Gran Turismo Sport: Incoming Updates Add New Cars, Offline Play, GT League & More

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Gran Turismo Sport: Incoming Updates Add New Cars, Offline Play, GT League & More

New cars, features, fixes and more are on the way to the legendary series' recently released PS4 entry.

It has been a few weeks since we launched GT Sport, and it’s been really exciting to see so many people take to the track. In fact, we’ve already seen over 26 million hours of gameplay around the world, so now we want to share with you our plan for what’s next with the game, including new cars and game features through Patch 1.06 in November, and the introduction of the “GT League” in December.

Patch 1.06 (Coming November 27th, 2017)

From November 27th we’ll begin rolling out new cars, and kicking off with these three free new cars.
Gran Turismo Sport - Patch 1.06

Gran Turismo Sport - Patch 1.06Gran Turismo Sport - Patch 1.06

In addition to the new cars, when the patch drops on November 27 you can also look forward to the Livery Editor, Scapes and Campaign modes becoming available to play offline (you will still require internet access to save your progress). There will also be various tweaks and adjustments to balance the gameplay.

GT League (Coming December 2017)

Launching as part of our free December update, we’ll be introducing a brand new single player mode called “GT League”. Based on the old “GT mode” of previous titles, players can now look forward to racing through a series of cup competitions from beginner to pro levels, and and even partake in endurance races!

Check out the screenshots below to get a sneak peek of what you can expect in December. We’ll be adding more races to these leagues in 2018.

Gran Turismo Sport - GT League

Gran Turismo Sport - GT LeagueGran Turismo Sport - GT League

Gran Turismo Sport - GT League

Gran Turismo Sport - GT LeagueGran Turismo Sport - GT League

New Cars: (Coming December 2017)

In addition, the following 12 cars will be added to the game in the free update of December 2017:

  • Mazda — RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD)
  • Nissan — Skyline GT-R V・spec II (R32)
  • Nissan — Skyline GT-R V・spec II Nür (R34)
  • Ford — F-150 SVT Raptor
  • Lamborghini — Countach LP400
  • Ferrari — F40
  • Ferrari — Enzo Ferrari
  • KTM — X-BOW R
  • Suzuki — Swift Sport
  • Volkswagen — Samba Bus Type 2 (T1)
  • Chris Holstrom Concepts — 1967 Chevy Nova
  • Chevrolet — Corvette Stingray Convertible (C3)

Gran Turismo Sport - New Cars for December

From now to March 2018, a total of approximately 50 cars are already planned for addition to the game. And the updates will continue beyond March! You can of course look forward to the addition of new tracks as well, so stay tuned!

Be sure to stay tuned to official GT and PlayStation channels as there are plenty more updates to come from the team. Until then, happy racing!

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  • Awesome news! I would also like the ability to earn credits/experience in VR mode though (and more challenging AI in VR).

    • Yes. Great question. This game feels great in VR. I wish they would flesh it out.

    • I agree,VR really makes racing much more immersive.

    • Honestly these should have been features that where part of the game before it release.

    • I do not think that it will be possible to have more use of VR than that. Not even the PS4 Pro has enough power to do so because GTSport already requires a lot of resources. A Sony technician confirmed this to me at the Milan Games Week in September.

    • Agreed. Should have been there in the beginning. I think they could flesh it out if they dial back some graphical quality. The headset can’t display beyond 1080 or hdr anyways.

    • Its fine if VR cant support loads of cars and so on but it should at least be possible for custom races with various difficulties on the CPU, even if its just one CPU. Also add ordinary time trial and drift to VR, there is no reason why it shouldnt work or that it would take much effort or time to add it, VR for GT is amazing but there is no reason for it to be as limited as it is right now when everything is already there, just make it happen.

    • If resources are the issue, I recommend the use of ghost…even leader-board ghost; like in Driveclub Timetrial.

      Oh, and 1v1 multiplayer.

