months, years, or never. Also they probably put Kung Fu Panda because they still have kids playing on their consoles so they wanted to cater to the kids who make up about 20% of their consumer base. Also a lot of PlayStation owners have kids so the parents see this as an opportunity to get some free kid friendly games while getting something for themselves. Anyway I haven’t play any Darksider game so this will be a reason to get it and if I like it I will get the first one. Now that is another reason why they put old games to get the people who never played a series and if they like it then they can get the other games in that series.

    • Exactly. I’ll try darksiders. I’ll play Kung Fu Panda with my kid. I’m happy. Kind of wanted last of us remastered, but this isn’t a bad month.

    • No kid in their right mind would enjoy a horrible movie tie in.

    • SidNightwalker I guess you never had a kid or nephews/nieces. Kids (ages 4-10) love Kung Fu Panda and any kid related show/movie. If you told a kid about an Avenger movie tie in game they will play it in a heart beat. Remember kids dont care what they play, its not like teens or adults who understand the concept of good quality and bad quality.

    • You shouldn’t really base your opinion in one game of a franchise…
      Darksiders 1 is your common hack n slash with some puzzles, but it has some backtracking as well.
      Now, Darsiders 2 is FILLED with puzzles, some hack n slash with a cool combo system, a Diablo-like loot system, lots of puzzles, a gamebreaking bug for PS4 Slim and PRO (don’t think they have fixed it yet), more puzzles, wider map, and more puzzles. I was in 12 hours of game with only 1h30m of actual fighting. If you really like those puzzles, you’re probably gonna love it.

  • Excited to finally play Darksiders 2!

    • While i am looking forward to checking out darksiders2 i would die if they gave away Diablo3 withe new content.totally make my day

  • Stupid… wonder who decide these games…

  • first month in almost a year for plus to give games i dont already own.

  • This is a great month anybody who complains about it I’m just baffled that they consider themselves a gamer it’s Darksiders 2 people an awesome franchise

  • Are people really still playing on ps3 from 2006 ? Cause I don’t know anyone who is.

    • Do you really think that has anything to do with the quality of the lineup? Shut it.

    • I do. Every week, actually. PS3 has such a marvaelous line up of games I still have over 30 games to finish in my backlog.

    • I still have mine. It was getting a lot dust but the last week we got wonderful news for our fat and slim models….. So, no its not dead any more, ITS MORE ALIVE THAN EVER!!!!

    • Yes I am, I have a huge backlog of PS3 games I haven’t played yet. I’m playing bioshock infinite right now.

  • DS2 is ok I guess… (Altought I already have the game). But the rest… well no suprise there..

  • Kung Fu Panda is just an embarassing inclusion.

  • Man, and I thought your sales were bad.

  • Guess I’m the only one that hasn’t played Darksiders. So, yay for me! lol, I got a huge pile of shame to work through, too. So I’m gonna be busy in Dec. See y’all next year.

  • A great portion of disapointment! Giving a goddamn cartoon game and a 2 yars old remaster of 5 years old game, GENIUS.
    I really anticipated something special, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Xblaze Lost Memories, great can stack this platinum having done the Vita.

    Wanted Corp, always wanted this for it’s easy platinum.

    Forma.8: Fun metroidvania but the Vita port suffers from a bit of slowdown( Was still able to move and dodge well…not too bad).

    There only one miss able trophy. Easy Platinum, best played on the PS4.

    Darksiders 2 should come with the first one. At least the Physical edition does come with a digital code. Would have expected both to be free.

    Kung Fu Panda: Unexpected but will take it.

    Syberia Collection: Had this when it was on sale for 3, did not even start it. Oh well. Hope Syberia 3 is free next month :).

    Meh Month, useful platinum’s at least. Going to work on some JRPG instead.


    CMON, make Resistance: Burning Skies PS+ title. Or make the online pass free.

    • If you’re going to go for platinums, don’t start Kung Fu Panda, I think you need 90 wins in a row online for the master Panda trophy.

  • omg, this is so awesome, can’t wait to play that kung fu panda bros for christmas :)

  • I’d say that’s an extremely weak offering for next month. The three recent months where they had strong titles (Just Cause 3, MGSV, Infamous: Second Son, and I think something else I’m forgetting) definitely bought Sony some leeway with me for awhile when it comes to the PS+ “freebies”.

    Now is the time of year to buy your PS+ subscription. Just got a year subscription last night for $20 off from

  • And this is why I’m not renewing once the subscription ends on Jan 2018…
    Stop paying Sony is the only way they will understand…

  • Don’t mind me, I’m just here to read all the comments from entitled brats complaining about free games.

    • You must have a real sad life then.

    • After Until Dawn, JC 3, 2nd son and MGS V it should be common sense that there wouldn’t be another AAA game, you’d have to be stupid to think Sony can sustain giving out free AAA games every month of the year.

  • Isn’t Darksiders 2 broken for PS4 Slim and PRO? Last I remember, game turned off your PS4 or simply crashed at one point.

  • Thank you Sony for DSII! Also, the Monster Hunter World demo and Smite Plus Pack is absolutely stellar! Much appreciated! Cannot wait to try out MHW!

  • Finally I get to play XBlaze:Lost Memories, Darksiders 2 I don’t care for since I have bought the Fury collection.

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