Introducing the PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle

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Introducing the PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle

Strap in! Soon, you'll start seeing this new PS VR bundle on store shelves, which includes a PS VR system, a copy of GT Sport, and an updated PS VR Demo Disc.

Get ready to put yourself in the driver’s seat with the PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport bundle, which starts to hit shelves in the next few days. The bundle will include the PS VR system, PlayStation Camera, a physical copy of GT Sport, and an updated version of the PS VR Demo Disc, featuring 13 PS VR demo experiences. The PS VR GT Sport bundle will be available in retailers across the U.S. for $399.99 USD (MSRP) and in Canada for $499.99 CAD (MSRP) – so you’re getting GT Sport at no extra charge with the core PS VR bundle, which is already available at a great value. And just a quick reminder that you’ll also need a separately sold PlayStation 4 system to play PS VR.

GT Sport represents Polyphony Digital’s most ambitious undertaking to date, utilizing the latest technology to deliver a true “Real Driving Simulator.” VR heightens the GT Sport driving experience with thrilling one-on-one racing with select cars in the dedicated VR Drive mode in Arcade Mode. Turn your head and aim towards the apex as you enter the corner, and confidently throttle down as you look ahead at the exit to a blind corner. When you’re not racing down those tracks, take some time to admire the details of the interior of select cars in virtual reality.

Are you ready to challenge yourself in the ultimate racing experience?

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  • This is great! More psvr bundles are always a win. I really hope that we get one for Ace Combat 7! I’m waiting to see reviews for that game’s VR component, but I expect it will be amazing. If we could get a psvr bundle for that it would be perfect, maybe even one with a stylish headset that looks like a pilot’s helmet or with some Project Aces graphics.

  • Does this include the new model of the PSVR system?

  • Is this the new PSVR model?

  • Is this the new model with HDR pass through?

  • VR headset Version 1 with all the issues, another hard pass till the version 2 comes out.

  • Can you confirm if this bundle will be using the updated PS VR headset and Processor Unit that was announced earlier this fall? Thanks!

  • Pass. I’ll wait and buy the upgraded version2 model. The lack of HDR pass through on the first unit was completely ridiculous.

    • Shoot you are right BadFlounder, it is still the 1st-gen VR unit. That is ridiculous Sony – why announce a new PS VR bundle with the older version?! I find it especially insane since everything I have read has said that Gran Turismo Sport is the single best game to use HDR yet – and pairing it with a VR unit not capable of HDR pass-through just makes no sense :(

    • Yeah, what upsets me the MOST is that I got my PSVR unit literally 2 months ago from Best Buy at $399, and now they dropped the price on it for $399 to $299, and I can’t even get the refund difference, and NOW Sony is releasing the Ver 2.0 headset and will NOT even let us send them the black box to upgrade to the new one for the HDR passthrough, so I have to CONSTANTLY remove the HDMI cable from the unit and use a coupler to connect them to play normal games with 4k HDR after playing a VR game. This upsets me so much it makes me not to want to ever get another VR headset until 3 years from now when they are $99. I mean, if Sony would at the very LEAST give us some kind of trade in plan for that black box for a $20 upgrade to this new one that has HDR passthrough, then I would consider that, but as it stands, I feel like I got robbed of $399 instead of waiting 2 months and getting it for $299, and then still I got robbed because Sony refuses to at LEAST support their die hard customers and let them upgrade their black box for the VR unit to the new one for a small fee, instead they want us to pay another $399 to get the 2.0 version, which is insane.

      Pass for me also until Sony gets things straight, and supports their customers.

  • This the new one psvr?

  • While I’m glad to see more PSVR bundles available, packing in GT Sport with its barebones “VR Mode” is pretty weak. Unless there is immediate plans to expand out the VR portion of the game, I think many potential buyers who might not do a ton of research will be greatly disappointed with what they really get.


  • Its a funny decision considering GT Sport VR is terrible and will make most people get buyers remorse instantly. Should be a RE7 or Skyrim bundle considering they’re actual full games.

  • While I don’t agree with @whereymyconary that Gran Turismo Sport is “terrible”; I quite enjoyed the game and thought it was gorgeous to look at.

    I do kind of agree that GT Sport is not the ideal game candidate for a VR Bundle. The VR content in GT Sport isn’t substantial enough, nor is it deep enough, to warrant this deceptive paring with PlayStation VR. Customers are likely going to get the wrong impression about the amount VR content in the GT Sport game with their purchase; Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, or something else, would have been a better choice.

  • When will the new version of PSVR hit store shelves by itself? What will the price be? I am finally in the hunt for PSVR but want to buy the new version. Farpoint and Moss will finally be mine! :)

  • Ahaa this is so ridiculous

  • I absolutely love PSVR. It has “fundamentally transformed” my gaming focus (to borrow a phrase from a former president).

    That said, this bundle seems to be a bit of a mess. If you’re about to drop a new version of the hardware, you run the risk of angering those who pick up this “new” bundle only to see the new headset fairly soon thereafter.

    More to the point, though, even if this WAS the refreshed hardware, this is a terrible game to use in a bundle. For a few minutes, it will show off what PSVR can do, but then it will be an instant reminder that some games, like Gran Turismo Sport, just add tacked-on VR modes to an otherwise non-VR game and provide a minimal VR experience, at best.

    Why not do a bundle with a game that’s entirely VR, or even a game that has the *option* of entirely being in VR? You want to show off the hardware, not show how limited tacked-on VR modes can be.

  • Is this the new PSVR 2.0 hardware that will have HDR pass-through the original PSVR lacked?

  • When will the new PSVR 2.0 release? I won’t buy PSVR unless it is the new model.

  • This is so weird. VR is a tiny, tiny part of Sport, and most GT fans already have Sport. The real killer would have been a Pro with GT Sport bundled at launch … I guess maybe this is for people who aren’t GT Sport fans, but want VR, and GT Sport is used to showcase what VR is capable of. But even then … it also shows the limits of VR in many games.

  • Improve the options offered in GTS before selling it in a bundle. Sony is dropping the ball not to force polyphony to do a proper job on the VR mode.

  • I really want to know is this the 2.0 version because i just ordered it on amazon and it would really suck if its the older psvr version

  • So i wanted to make my dream of getting the ps4 vr and i got this new bundle with all of my years savings i never though when i got this i was paying for an old version of the VR i guess its a way gor then to get rid of old hardware , I live in Costa Rica I make $4 an hour am having this deliver here by an insane amount of money , and now to find out this is an old version of it .. it makes me so so sad and want to cry … why would they do this? now I can’t return it and the Amazon page never mention this was the old version .. if I would of know if this information was visible somewhere .. such a let down now am gonna have an old version of something.. it’s so sad to have to simply suck it up

  • More VR CONTENT with GTSPORT please!!!!!!

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