PlayStation Experience 2017 Update: Here’s the Plan

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PlayStation Experience 2017 Update: Here’s the Plan

Let’s talk. Here’s what’s in store for Anaheim, CA this December 9 and 10.

Now that PlayStation’s big Paris Games Week announcements are out in the wild, it’s time to talk about a little something we like to call PSX! The fourth edition of the PlayStation community event with return to the Anaheim Convention Center in California this December 9 and 10, so if you haven’t already… go get your ticket!

First, a question. Are you currently holding an Early Bird ticket for PlayStation Experience? Good — that means you’ll be granted access to an exclusive presentation at the Anaheim Convention Center the evening of Friday, December 8 starting at 8:00pm Pacific Time.

In this opening presentation, PlayStation Worldwide Studios Chairman Shawn Layden will provide an update to attendees, we’ll meet some special guests, along with a few surprises and game updates. Should be fun!

Then, on December 9 and 10, PlayStation Experience will open to general ticket holders starting at 10:00am. And this year’s experience is shaping up to be truly unique!

In addition to hands-on gameplay with the next wave of PS4 and PS VR games, attendees will dive deeper into some of PlayStation’s biggest games by means of immersive interactive experiences that blend the world of game and reality. I’m dying to say more… but it’s a bit too soon to share details. Stay tuned!

In addition, we’ll be featuring a new slate of panels that reveal more developer insights into some of the biggest announcements coming out of Paris Games Week and beyond. We’re still finalizing the full list of participating developers, but you can count on some of Worldwide Studios’ biggest and brightest making an appearance, including Sucker Punch Productions, Media Molecule, and more. Want to learn more about Ghost of Tsushima and Dreams? Then PSX is where you need to be.

This year, we’ve expanded the overall show floor space by about 50% to accommodate all these new activities, which will also include new competition areas for GT Sport, a larger PlayStation Gear Store with merchandise unavailable online and more.

We’ll have many more details to share in the following weeks, including more info on developer panels, autograph signings, merchandise updates, Capcom Cup, other activities and more.

Until then, I’ll be watching and rewatching that Ghost of Tsushima announcement trailer. More soon!

Show Hours


10:00am to 10:00pm


10:00am to 10:00pm6:00pm*

Update: Show floor closes at 6:00pm on Sunday, with Capcom Cup activities extending beyond.

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2 Author Replies

  • Wait… So is there no keynote on Saturday morning? Is the keynote now Friday night? This isnt very clear.

    • I agree. This isn’t very clear? Is there a keynote or not and when is it?

      Also, the timing for Saturday can’t be right: 10 pm to 10 pm…

    • “exclusive presentation at the Anaheim Convention Center the evening of Friday, December 8 starting at 8:00pm Pacific Time.
      In this opening presentation, PlayStation Worldwide Studios Chairman Shawn Layden will provide an update to attendees, we’ll meet some special guests, along with a few surprises and game updates. Should be fun!”

      Guessing that would be it. Friday night.

    • it’s kinda annoying if the keynote is on Friday, because they offered tickets for the video game award show which is also that night….

    • actually The TGA are the night before Still upset they wherent upfront with the “SPECIAL EVENT” Being the keynote, Checked tickets First week in september nextMorning i went to buy my tickets they where sold out :(

    • Just verified…you are right its that thursday….guess I’m going to cancel my plans for the WB tour on thursday.

    • On Friday night, we’ll have a special presentation with opening remarks, special guests and game updates to talk about. We’re not calling it a Showcase given that we’re coming a few weeks off of Paris Games Week, but we’ll have some cool content to share.

    • When is the EAST COAST gonna get some love? West coast gets everything, we even have a theater named PLAYSTATION THEATER in NYC but can’t ever enjoy any of the shows, not fair, SONY WE LOVE YOU ALSO HERE IN THE EAST. Sony fan here, just gives us some love.

    • They were jelly ms got to talk by a plate of donuts at gamescom.

    • Is there a keynote like there is every year.

      Yes or no?

    • So when is registration then?

    • I don’t know how I got lucky but I got early bird tickets, so that means I’ll be at the Keynote. Hope the rumour of Devil May Cry 5 becomes a reality. Can’t wait!

