Out of Ammo Blends Strategy and FPS Gameplay on PS VR

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Out of Ammo Blends Strategy and FPS Gameplay on PS VR

Pre-order this VR hybrid and get CastleStorm VR for free.

Hello from Zen Studios! We’re very excited to announce Out of Ammo for PlayStation VR, which you can pre-order starting tomorrow and also get a free copy of CastleStorm VR! This intense virtual reality experience features a unique mix of genres, allowing you to both plan your base-building carefully to ensure survival against waves of enemies, while also pitting you against difficult odds in FPS-style combat.

This game caught our attention on PC, where it was released by RocketWerkz — a company founded by the creator of DayZ. We at Zen liked it so much, we worked with them to make sure it could reach the PS VR audience as well — because it deserves to be played by as many gamers as possible!

Plan and Execute Your Defense

Try out Survival, the main game mode of Out of Ammo where you’ll act as a general on the field of battle by building up an unbreachable base, issuing commands to your troops, placing buildings in key spots, and calling in bombing runs. But you’re not just the general!

Take direct control of your soldiers to defend yourself hands-on and make short work of the baddies with a variety of unit types and weapons. Get in the role of a Rifleman firing a fully automatic weapon, or be the cold and calculating Sniper and pick off enemies from afar. Help your comrades as the Medic, blast holes in the enemy line with the Rocketeer, or maintain your fortifications and spray shells with a shotgun as the Engineer!

Put your command to the test, spanning eight different locations — each different in look, feel, and gameplay. Survive the tight spaces and enemy ambushes of City warfare, test your skills on the open plains of the Desert where the dunes offer no protection, or battle on the others like Beachhead, Alpine, Port, Forest, and Contact.

Sometimes You Just Wanna Shoot Stuff

Survive behind enemy lines in Icarus. You’ve crash-landed in enemy territory, and help is far away. Played entirely in first-person, this intense game mode challenges you to scavenge and loot ammo and supplies to survive until being evacuated.

In Vertigo, you’ll infiltrate a luxurious villa to hack into a computer that has vital information. Can you put in the necessary codes to complete the process while defending yourself against the guards?

Get in the thick of battle with the Overwatch mode, where you play in first person as a lonely sniper, the last hope of the passengers of a downed chopper. Protect the evacuees from your vantage point in the clock tower with weapons and gadgets at your disposal. Become a hero and help every passenger get to safety!

Be the strategist or the soldier! This Playstation VR experience will keep you on edge as you struggle for survival. Defend your base, survive, shoot, duck into cover, and — of course — reload so you don’t run… Out of Ammo!

And in case you missed it up top, you can pre-order Out of Ammo and receive a free copy of CastleStorm VR! Why not try out some other great PS VR games from Zen Studios while you’re at it? We’re proud of our library, which also includes Pinball FX2 and Infinite Minigolf.

Lock and load. Out of Ammo will launch in winter 2018!

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