    • 100% agree… Custom AI difficulty in 1 on 1 races in VR would make me happy (+ earning experience and credits of course, because it is a little silly that I need to play on TV to unlock stuff in VR).

      Currently the AI in VR is ridiculous – I’m far from being an expert driver, but all races in VR end as “time-trials” with opponent nowhere to be seen :-(
      The only way I’ve found to make VR races a little more challenging was to “down-tune” my cars – but it is as stupid as it sounds :-)

    • More VR please.

      As others have said,

      -Let us earn currency and expereince in VR
      -Add Time Trials
      -Add Drift Trials
      -Allow us to customize AI difficulty and number of laps

      Those should be quick simple additions, and they would add massive value to the VR portion of the game. It would also be nice to see more times of day/conditions added over time as well.

      I bought this game for the VR. I played enough to get to level 20 so I could play what is available. This is the future of racing, make sure we get it right.

    • Will B-Spec mode return? I loved being able to watch a race while giving instructions to the AI

    • Best news on GT so far, I do miss the old single player experience, where I had most of the fun, since I do not play GT competitively but to chill and have some fun. I do hope they will add new cars more often because I also miss car hoarding! Keep it up Polphony, and bring old beloved GT to the next gen!

    • Fantastic news! I hope that we are getting LaSarthe and a little more flexibility in the Livery Editor! #BestGameEver!!

    • need to expand the vr. i haven’t played in weeks. waiting for any update to the vr. definitely disappointed

    • How exactly are the updates going to work? Will they require codes?
      I am asking this becasue I have a US PSN account but I bought a game in a different region! Meaning the codes won’t work!
      Do you guys know if there will be paid expansions or some sort of paid dlc in the future or is it gonna be free updates from now on?

    • Completely agree with jumonkan. These features should have been available day one. I couldn’t have been more disappointed when I first got my preorder. Nice to see that Sony is righting the ship…

    • Wish they had the car tuning like in GT 5. It sucks that there’s almost nothing to tune outside of limited slip diffs and customizing your gear box and even then, half of the online races don’t even allow you to do tuning. I think it’s great they’re finally adding an offline campaign, should’ve been done before the game was released. But would love more than anything to see them add full tuning like GT 5. The GT mode and tuning is what made the game so special. Honestly, Polys has been kind of sad with GT since GT 5. For how great of a game that was, I think everyone had pretty high expectations moving forward.

    • The cars are not free. You still have to buy them in game.

    • Yes, VR-mode needs to be expanded urgently! VR-mode is sooo frustratingly limited!
      Easy fixes:
      – time trial (unlimited laps)
      – drift trial
      – leaderboards (maybe ghosts as well?)
      – ability to set AI difficulty, so you can actually race another car, instead of passing it at the second corner and never seeing it again)

      a bit more challenging, but in my opinion definitely possible:
      – 1v1 online races
      – expand VR-mode to driving school, mission challenges and circuit experience where possible: if not more than one or two cars are on track, it has to be possible to implement VR

      It is beyond comprehension that Sony is now selling PSVR – GT Sport bundles, when this is really not a VR game AT ALL. A lot of people will be dispappointed and will blame the PSVR, but it is PD/Kaz who is too stubborn to realize this is the future. PSVR is amazing, look at DiRT Rally, RE7, Batllezone, Skyrim, … But I need a proper circuit racer too!

      If nothing changes, I am, for the first time in my life, considering to switch to a gaming PC for PC2 and AC in VR (full games!!). I prefer not to, as I love GT, Sony, PS and PSVR!

  • When is the livery editor opening up online so I can upload some decals?

  • This is such a huge update. This is great news. GT League is exactly what makes this game great.

  • awesome stuff! great additions! Loving it so far! and i want that Ferrai f40! :D

  • GT Mode is such a big deal to GT fans. Going to purchase the game ASAP now!

  • Okay. I seriously want to abandon DriveClub now and get this. Please bring on full VR support.

