Shooty Fruity for PS VR: 7 Things to Know About Defending Your Supermarket

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Shooty Fruity for PS VR: 7 Things to Know About Defending Your Supermarket

What happens when you mix a PlayStation VR and two PS Move controllers with a store full of mutant fruit…

Shooty Fruity is coming to PlayStation VR this Christmas. Haven’t heard anything about the game yet? Well, it’s a multi-tasking VR shooter that is only possible if you have two PS Move controllers. As the latest employee of Super Mega Mart you must do your job by scanning, serving and packing to earn tons of deadly weaponry that will protect you and the store from genetically modified fruit hell-bent on attacking you! It’s been going down a storm at events over the last few months and was voted the 5th top Rezzed game at EGX in September, and we can’t wait to get it into everyone’s hands later this year!

Shooty Fruity

We have 7 things we’d love to share with you about the game ahead of the launch!

1. You’re a Multi-Tasking Store Clerk…

…And multi-taskers don’t just do one job — they do several! We already revealed the checkout job earlier in the year (have a look here if you want to see more) and now we’re delighted to show the canteen job for the first time. Become a key component in the pre-processed food packing industry and ensure everyone can have a high calorie, low nutrition meal ready to heat at home. Placing freeze dried food sachets onto the right tray compartment may seem simple, until you have an angry pomegranate firing its pips in your face and you realise that store management are refusing to slow down the line!

Any more jobs than these two? Absolutely, but you’ll need to wait until launch to see…

2. There’s an Entire ‘Career’

There’s stacks of different shifts to undertake across the game, each offering three unique challenges. Adjust your playing style and approach to each job shift to complete challenges that unlock new jobs, shifts, weaponry and high-tech powerups and may turn the tide in the ages old battle of man versus fruit.

Shooty Fruity

What’s more, killing overly aggressive fruit rewards you with ‘Juice’. Not just useful for tracking your high scores, Juice can be used for expanding your arsenal. Speaking of which…

3. Weapons can be bought from a Vending Machine

Fancy a new more powerful weapon? Visit the ‘Vendomatic’ in the employee staff room to see what management are offering today. If you have the Juice, just tap in the number and voila, there’s your new Feckler 500 Flak Cannon!

Weapons come across multiple classes, from revolvers and SMGs to shotguns and high-explosives, and they all level up in very unlikely ways. That Flak Cannon we mentioned? That’s the level 2 shotgun. Just wait until you see level 3!

4. Loadouts can be fully customised and tested!

Different weapons aren’t just there to make you feel like a juicier John McClane. Ahead of a shift you can freely customise your loadout to strategically balance the strengths and scarcity of each weapons, with weaknesses of fruit you may encounter. Fighting a ton of armoured watermelons then you’ll probably want the armour piercing Desert Fox revolver, whereas a small army of limes really need the awesome fire rate that only a Katastrakov assault rifle can offer. Simple!

Shooty Fruity

What’s more you can test your weapons on the firing range before hitting the job. The fruit is much cuter when it’s made of metal and not trying to kill you!

5. Become an Ingenious Demolitions Expert.

Motion control allows you to interact with things in the game in playful ways like you could in real life and this is really evident with the explosives.

Take the humble Fruitmentation grenade. Feel free to pull the pin out and throw it as normal, but why not throw two at once by pulling the pins with your mouth? Or throw a few into a nice pile and detonate them with a well-placed pistol shot? Or ‘serve’ them with your hand like a tennis ball? Totally up to you!

There’s also the C4 Slingshot. Strategically place your explosives and then kaboom – you have yourself a smoothie.

Is there more explodey things? Well, you’ll need to wait and see won’t you?

6. Chill out in the Staff Room

The staff room is your central hub between shifts. See how you rate at the leaderboard arcade machine, purchase new weapons from the Vendomatic, before selecting your shift and customising your loadout at the locker. Want to have a bit of a break instead? Well just kick back and have a coffee!

Shooty Fruity

7. The Night Shift is only For the Brave

Think oranges, melons and ninja limes are totally not scary? You’ve never been on the night shift checkout…

Shooty Fruity

Want More? Well, we’ll give you more… soon!

We’ll be revealing more of the game ahead of its launch on December 19. Also, if you get the game at launch or over the holiday period you get free in-game content. plus some themes and avatars too. Call it an extra Christmas present from Super Mega Mart to you!

Shooty Fruity

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