The Skyrim VR Launch Guide: Controls, Settings, and More

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The Skyrim VR Launch Guide: Controls, Settings, and More

There are several ways to explore Skyrim in VR.

We have been so thrilled to see the excitement and reception from the community around the launch of Skyrim on PlayStation VR.

From the first time we tried virtual reality, we immediately dreamt about how our worlds would feel on this amazing technology. We couldn’t wait for you to experience The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim — in its entirety — in VR. Once you step inside the world of Skyrim and take in the breathtaking scale and scope of the world and creatures, you’ll see why we’re so excited.

In VR, you’re finally there. The scale feels real. The approach wasn’t a nerfed-down experience, but the whole game. From battling ancient dragons to exploring the towering rugged mountains, to crafting weapons and armor, even building homes and interacting with the many memorable characters you encounter in the world, it’s all in VR. And while Skyrim is a game so many of us know, it feels new again.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

Finding the perfect balance between player comfort and immersion was one of our biggest goals for Skyrim VR. To accomplish that, we’ve given you a suite of options and settings that can be adjusted to whatever you prefer including different movement methods like direct movement, optional FOV filters, and more. Simply go into the game’s main menu and go to settings, then VR, to adjust as you like.

Ways to Play

We wanted to provide a few tips for those jumping into Skyrim VR on how you can make it customizable to your play style and comfort.

  • Skyrim VR can be played with either the PlayStation Move controllers or with the DualShock 4.
  • The game includes both teleportation and direct movement options and various settings to cater to your comfort level. The game will default to Teleportation movement but simply go into main menu > gameplay settings > VR > movement and switch to your preferred option.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

There are other settings as well in the VR menu that can be adjusted to whatever you prefer, including comfort options, dominant hand selection, and more.

  • Move Controllers: Free movement happens when pressing the Move button (the large button on the Left Motion Controller) and pointing in a direction. Turning is the right Motion Controller X or O buttons.
  • DualShock 4: The DualShock will work just like it does in the original PS4 version with one exception — camera movement isn’t allowed with the right stick, instead it’s done via the VR headset and the right stick controls turning.

Your First Steps Through Skyrim

Watch our new PlayStation VR demonstration video above featuring Skyrim VR Lead Producer Andrew Scharf and Bethesda Assistant Director Matt Grandstaff showcasing how to prepare for the award-winning game’s move to PlayStation VR.

We’ve also reimagined a number of gameplay systems for VR. Of course, there’s our updates to combat. Melee and ranged combat like firing a bow and arrow, using sword and shield to bash your enemies, feel even more real thanks to motion controls.

With the Move controllers, you can now attack multiple targets simultaneously using spells. Each hand has 360 degree full range of motion, and can operate independently of the other hand – a first for Skyrim. The skills and map menus are also now a 360 degree experience. You can be in the center of the heavens with these constellations orbiting around you as you level up or get a true bird’s eye view of the Skyrim map and fast travel to your favorite locations.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

Huge thanks to all our developers, external partners, the great people at PlayStation, and you for the support and praise.

We’re incredibly excited that Skyrim VR will be one of the first open-world games for virtual reality. It’s the first time that anything like this has been done and we can’t wait to hear about your new adventures in Skyrim VR.

Now get out there and play with the PlayStation VR Skyrim VR bundle!

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  • You added locomotion to the move controllers? Ok that’s cool.

  • Currently level 10 and enjoying the experience. I recently unlocked the Archery skill that says hold the block button while aiming to zoom in. Can you achieve this with the Move controllers? I have tried all the buttons and can’t get it to zoom. Any help?

    • you have to hold block while the arrow is drawn on the left trigger while you hold the right one and draw the arrow back, it definitely takes some time getting to use too with the move controllers.. i didn’t look any controls for it when i first when in and my head was spinning, but it works great once you get the hang of it.

    • Did you find out how it Works? I have the same Problem …

  • Does anyone know if there is a button on the Move Controllers to quickly change from bow to sword?

    • You have to set desired weapons to “favorite”. On the left Move controller, circle brings up the favorite menu.

  • As someone who’s never played Skyrim, I am completely loving it in VR. Fantastic!

  • Hey Sony its Saturday and you still havent announced which retailers are participating in the PSVR sale thats supposed to start tomorrow. I call gamestop and walmart and they know nothing about it.

