War With Friends in League of War: VR Arena

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War With Friends in League of War: VR Arena

Players can go head-to-head in this social arena.

In bringing the “League of War” universe to PS VR, MunkyFun had a number of options. We wanted the game to be “pick up and play” for anyone, while also having deeper strategy for the more serious gamers. But one of the biggest considerations for us was to push hard on developing the two-player head to head aspect of the game, to effectively bring “Social” to VR.

League of War: VR Arena

For many of us in the game community, nothing screams “video game fun” more than a couple of friends on a couch, competitively mashing their buttons and joysticks at each other. Whether it’s a pair of fighters duking it out in the street, or a classic sports game, video game consoles have been built for head-to-head gaming for almost 40 years now.

And that’s the experience we wanted to bring to the PS VR with League of War: VR Arena.

A key component of Sony PS VR is the Social Screen in the living room. So we went to work. At a minimum, your non-gamer friends can now follow your exploits close up on the battlefield by using the interactive spectator camera that we implemented for the Social Screen.

But most importantly, for your gaming family and friends, we are proud to say that we have implemented an Arcade mode that allows the Social Screen player to enter into head-to-head play with the VR player. How does it work?

League of War: VR Arena

With the Social Screen, League of War players don’t have to passively sit on the sidelines while their VR headset-wearing buddy is blowing up wave after wave of virtual tanks and choppers. By simply grabbing a standard Dualshock controller and pressing a button, League of War allows players to jump into the game and challenge their VR pals head-to-head for military supremacy. It’s the primal arcade experience, brought to the world of VR.

So grab a friend, download League of War: VR Arena, and start having fun blowing each other to smithereens – it’s the Social VR experience you’ve been waiting for.

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  • Hi! Game looks great. Does it offer online multiplayer, or is it strictly local?


  • Playstation Home VR would be the best in social gaming

  • Finally! I have been raving about the benefits of Interactive Social Screen for couch co op since it was used in Playroom VR.
    I think that games that do not even feature VR should use the headset this way. Instead of Split Screen, 2 screens. One in VR and the other the TV.

    Good Job Munkyfun

    • 3D TVs used to have this feature on certain split screen games. The person with the glasses saw a different screen than the one without.

  • Got this last night. Awesome fun. Going to try to get my wife to at it with me so we can be like that insanely happy couple in the commercial.

  • Yeah,

    Whats up fellow thumb bumbs!
    Any idea’s crawling about total costs just to play a ” i shoot you, you shoot me VR game?

    Most likely expensive before first combat right?
    fastestformula1, yes I am faster than most if not all you monkey’s without doubt.!

    look @ my dark skid marks.!
    real kids do it in the dirt.!

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