    • @mpnjdevil07 – The PS4 Pro event was at the PlayStation Theater at NYC.

  • Hopefully the successor to PlayStation All Stars gets announced at the showcase this time.

  • It appears that the media showcase is now on Friday night to avoid the crazy lineup for it? If that’s the case, I wish this were clearer ahead of time, but oh well.

    Makes sense to do it this way and then leave the big crowds to actually go in at the same time rather than be stuck waiting outside during the presentation.

  • Hope we get a Yakuza Kiwami 2 localization announcement.

  • Bummed i missed out on the Early access 3rd year going and im missing the “Keynote” :(

  • I am counting down the days! I went to the PlayStation Theater here in NYC to watch the Paris Games Week presentation and had a blast. This is my first time going to PSX and I am sure that it is going to be EPIC! I can’t wait!

  • So is the keynote Friday and open to early bird ticket holders only?

    Or is Shawn’s thing more like the boss giving a speech at the company Christmas party?

    • Yep, the opening presentation is Friday night and Early Bird ticket holders will get to go in person. We’ll have more details to share as we get closer.

  • This isnt exactly clear.

  • There’s no option for a single day purchase like last yr?

    • Ive been looking for a single day ticket and I probably wont be able to make it since I can’t go both days and don’t want to drop $75 on one day. I was soooo excited when I first leaned of PSX during E3 this year. SUPER BUMMED!

  • Can we get this on the East coast next year??

    Would love to attend

  • Why arent single day tickets being offered this year? I can only go one day and $75 is alot for just one day when i cant go to both.

  • This makes it sound like its just updates on games, hands on, and panels. No new game announcements.

  • Awesome, really looking forward to it; I’m flying in from Boston for it, so worst case is I’ll have a few days out of the New England winter, but I bet I’ll have a lot more to look forward to.

  • This will be awesome if the keynote is Friday, makes it more fair to us that bought the tickets early. Also, of those times are right, that will be awesome! Ending at 6 p.m. each day was lame. The show floor is 50% bigger? Cool! The gear store did need to expand, it was a huge wait when people where inside for hours just dcrewijng around. The one thing I hope for this year is that the autograph lines will be more organized.

    • This will be awesome if the keynote is Friday, makes it more fair to us that bought the tickets early. Also, if those times are right, that will be awesome! Ending at 6 p.m. each day was lame. The show floor is 50% bigger? Cool! The gear store did need to expand, it was a huge wait when people where inside for hours just screwing around. The one thing I hope for this year is that the autograph lines will be more organized. Other then that, I am really excited! So what time should we start lining up on Friday?


  • I am curious if Project ACES will be there with Ace Combat 7? After all, it was initially revealed at PSX 2015, and doesn’t have a precise release date yet. Given that it was planned to come out this year but was delayed to 2018, I’d wager it could be planned for a Spring 2018 release.

  • I am also confused, does this mean we are picking up are badges thursday now? We really need some info about what exactly this is because this is pretty cryptic if you ask me. Some gaming outlets are saying this is a keynote but sonys saying it is a *special event*
    Need anwsers.

  • Will there be some sort of standby line or something Surely a small portion of early bird tickets sold wont be able to attend?

  • This is good IF you were to let people know this before hand. I bought my ticket Early Bird and my gf waited a bit to see if she would be able to get that weekend off from work. She just assumed it would be regular price but we didn’t know the keynote was exclusive to Early Bird holders. Pretty crappy situation to be in now. Can she upgrade or anything?

  • I am wanting a new product for the vita to be announced. Baseball, grand theft auto, anything will do.

  • I hope you announce BC.

  • Kind of disappointed about the lack of a proper keynote.

    PSX should be your Wrestlemania, Everything builds up to it. But now it seems like an afterthought that gets the scraps.

    You already do a terrible job advertising it announcing then basically going dark until 4 weeks prior. Now you’ve downsized the keynote.

    You should be moving forward, not backward.

    The extra floor space and bigger gear store are nice improvements, but I’m still not filled with confidence here.

    • The original verbage was:

      “We’ve also got a special treat for early bird ticket holders: an invitation to a special event held on the evening of Friday, December 8th, the night before the event formally kicks off. During the special event, you’ll have a chance to get up-close and personal with game developers and PlayStation personalities. Should be fun!”