  • Need more tracks! While I’ll probably get 4 of those cars, it would be nice to have some more tracks to race on. Please bring back some of the classic tracks; Apricot Hill, Midfield Raceway, Trial Mountain. And Spa. Where’s Spa? Can’t have GT3 racing without Spa.

  • How about a fix for that op Gr.3 VW Beetle?

  • Hi Tim,
    Thank you very much for the update. I’m curious if you can answer a question for me …
    Will there be an option to Prohibit Tuning in online lobbies? This regulation was available in GT 5 and GT 6, but is currently missing from online lobby settings in GT sport.
    Thank you in advance for your review and reply.

  • Wonderful news! I may re-consider purchasing this game, then. Tomorrow I will make the purchase.

    Thank you, Sony and Polyphony Digital.

  • Will there be tuning and upgrade available too like the past games? Single player will still lack progression it seems

  • Are there plans to increase the VR content at any time in the future?

  • Bring back the FB or SA RX-7. How about RX2, 3, 4, 5? Would love to see older Rotary Mazdas.

  • Seriously though… why are all the championship races at night? Some people work nights ya know? And we still want to race… plus, most GPs are held early afternoon. Would it be too much to ask for championship races to be open during to different time periods in the day? I dont see the problem and I’ve been waiting for this game since the day i bought a PS4. Cmon GT.

  • Awesome news! This game is going for $29 in Australia at the moment so a perfect time to pick it up in anticipation of the new update!

  • Great to see the developers listening to what us gamers wanted. Excellent news of them introducing the single player campaign. Looking forward to this update. Just one thing could you extend the gt sport tournament times so they are accessible all day or earlier i can’t enter with the times given!

  • This is a good news. However, can I add a small request for the patch after this:

    Include the existing race customizations options for a single player race in arcade mode to the 2 player split screen mode.

    • i would also look forward to be able to pit stop the car in split screen mode please, same customazations like in single player mode please: fueling the car, an decreasing tyres would be great!

  • Wonder if we’ll see the Ford Focus RS, I’d really dig that.. car I’m thinking about getting in real life, would be cool to have in game.

  • Whats up with the part of the livery editor where you upload your own decals as SJM files?

  • Fantastic news, just what I’ve been waiting for…game will be purchased today

  • It’s about damn time. Why was GT League not a part of the initial release? It obviously wasn’t that hard to create if it’s already going to be here in December. Now get us a solid car list. Don’t drag these cars out over a years time and don’t charge us for what we should have had since day 1 and you just might be able to salvage this game.

  • Awesome! Loving the offline addition.

    It really needs a time trial mode for VR though… unlimited laps just against the clock

  • I see a AC Cobra… O- hell yes… It seems that people with steering wheels have a unfair advantage in the game.. They are always in the front of every race in the game..

    • Hmmm I wonder why that could be. Perhaps much more precise steering and pedal control? It’s not unfair, it’s realistic. Take the steering wheel out of your actual car and install buttons and see how you go.

  • “GT League”, that made my day! I was so disappointed with GTS and haven’t played it much, but this is a gamechanger for sure! Thank you!

  • Helo, many Thrustermaster T300RS and T-GT users are having trouble when play the races as the Pause Menu will pop up suddenly sometimes. Could the game allow us to assign/unassign the Option button of our wheel please? So as to solve the ghost button issue? Please, as this could help bringing confidence back to people buying the game and the wheels. Thank you very much.

  • Thank you!! Wow! This is pretty great stuff.

    I humbly ask that one of those 50 cars be an Alfa Romeo Giulia.

  • Can we have more tracks in next update please?

  • This is amazing news. What I really want to see is a challenge mode like in driveclub. That would make this game amazing imo and as Sony own both I’m sure it’s possible.

  • Is there any planned support for Fanatec wheels?

    • Would like to know 2.
      Please support Fanatec elite official wheel!

    • According to the Fanatec blog Kazunori himself assured that we can expect the full support till the end of this year.


