Star Child: A Cinematic Sci-Fi Platformer

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Star Child: A Cinematic Sci-Fi Platformer

Playful's stunning side-scroller launches exclusively on PS VR next year.

We are thrilled to debut a new trailer for Star Child, offering a bold new look at the PlayStation VR game which Playful and our publisher GameTrust announced this summer at E3.

Star Child Logo

Star Child is a cinematic platforming adventure that follows the journey of Spectra and her companion on an important mission to an alien planet. After becoming stranded, they uncover a hostile, overwhelming force that threatens to destroy everything. At a pivotal, startling moment, Spectra gains the ability to gradually take control of the world around her and fight back.

With Star Child, we were drawn to the elegant simplicity of the side-scrolling platformer genre, which can convey an incredible amount of narrative through non-traditional means. There’s a subtle power to telling a story through continuously changing environments and cinematic visuals, as well as character animations, especially the way players can move Spectra forward and learn to master their surroundings through gameplay. Enhanced by the magic of virtual reality, these elements take on a new dimension as Spectra’s powers grow and she pushes deeper into a strange, immersive world full of dark secrets.

Star Child PGW

Inspired by countless science fiction adventure classics across games, books and movies, Star Child is at its heart both a mystery and journey of self-discovery. As Spectra explores a foreign world and encounters desperate situations, help comes both from without and within, leading to a surprising yet satisfying path to victory.

Star Child launches in 2018 exclusively for PS VR.

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  • The trailer looks beautiful, but still confused about how the game is going to play out.

    Still, I am glad to see you making a PSVR game. Looking forward to learning more about it.

    • I agree, I think the game looks pretty (at least in terms of the art direction) but have no idea what the gameplay is. That is the only thing really holding me back on this game.

  • The headline and subtitle say what the gameplay is. It’s a side-scrolling, cinematic platformer. Think Klonoa but with today’s aesthetics. The VR will most likely allow players to move closer to or farther from the action, but the gameplay will still be side-scrolling.
    I’m excited for this. Along with Guacamelee! 2 (and Matterfall already out), side-scrolling action games are having a good time right now.

  • I’m new to PS, and PS VR is the main reason for choosing PS platform rather than Xbox.
    I’m glad SONY is pushing the evolution of the game industry. hoping one of these fantastic VR game could be a milestone.

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