      That sounds like a party or sorts, not a downsized keynote. Sounds like things changed last minute.

    • i always assumed it was like a meet and greet in place of those GOD AWFUL autograph lines last year That had a Trophy task tied to it

    • LMAO!! You do realize that Wrestlemania has been crappy for the past few years right?

    • Telling a wrestling fan “You know WWE Sucks right” is the most pointless question in existence. They all already know.

      You know full well my point had nothing to do with the quality of WWE’s product.

  • It is too much to ask for a new ape escape or at least ape escape 1-3 remastered like uncharted collections? :(

  • I just want a new Ape Escape. Just let me use my PS4 to be a kid catching monkeys in 1080p and I’ll buy it day 1.

  • What’s considered an Early Bird ticket? I bought mines a month after registration went up, after they upped he price to what it is now. Is that still considered Early Bird?

  • I really hope that the last three DLC characters for Season 1 of MvCI will be shown off at Capcom Cup. I’m dying to play as Black Widow and Venom.

  • Will the event be livestreamed? I’m dissapointed.

    Will there be no Gio Corsi?

    I’m dissapointed.

  • Have to skip this year’s event, last year’s show in Anaheim was such a clusterf for me that I just can’t go back to that venue again. Was worth it just to run into Shuhei & also to be in that crowd for that TLOU2 reveal, so loud. Just can’t do Anaheim again, maybe next year. San Fran was fun though.

  • So wait there isn’t a keynote like the first three years? Because if not PS Experience is worthless to me. This is the time to be making some great announcements. Something to REALLY be excited about. Just some updates isn’t that amazing. And I live on East Coast so attending the event is out of the question.

    • There was a showcase at Vegas too. So they had one the last 3 years.

      They regularly talk about how PSX is a big deal to them, but it always seems like it’s last minute. Last year they didn’t even announce it until a few days before October, giving just over 2 months to plan. And now we’re not getting a real showcase because they just had Paris Games Week. Lame.

    • Yeah, I too would disappointed if all we get is just updates. For an event that’s suppose to be dedicated to them, they sure are doing very little to get people excited for it. It makes the event seems almost pointless.

  • I hope registration isn’t on Thursday.

  • Great, so no “keynote” this year. Wish this was clear from the beginning! The show hasnt even started and its already showing signs of a mess like last year. We’re almost a month away and details are still scarse. When can we get our tags? Will the special event even be broadcast?

    • I am assuming this is your fist year? You get your tag at the converntion center on Friday and yes special even has been broadcast if you pay attention last 2 years

  • New handheld please.

  • Will there be any more early bird tickets offered for PSX? The showcase is only Friday now so that means I’ll miss it for the first time ever. I’ve been to all the PSX events and I adore every minute of them, but this year the early bird tickets sold out too fast. Last year you were able to offer more of them later so please, please offer more now that the presentation is Friday night. Thank you.

  • When are you guys going to branch out and do different places. I understand that LA is like US Headquarters of Sony but I’m sure you can host the even in other places. Hell your first PSX was in Las Vegas.

  • Sony should price drop the PS4 Pro to stick it to the One X.

  • Really confused here. So is the opening presentation still something that is going to be streamed or is it some sort of private attendees only event (like some comic-con panels are). And are the panels at PSX going to be streamed as well?

  • Wait, is there no presentation like the last two years? If so, that’s super disappointing. I look forward to PSX every year for the big announcements that it brings. E3 was a huge disappointment. Paris was nice, but it felt like warming up to the big PSX announcements. Please don’t tell me you’re just going to let Nintendo run away with it. They’ve got so much momentum with the Switch. It is time to really step things up and keep the crown, instead of getting relaxed and letting someone else take it.

  • Hey Sid,

    First off, can’t wait. This will be my first PSX and I’m flying out from Toronto to enjoy the fun. Question… will there be an official PlayStation Experience app? I seem to recall seeing one in the past. If so, when will it launch? I see one called “Experience PlayStation” at the moment, but that seems to pertain to other events around the globe.

    Anyway, thanks for what you and the team do. You killed it in Paris, and PSX is going to be loads of fun, too.

