The Force is Strong With PlayStation

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The Force is Strong With PlayStation

Star Wars Battlefront II launches this week on PS4. Enjoy our new live-action TV spot, Rivalry.

With the long awaited Star Wars Battlefront II launching in a matter of days, I’m excited to reveal our latest live action campaign: “Rivalry.” You’ll see this airing on TV over the next few weeks, but we wanted to show it here for our biggest fans.

In this new spot, watch as our heroes take their rivalry to the next level. Star Wars fans will notice iconic motifs like the Death Star, the Battle of Hoth, and many more. Watch the spot, pre-order Star Wars Battlefront II for PlayStation 4, and prepare to settle the score with your greatest rivals.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Whether you have yet to join the PS4 family, or simply want to add another Limited Edition console to your collection, we’ve got two new Star Wars Battlefront II bundles launching this month. Pre-order yours here. The Limited Edition bundle launching November 14 for $449.99 USD (MSRP) comes with a custom designed PS4 Pro, matching DualShock 4 wireless controller and the Deluxe Edition of the game. The Star Wars Battlefront II PS4 bundle launching on November 17 for $299.99 USD (MSRP) includes a Jet Black 1TB HDD standard PS4, DualShock 4 wireless controller and a copy of Star Wars Battlefront II Standard Edition.

Enjoy our new video, and let us know in the comments which side you’ll be fighting for. May the Force be with you!

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  • I’ll be fighting for the side of consumers who are tired of $60-$100 games being balanced like free-to-play mobile games. Hard pass on this one, sorry. Seems like a lot of folks’ hard work is getting badly undermined by some terrible, greedy decisions at the top.

    • Guys, c’mon… let’s try and be a positive community here. We’re better than this.

    • I’m not going to rah rah cheerlead companies that deliberately make their games worse in order to bilk people out of more money. It’s one thing to ask people to be nice to each other here. But don’t tell people not to call out slimy behavior from companies that know what they’re doing.

    • This is not about being negative, it’s about taking a stand for companies like EA who are destroying games with their hostile tactics. It’s a business and they must earn money, we can respect that, but their is a limit to how much they can squeeze people and that limit has been hit now. If we don’t react and vote with our wallets, this is the future of gaming.

    • Taking a stand against , not for.. off course :)

    • lol, or better yet, wait 5 months when the price goes down to 20 bucks, not supporting ea with those type shenanigans anymore, they should learn a playbook from their own Titanfall 2 to see how it is done. Dice does make some beautiful games, but man, sad about the way they are doing BF2 :(

    • Why are you posting this here? Sony didn’t make the game or have anything to do with it besides a cross promotion. Go complain to ea because Sony can’t do anything. And the game is fun, I just don’t use microtransactions and hasnt stopped me from having fun blasting people in a few rounds here and there.

    • Because people need to be informed how shady EA is doing microtransactions in the game. It’s great if you like it, but people need to know that you have to grind 40 hours to play a hero like Luke, something which was not necessary in the first game. People needs to be informed that there is pay2win in the game and if you don’t want to pay, expect to spend 100’s of hours grinding away to unlock upgrades.

    • Yea, with all what ea is pulling I might switch to f2p games :/ also, tired of EA’s bs excuses to cover making more money.
      P.S. gamers stand together!

    • incoming kids crying about EA 3..2…1……

  • Do not buy STAR WARS Battlefront II. EA has ruined it with pay2win transactions and crazy grind, eg. over 40 hours grind to play Luke OR Vader. Do not support EA, when they launch a game with such hostile microtransactions. Rent the game or get it used in a couple of months, do not give them money, until they have fixed it.

    If the game sells less then expected, it will influence their budget and it will influence their stocks, which their investors doesn’t like. If you don’t want your hobby, to turn into a number-game by accountants who wants to squeze you as much as possible, this is it now, react and vote with your wallets.

    • I agree 100%. To anyone who isn’t aware of the issue, just look it up. You can find plenty of articles, and posts on reddit.
      For the lazy ones, the summary is EA made it difficult or expensive to unlock the best, iconic heroes. So you either have to grind for dozens of hours, or pay out the rear for a ton of in-game currency to buy the best characters.
      Does anyone want to spend hundreds of dollars on micro-transactions, after they already spent $60 on a game?
      Horrible, abusive unlock scheme, by the worst company in America. Boo EA! Shame!

  • I’ll grab this later. Have one to many games to finish right now. May get the physical version since the wife doesn’t like Battlefront.

  • YES!!! Commercial of the Year (COTY) right here! That was a tremendous commercial that hit all the right spots. Cannot wait for Friday! May the force be with you ALL!!

  • Sony must be getting a lot of push back because I requested a refund on my pre-order and they refused. I hate being a hardcore Star Wars fan to have to put up with this kind of game. This will be the last time I pre-order anything from Sony and the last EA game I purchase.

    • If true that’s very odd….most stores will give you your money back if you cancel a preorder, considering NOTHING has been bought!

  • Yeah this is getting ridiculous. If companies want us to constantly pay like a free to play game, then just make the game free to play from the start. Paying over $60 to get a game that constantly encourages you to pay more, and not-so-subtly tunes up the requirement to endlessly grind to progress is hostile to consumers. I want to play the single-player campaign, but not if paying full-price will encourage EA and other companies to continue these tactics by giving them another sale. I never buy used games, but that’s how it’s looking for this one just to play the campaign.

  • That’s one not-so-pretty PS4 Pro. It looks as if somebody slapped some cheap decals on it. Why does the Japanese market receive all the seriously awesome limited edition make-overs?

    I love Star Wars, and I was so looking forward to a good singleplayer campaign. Unfortunately the SP campaign is short and forgettable. More than that I will NOT support anything published by EA and their predatory practices. Baiting to people to pay considerably more just so they can play three days early is predatory. (The other bonuses are just junk so no mention is deserved.) Having the game loaded with microtransactions so players who spend can have advantages is unfair to gamers and symptomatic of a publisher unconcerned with the gaming experience. Why can’t we just have a fun multiplayer without the MTs? If players want to buy to dress up, that’s one thing (and equally ridiculous), but it doesn’t affect the game. I miss the glory days when we only had map packs to deal with.

  • Well the good news is EA has backed off their ridiculous 40 hour grind for Luke, or Vader, reducing the cost of all characters by up to 75%.

    The bad news is they’re probably going to lower the rate you earn credits in order to make it more of a grind, because microtransactions are gonna microtransaction.

  • I’ll be skipping this one as well. Microtransactions shouldn’t provide bonuses to gameplay.

  • I love everything star wars but I’ll have to pass on this one. I can’t support EA’s greedy business and nobody who loves gaming should.

  • Boy Playstation…. EA really nailed you on this deal eh? Live and learn!

  • Please let us cancel our preorders on this game. I have no doubt the developers will attempt to fix the game, but I should be able to keep my money until they detail their promises.

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