PlayStation App Gets a Whole New Look

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PlayStation App Gets a Whole New Look

Update the app on your iOS or Android device for a completely revamped experience.

PlayStation App lets you stay connected to your PlayStation 4 experience wherever you go, and today it is being updated with a completely new design, providing you with a more intuitive and smoother experience to stay connected to your friends and the games you love to play.

A change you’ll notice when you boot up the PS App, are the new tabs at the bottom of the screen for popular features such as What’s New, Friends, and your Profile. It’s now easier and faster to switch between viewing who’s online, what they are playing, and keeping up with the latest activities and posts from your friends and the PlayStation community.

PlayStation AppPlayStation AppPlayStation App

You can now also easily access PlayStation Store, voucher code redemption, and other popular apps and features, including Events, Trophies, PlayStation Plus, and a list of new and upcoming PlayStation 4 games by using the new blue PlayStation button at the bottom.

After the update, the Live from PlayStation feature will no longer be accessible on PS App but you will still be able to spectate the countless game broadcasts from the dashboard of your PS4. Also, the PS4 Second Screen functionality is now a separate standalone app, allowing you to easily switch between its features and the PS App. Just as a reminder, Second Screen can be used as a keyboard to enter text on your PS4 from your mobile device, and also works with games that have a Second Screen feature.

If you don’t already have PS App installed in your mobile devices, it’s free to download through the App Store on iOS 9.0 or later and through Google Play on Android 4.1 or later. There are more improvements coming to PS App in the future, so stay tuned! Let us know what you think of PS App’s new look in the comments below.

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3 Author Replies

  • Where is the PS4 Second Screen app?

  • It would be cool to be able to watch saved videos and screenshots through the app. I get really bored at school and anywhere away from my playstation really.

  • Disregard previous message…found it.

    Can you make PS4 Remote Play available on all Android?

    • You can with the cracked version of the Remote Play App. Works great for me. 3 year strong.

    • Yeah put on 2 step auth (if you are scared of what could happen with a cracked app) and get a cracked app. They can’t ever access your account with 2 step on I mean I can barely access my stuff with it on, lol. But at the end of the day the android app is totally worth it. <3 it. I would craft on my phone on Final Fantasy XIV on my Galaxy S5, and everything was good in the world. I could play turn based RPGs without active time issues, I could use a dongle to hook up a PS3 controller via usb and play like that, laying in bed. It was like having a Wii U on steroids with amazing games.

  • Thanks for the team who redesign this app cause I’ve been waiting for this to happen for quite sometime this year. It looks beautiful! :D

  • Give us a Remote Play and PS Now mobile app!

  • Please get rid of the messaging app and put it all into one app. It’s so annoying to have the two apps.
    Also, please tell me you got rid of the notification that comes up every time the ps app boots up to download a third(!!!) playstation “communities” app. That’s so annoying!

  • I have been using this app on a tablet. What happened to landscape mode? Unusable without this mode.

  • So, you still force us to use that stupid messenger app? I will just pass on downloading the new app. I deleted the first app when i was forced to get a second app after you supposedly upgraded the app. I don’t miss it enough to download multiple apps when the first app was so perfect.

  • Separating the features into different apps is aggravating. I will not bother to use any of them. Please consider consolidating functionality into one app.

    • Companies usually split app so they can fix problems and update each more frequently. I dont know Sony’s reason for doing it but it really isnt that big a deal. They could have done it to keep the file size of the app from getting too big too. I know if the downloads were 200mb-1gb everyone would be complaining about that too.

    • my friend uses the messaging app a lot and said they added new sticker which I dont know what they are but now you can receive music that has been shared with you from a PS4, and messages containing a URL now display a preview i think photos do it too. I have used the app here and there but I never keep it on my phone. I use it when I need it when a game comes out my friends and I all play and delete it when we all move on to other games.

  • Looks great so far. Much better than the last design and nice smooth transitions/animations. Unfortunately the store aspect didnt get such a treatment and is still pretty sluggish.

  • mnie się nie podoba ta niedbałość rozmieszczenia ikon w tym jasno niebieskim okienku rozwijanym bez żadnego ładu i składu…i ten biały kolor w oczy kole zróbcie proszę to żeby się do ekrany dopasowywało w zależności od wielkości wyświetlacza i ja chcę ciemny motyw…

  • Good God, can people please quit lazily putting crappy iOS ports on Android in lieu of a real Android app? Interfaces built for iOS make no sense on Android devices. You’d think a company that literally makes Android phones of all companies would understand that.

    • It’s just some pictures that you tap or swipe. Literally not a big deal or hard to understand. Relax or find a problem worth solving.

  • Very, very nice.

  • Three separate apps now?! What a joke! That is just about as inconvenient as possible. I wish I had know that before updating.

  • It’s stuck in portrait on iPad. Please make it landscape as well.

  • The new captcha verification was very hard for me to use. Kept going in a loop of road signs and cars. Was stuck on it for 5 minutes trying to log into either the app or signing in to make this comment

  • Multiple apps is not a good user experience and adds no value that I can discern. Also please update your apps to not look like garbage on the iPhone X. Thanks.

  • Stop making different apps, just put everything in one. I shouldn’t need a folder of PS apps on my phone.

  • Great to see a more mobile optimized version of the app. Also it seems to bee a little more responsive than the old one.
    But I can just agree with the others. Please enable the landscape mode for iPads again!