  • Welp hopefully this doesn’t ruin my first PSX. I was really hoping for big announcements or an event kinda going over a couple big games like Nintendo did for Zelda last year. Hopefully the next update is more clear.

  • Sid Shuman, I know that you probably can’t give this information, but, how many games, approximately, will appear on this conference at the PSX?

  • Dude, this is KILLING ME! I went to the event last year, and I LOVED IT! This year I have to get major back surgery on December 7th, and I cannot postpone it further as the Drs are literally getting this done as soon as possible because they go on vacation directly after that, and I want to be at the PlayStation Experience so much that I am thinking about totally cancelling my back surgery, even though the pain is beyond ridiculous, but I want to be there so much that I might have to take massive pain killers just to go there, because PlayStation is my favorite system since 1994, and I just cannot miss this. I missed Kojima signing autographs last year due to my last back surgery, so I was a day late, and now it’s happening again. This sucks, I want ot be there. :( uuuugh…

    I hope so much I can get there, and just deal with the pain, and enjoy it to it’s fullest because PSX is like my life and I have PlayStation tat’s to prove it, so if I can’t go due to the surgery I will be SO DISAPPOINTED! Oh man, you guys are doing this one week too soon. :( I hope so much I can be there, and meet Hideo Kojima this year, or have Guerrilla Games sign my Killzone Triple pack or something! :(

  • Coming all the way from Toronto for my first ever PSX. Kinda bummed the presentation is early bird only, but whatever. I’ll be watching it from my friend’s apartment and then showing up bright and early at 10 AM Saturday. :D

  • This will be my first time attending PSX (thx to the wife’s surprise) coming from Brooklyn. I wanted to attended last year but the last minute updates made it impossible for me. Reading this update I don’t know if I should be excited or disappointed. I get it that surprises want to be kept so I’m not asking for what games would be revealed (if any based on this post) but it would go a long way to treat your diehard fans just a bit better. I have no idea of the procedures for this event and we are just one month away. Fingers crossed we get slightly more details on this event and hope it comes out smoothly.

    • The showcase is cool, but it’s all the other stuff that’s worth it. Hopefully anyway. Last year was definitely the worst year, but I’m hoping we’ll finally get to play Days Gone, and maybe even Spiderman. There have been demos for press, but not the public.

      And the best part of the whole thing is really all the indies. They do a good job supporting them at these shows.

  • Will there be a keynote on Saturday morning? Real simple question with a Yes or No answer Sid. I need to plan. Thanks

  • As someone who wasn’t able to buy tickets until 3 weeks after they went on sale (when the early bird tickets were already sold out) I am pretty disappointed I will not be able to attend the Friday presentation even though I bought tickets 3 months in advance. Please try to be a little more upfront about this next time Sony, so we are not disappointed a month before the event.

  • I think an event like this should have more than just a “few” surprises but whatever these surprises are, I really hope they are worth the excitement.

  • These “updates” better be a serious stream of release dates. You can’t just show the same games a bunch of times with no idea of when to expect them and think you rocked the house off of trailers alone. The Paris show left many disappointed because of this but I had faith the dates were being saved for PSX. After reading this, Im not so sure now.

    And the least the post could’ve done was make clear that the Friday event and weekend show will be streamed. We don’t need details just confirmation. And here I was hoping for a NextVR broadcast, pfft, never gonna happen.

  • I love that it says comments open to everyone but don’t be a jerk… nice touch lol

    I am looking forward to info from the event… sadly LA is a bit far for me… however its good to see the tickets are 75 bucks for two days and not 500 bucks… I am looking forward to some more news about Last of Us Part 2… I am so waiting for them to announce a true 2 player co op from Naughty Dog… hint hint… please

  • Hey i ordered the tix when i saw the first post but no early bird tix showed up how do i get in

    • You don’t get into the special presentation, that only for early bird tickets holder. You still can get 2 days pass which cost 75 dollars. This is why its call early bird tickets, once its sold out its out

  • Do they have a industry pass? or Do we industry people need to pay too?

  • How about making a dynamic theme out of the above photo? Or the opening sequence of Paris Games Week.

    I would love to see the vastness of space in all its Glory. Especially the more colorful parts of the video.

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