Arizona Sunshine’s free DLZ launches next Tuesday!

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Arizona Sunshine’s free DLZ launches next Tuesday!

The PS VR hit gets two new Horde maps: Old Mine and Undead Valley.

Hey all, Trevor from Vertigo Games and Vincent from Jaywalkers here. We are excited to let you know that next Tuesday Arizona Sunshine’s free DLZ update will be available to all PS VR players, including not one, but two additional maps for its survival-style endless Horde mode!

Each of these new maps is bigger and allows for a more dynamic play style than the Horde map you’ve been enjoying up until now. Both are playable solo and for up to four players in co-op multiplayer.

Setting out to create more Horde mode maps, initially we really wanted to play with the element of darkness. That’s why the campaign’s dark Old Mine was a natural fit for the first new map. Only this time, there are way, waaaayyy more Freddies jumping at you from its dark pits and corners.

Old Mine is built in such a way that it requires you to think tactically, promoting team play more than before. In a larger play area compared to the first Horde map, it’s wise to have some players stay on the lookout while others go on supply runs. We manipulated item and zombie spawning so that most ammo and weapons spawn outside of the more comfortable areas, forcing you to take chances.

A unique twist on the Horde mode gameplay is the need of a flashlight – a much needed source of light in this map. Teams start out with only one though; you will need to overcome some waves before you have enough for all players. Good thing you’re not afraid of the dark.

Arizona Sunshine

The second new map, Undead Valley, is set in an entirely new location: An old, zombie-infested warehouse-turned-underground casino close to Las Vegas, Nevada. Yep, Freds have jumped the border and we’re not about to let that go unnoticed.

In contrast to the Old Mine, which encourages you to find a tactical position to fight from, Undead Valley encourages exploration in an ever-expanding play area. Weapons, ammo and tactical spots are much more scattered, forcing you to keep moving to stay ahead of the horde. You will need to unlock new areas, both in- and outdoors, by blowing up obstacles with grenades or opening doors with keys found throughout the level, making this map feel somewhat like a mini adventure.

In this second map we’ve also replaced the familiar zombie waves with an intense, ongoing influx of zombies for the ultimate survival challenge.

We hope to see you in the new Horde mode maps soon. And remember, if you’re joining forces with your friends you’d better watch each other’s backs, because more reinforcements means more zombies looking for a warm serving of your fresh brains.

Arizona Sunshine’s free DLZ update is available next Tuesday and free of charge to all Arizona Sunshine PS VR players on PS4 and PS4 Pro. See you on the leaderboards!

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  • Fix the flip button!!!! The option to turn if off doesn’t work.

  • As a new VR adopter, what is the community opinion on this game? I remember reading reviews when it first came out that highlighted some potential issue with controls. Were these ever addressed? It still appears to be full price, so I’m hesitant.

    • Watch people play it first. The controls some complain about, you’ll overcome once you play for a bit it you choose to play. It took me several hours on skirmish and a well play through on single to get the controls down pat. Super fun game.

    • I got this game when it came out and it was the worst game purchase ever. Wish I looked into it before blowing 40$ on this one. At least I supported psvr, my only consolation. Completely unplayable! This game was not built for the psvr or a ds4 and it translates to psvr terribly. Worst I’ve seen. They probably have patched some things since I played it, but wow, I couldn’t even shoot what I aimed at. No redicule for starters. Can’t hit targets right in front of you. I tried my patience with this one but had to delete it within days due to frustration. No other vr game have I had this experience. Megaton rainfall it a way better game at a way better pricepoint. 15$ A must play. Right now I’m fully emerced in Skyrim vr omg sooo good

    • I’ve rarely regretted buying a game and this one I definitely did. Controls weren’t the best and its just buggy. Seeing the characters tippy toe around was annoying, too. Did the animations ever get fixed? What also made playing this hard was hor Farpoint did everything so well. I’d say maybe pick this up cheap if you and a friend plan to play together. It’d be more fun that way. My little enjoyment came from playing with a buddy.

  • I was hoping for a Black Friday sale on this game on PSN, so I could pick it up. It looks interesting, and I do plan on getting it. I am just waiting for a good sale.

    • Me as well, but was only able to grab Farpoint for 50% off. I have been interested in this game for a while but heard some negative things in regards to the controls.

    • controls are dead on and even better with farpoint gun , the game is way more fun then farpoint and world is fun to explore were far point is a A to B game

  • Picked this up on sale a month or two ago, and genuinely had fun with it! Played through the single player and dabbled in horde mode before moving on… this is the perfect excuse to go back. Thanks for supporting it and VR!

  • Down-Loadable-Zombies? sounds just right.

  • This is great, I liked horde mode, but felt the map was a bit cramped, even going solo, it’ll be interesting to see the new dynamics offered by these maps. Also, this is a bit of a personal request, but is there a chance to add one more magazine per level in Apocalypse Mode? I’m having such a hard time making it through even with top notch aiming skills.

  • I have had it for awhile now but never went past the first twenty minutes or so. I couldn’t aim properly and frankly, I get jump scared so darn much I feel like I’m five again. Lol. Anyway I’ll give it a shot again once these maps are added and see if the controls got a little more on point. Or maybe it was just me that sucks!! Lol hope this helps anyone’s purchase choice.

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