  • I’ve sent multiple emails to the devs of this app asking for a tab for us to be able to view our saved clips and haven’t heard a word back. Xbox app lets you view your saved clips, so why are we so far behind? DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.

    • Not only that but you still have to upload everything to social media just to be able to see it on your feed. Xbox app saves every picture/clip right to the app and anyone can view them.

  • not that Playstation Live was an essential feature on the app, but why was it removed? I actually thought it was cool to watch my friends play live , straight from my phone, especially if I’m busy in a game and just want to support them.

  • Did you guys remove the ability to sort trophies? I can’t seem to find the option.

  • Seems awfully bright. Would have liked a dark theme option. Still don’t get the application separation. Should be simple enough to combine all functions into one app.

  • Why is Fabrice Miller’s profile background pulling a color from his cover photo? Mine is default PSN blue even though on my playstation it’s pulling from the cover image and shows black.

  • The new app is absolutely gorgeous! Loving it!!!

  • This new Material Design UI it’s Beautiful. But! Removing the second screen, Live from PlayStation and Messaging were and are a mistake. Please bring them back to the original app!

  • Nice! I was wondering when the PS App would be updated to match the UI and feel of the Messages/Communities apps, which definitely felt a bit snappier so this is good! It’s kind of a bummer to see Live from PS go, and having *yet another* standalone app, bringing the number of apps for core functionality app to a whopping 4. I can’t really imagine the value of being able to multi-task swap between PS App and Second Screen, but hey, it is what it is. It’s still nice seeing the core PS App updated!

  • Pretty sad about “Live from Playstation” being removed, that being said I hope some effort starts going into all the social stuff on Playstation.

    We need an overhaul for the PSN communities! Please take a page from literally any gaming forum/community (gamefaqs for example) and make the posts on communites sorted into topics and make them sortable!

  • I hate to be critical, but whoever approved this without landscape orientation for tablets should be fired. The app is a giant step back. Just ridiculous.


  • No Landscape support!? Where is the option to organize trophies in different ways?! Cmon guys.

  • Need to be in landscape mode for viewing with iPad! I use the Apple’s keyboard/cover and my iPad is in landscape orientation, not in portrait! Hope Playstation mobile department take note and with next update the PS app is in landscape mode with portrait as option for iPad users.

    -bring back Landscape mode please especially for tablets
    -bring back the trophy view options for organization
    -merge all your apps into one central Playstation app
    Nope, terrible redesign, they stripped features that were there before and its got a horrid white background now. This is a downgrade. I’m done with this app till it’s fixed.
    I think I’m done with the Playstation social features all together. I’m going to stick to what Playstation is known best for. The GAMES.
    Please listen to the fan outcry Playstation. The app is getting terrible reviews and is already at 3 stars.

  • Thank you I love the new update on ps App

  • Was really hoping to be able to watch replays and stuff on here like the xbox app. How is this not a thing yet?? And instead of merging the messages app you’ve instead created ANOTHER separate app for second screen?! Who green lights these stupid changes??

  • Can we get an update for the iPhone X. The new app looks horrible with the black bars above and below the app.

  • Omg can we opt-out of displaying our real name! I don’t even want to see my name on my personal account. I chose a handle for a reason!

  • I can’t find this update and I have iOS 11.0

  • A native PS Store app is really needed. The current web-based version is horrible.

  • Haven’t checked yet but are the other PlayStation apps getting an interface refresh?

  • I already made the update and I’m sorry to say I’m really disappointed. It is all web based, it is practically jut like using Chrome. It is slower to load than the prior version, and so far even more unstable. It has frozen on me 4 times already, and it fails to connect to the network regularly.Please patch it, better still, make it a native app which only downloads new informationas needed, with the interface being on the phone natively.

  • Can you fix the cover image profile from centering so it will actually fit the whole cover image that is on the PS4? The cover image on the app cuts the image up. Thxs!

  • Wtf?! I wanna back playstation live function!

  • I like the design of the app but i can’t believe they took away live from PlayStation. I used that part of my app more than the rest. What a shame!

  • Event management is missing. How do I invite individuals or groups to my events? I can see the events by the new app is not nearly as functional as the previous version. I would like to go back to the older version because of this. Not good

  • Just downloaded the app, and noticed in the “tutorial” that you’re supposed to be able to change your profile color somehow?

    Cannot seem to figure out how to do this.

    • ??? Would love to get an answer to this. Or were you guys showing off a feature that hasn’t even been released yet?

      Really should communicate this!

  • My only question is, Where is the option to make “An Event”? My friends, on the weekends are accustomed to making events to “get together” for game nights. But we cannot find that option anywhere on the updated app. Not happy.

  • Ridiculous bad ideas. Why remove live from PlayStation? How people supposed to watch streaming from their phone or tablets? Just why? You do not update to reduce functions. That’s fundamental for updates.
    I never comment anything before but enough for all those social SNS things. to compete with whom? twitter or facebook? That’s a joke. Please stay foucs on gaming related functions.

  • Really liked how you could create an event from the app before. Used it to schedule game sessions with friends while away from the PS4. Now all you can do is view events (unless I’m missing the ‘create’ button somewhere).

  • I like the new layout but there are some features that were removed from the previous version that I really liked.
    – Trophies can no longer be sorted by rarity, earned date, etc.
    – Friends list does not automatically refresh. Every time I use the app I have to manually refresh to see who is online

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