      ‘Thomas Jackermeier said:
      GT Sports works well in compatibility mode so please go ahead and enjoy this game. No need to wait for anything. They are working on the implementation of advanced features which are not needed to play the game but will add to the experience. Kazunori Yamauchi himself assured me that this implementation will happen within this year.’

  • Phenomenal news! I didn’t expect this much so quickly, thank you for all the hard work Polyphony. Looks like this honey of a game is about to get a whole lot sweeter!

  • Also, Macau track please!

  • Please pump the brakes, pun intended, on duplicates! We need more variety. Speaking of which, I got a birthday gift car (thanks?) but its a car I already own through the Limited Edition, WTF!? Finally, more tracks thank you! This should take precedent over cars, I think, and hopefully they are not, once again, duplicates.

  • Is the Fanatec elite official ps4 wheel added to this upgrade? Thanks alot!

  • It would’ve been a decent first step, but no offline progression saves, and the GT League without the progression, car variety and parts upgrade system of the past makes it a shell of its former self. I would’ve much rather it have been delayed to be implemented and be a separate mode altogether rather than this bandaid implementation that is seemingly being rushed out right now due to the backlash and lower sales that have resulted from neglecting a large portion of the GT fanbase.

  • Please provide even more cars. 50 additional does not even scratch the surface. Please add the Chevy SS Sedan aka Holden Commodore. It is a legit racecar in NASCAR and Supercars. How can I go drive Mt. Panorama and not be in a Holden?

  • That is awesome news!!!
    Can’t wait for the updates. Just got my uncapped Internet. One thing I would really appreciate is if older Logitec racing wheels could be supported. Then I can use my budget amount and buy the VR set. Please please Sony. Sony stays no 1!

  • it´s great, i cant wait this long time :-) please more dlc´s with diffrent cars and race tracks

    Onkel Wini

  • Very cool, Had game from out set but really just now digging into it. :) Looking forward to updates and the GT Leagues for sure. PSN-WhoStoleMyShoes

  • “Livery Editor, Scapes and Campaign modes becoming available to play offline (you will still require internet access to save your progress).”

    Requiring internet to save progress doesn’t really make it offline though. If internet or servers goes down while playing you can’t save. why can’t we save offline and just sync with online upon next login?

    • It was a smart move because, if you think about it, previous GT games were rife with hackers ruining the game with their modified cars putting them at an unfair advantage online. Online saves are now becoming quite common in some games. Embrace it, it’s not going to stop any time soon.

  • How about a focus rs and a fiesta st not many games have a fiesta, please put one in the update

  • Gimme Seattle Circuit and Ford GT40 (both from GT3) and I will be the happiest man on Earth

  • No new tracks update… that is not great… to say the least…

    So many classic race tracks missing.. :(

  • It’s realy great news. I hope they understand that most of the updates should remain free of charge. And the main thing is that all new tracks should be free.

  • Fantastic news, well done Sony, Polyphony. This will take the game to a whole new levwl!

  • This is great news, especially the Volkswagen bus. That’s my favorite Volkswagen in Gran Turismo 6.
    I look forward to buying it in Gran Turismo Sport. :-D

  • Wow, thank you! This is exactly what I had hoped for from the beginning. I really don’t care to race others not do I have a psp subscription. And actual cars that I’d like to drive, too. Maybe we could get some classics added back in too? Thank Poly!

  • We need a lobbys private best,the lobbys that here now are very poor,worst than Gran Turismo 6 or 5,people that not see another people,bugs in the track at the beginning of the race,we can’t block the cars like the lobbys of the gtsport races.The users of this game need a online more complete,the spirit of the Gran Turismo is got races with friends.

  • So awesome! Good work dev team
    Now just add AI to private lobby and you have the title best racing game 2017 :)

    AI lacks in F7 (private lobby) so bring it to GTS please ;)

  • I’m begging for an answer.
    Not everyone who lives in the USA is american.. let us change our country flag like every other racing game out there, please? Is it that much to ask?

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