  • i would much like to buy this game, but im quiet afraid of motion sickness, is there a demo of this game?

    • If you can play the demo for raw data and not get sick you’ll be fine. It uses full comfort setting like teleportation, blinders and blink turning.

    • I really suffer from motion sickness with the VR, can’t do Driving/flying games. But I have found Skyrim surprisingly playable, even to be able to not use the teleport movement. I just take my time, don’t strafe sideways, and I am ok. Move controllers take some getting used to but definately add to the whole immersive experience.

  • How do I switch which hand my shield is in, I’ve tried switching dominant hands in options but it will only let me hold the shield in my left hand.

    • If the shield is in your left hand and you want it on the right – physically switch the Move controllers to opposite hands.

  • The game in VR is awesome, but I had to give up on the Move controllers because there’s no way to back up. (At least that I can find.) The controls really need a backpedal key.

    Because of that, I had to fall back to Dualshock controls.

    • You can backpedal. While holding the left move button, instead of pointing it straight to move forward. point it behind you (over your shoulder) to move backwards.

  • Anyone know how to wait using move controls can’t find a bed every time

  • how do you wait with the move controllers?

  • Move Controls Suggestion: Please make it so one can just hold the turn buttons (R – X and O) to turn smoothly instead of incremental. There are a lot of us that don’t get motion sickness and get tired of click, click, clicking to turn. Possibly add turn speed and sensitivity in the VR settings…

  • Hi there guys does anyone know why my cumpus is at the bottom of my screen instead of the top of the screen in Skyrim VR.

  • I know I have spelt compass wrong for some reason I forgot how to spell it.

    • They had to make it static and put it below for optimal user experience

      If they left it at the top itd either get in the way constantly, or you wouldnt be able to focus on it propperly with your eyes if they made it dynamic
      Now its always in the same place, and not in the way of anything… Unless you like staring at the ground a lot

    • yeah, this is an issue
      is very hard to know how much mana / health / Stamina you have during combat

      hope they add an option in near future.

  • How do i use the move controllers? my DS4 and 2 move controllers are connected to my ps4 and activated on my profile but i just cant use the move controllers in skyrim VR.
    when i press the ps button on the move controller i come in the playstation menu but when i open skyrim VR i only can play with the DS4 controller and the lights from my move controllers go out.

    • I had that issue too.
      the way to change that you must be on the main menu (before you load a save game)
      there is a VR menu, where you can only select between dualshock 4 controller or move controllers setup. then when you select that option and you load the save you will be using the new controller scheme.

  • I wish someone could explain me why skyrim dosn’t use the move control playstation with the normal remote vr controller? Just like with the gun control accesory using the single (not the dual shock) remote with the walking stick could use shild and walk and the other used to point in gun games can be used to grab a sword or whatever…
    There are 3 ways…
    Only remote controller
    Dual shock
    And the walking stick controller used to walk and another normal remote control…
    So easy…
    Why no one gives us options to use the third and best option….

  • Loving it so far with the move controllers. However I have been having an issue where if I look to the left, my character draws their weapons, and sometimes it just happens on it’s own, and it keeps doing this everytime I sheath the weapons. Anyone else experience this and know how to make it stop? It does get annoying enough to make me want to put the move controllers down and just play with the regular controller.

    • I’m experiencing the exact same thing and I’ve alre accidentally hit someone because of it. Any tips to make my weapons stay sheathed would be great.

  • Is there a chance to see your character? I’m not saying to play in a third person, but just to see it briefly. for example to see how the clothes or braces are.

    • I totally agree. What’s the use of having different looking armor or different looking races if you can’t even look at your character?! It’s completly untrue that in third person it’s not immersive. 3rd person worked amazingly in Theseus. 3rd person would also probably be less dizzying and notious

  • How do you do those awesome executions? Did they take them out? Don’t get me wrong it’s awesome being able to stab them with the sword and all but I miss seeing the execution happen like slitting there throats and such

  • We really need a backpedal button. I know you can put your left hand backwards over your shoulder, but off hand magic, shield, or bow becomes unusable when you do.

    I have seen a suggestion where you put back pedal where the system button is on the left controller, then put the system button to the options button, as you have 2 of them. Would be perfect and be the perfect move layout.

  • **Aaaaach please help!** – Playing the game and loving it but something happened and all of a sudden my height is always inches from the ground, making the game unplayable for me. I’ve tried everything including restarting my PS4 and recalibrating my headset and move controllers, nothing works. So disappointed ….. Anyone have any feedback???

    • you are croach maybe
      if you press triangle button in the right move controller (jump), but instead of pressing it you should hold it, and then you can stand.
      sorry if you are having other issue. just trying to help :)

    • Had that problem when i played Skyrim on Xbox one. There was nothing i could do except reload an older save (before that problem happened).

  • Picture this with motion control gloves instead off those controllers. Lets say they work like the live vision camera but instead of your whole body they use the motion light to put the motion of yo whole hand n fingures in the game. Give you a more real and better vr experience. That’s on my wish list

    • For example. Sony ps gloves with a live vision camera right over yo hands n fingurs attached to the glove. On the inside of the glove right in yo pom cud be a motion sensor light. In ww2 u open pom to throw gernade. U use yo trigger finger to shoot. Dbz vr u open pom for power u put to open poms together for super. U use fingers to fight grab or use supplies. Motion lights n vision cam seem simlar but ik they’ll make em work with the vr headset like wonderfully.

  • I am really enjoying the VR version of Skyrim. Sometimes I feel like a Hobbit or a Dwarf because my character (Imperial) doesn’t feel very tall in the world,.but I know that is more an affectation of the VR itself, and not a glitch. :)

    The game handles great, and aiming is so much easier since all you have to do is pretty much look at your target, lining up your reticle, and hacking/slashing/loosing/casting.

    The only major issue I have with this otherwise great game is that the menus are completely skewed. Sometimes I feel like I have to try and break my neck just to look at a menu screen which should be front and centered, but is, instead, skewed off to the right of my POV. I’ve tried using the OPTIONS forward visual correct method. No dice. I’ve tried using the R3 Forward Correct funtion in the game. No dice.

    I am well centered in front of my PSVR camera.

    Any suggestions? Heellllllllllllllllpppppppppp! :)

    • This info might help in anyone providing an answer as well. I am only using a DS4 controller. No Move controllers.

    • Never mind. It somehow seems to have self-corrected.

      Some observations about the skewed menus…

      1. It seemed like the skewing of the menu had something to do with your location and proximity of obstacles and terrain features in Skyrim. It seemed as if, the more I was in open territory, the more likely the menu would be centered. I believe this has now proven untrue.

      2. The menu seemed to have self-corrected over time. Perhaps that was all it needed.

      If anyone does have any actual working solutions though, they would be most appreciated.

      “Breath and Focus”.

  • I was going to get this game and I usually use two handed weapons and was wondering how the move controllers work with two handed weapons. Do you hold them differently or something? I was just curious

    • 2 handed weapons ultimately only require you to move your primary hand. But you can’t actually use your secondary hand for other things (interacting with objects/items/NPCs). If you hold the weapon sideways (parallel to the ground like a cross in front of you) you block, but I have a hard time telling how effective it is or if it is actually working at all.

  • Thank you guys. This is amazing!

    And now for my greediness (and I am sure you have heard it a million times) Please bring the Falloutz to VR.

    I don’t think it’d be much of a stretch for Fallout 4 to work on this.

    So loving analog movement. Finally someone understands this!!!

  • How do you look at yourself in the Skyrim VR

  • My game seems to be bugged. Playing with the controller. I cant get the sword from the chest in the opening tutorial. Pressing X to activate doesnt seem to open. Have tried multiple times. What am I doing wrong?

  • Hello Skyrimmers. Does anybody know how to make a power attack with the move controllers (when having a two handed weapon)? Moreover, is it possible to block with a two handed weapon like it used to be on the original?

    Im a kinda warrior style and not having these lacks diversification during combat :)

    • Hold the trigger buttons on the back of the Move controllers to do power versions. This works with shield bash or weapons. If you hold the 2-handed weapon sideways (parallel to the ground like a cross in front of you) you block, but I have a hard time telling how effective it is or if it is actually working at all.

  • Im Playing skyrim vr with move Controllers and Building an Archer. There is this skill called Steady aim which Slows Time when Block is held… can anyone Tell me which key that is or how i can Use this skill with move controllers?

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