Marvel’s Spider-Man: New Trailer Features Aunt May, MJ & More

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Marvel’s Spider-Man: New Trailer Features Aunt May, MJ & More

Insomniac breaks down the big reveals in the new trailer for their take on our favorite wall-crawler.

Hey everyone,
My name is Bryan Intihar and I’m the Creative Director for Insomniac Games working on Marvel’s Spider-Man. This past summer was a very exciting time for our studio as E3 and D23 served as great avenues to showcase the unique Spider-Man game universe we’re building. Since then we know you’ve been anxiously awaiting another look at the Web-Slinger, which is why we were thrilled to unveil a new trailer at the PlayStation Media Showcase at Paris Games Week. The trailer includes your first glimpses at the man behind the mask – Peter Parker. We also introduce you to Peter’s very close friend Mary Jane Watson, his beloved Aunt May, his longtime nemesis Wilson Fisk (AKA Kingpin), and much more.

Spider-Man PGW-02
As Spider-Man asks at the trailer’s conclusion, “anyone else need a breather?” Well, don’t take a break for too long because there’s a lot to go through here!

First off, our 23-year-old Peter finds himself trying to juggle his career and personal life with being a Super Hero. And while he’s more experienced and masterful at fighting crime (including finally taking down the Kingpin), can Peter finally find balance? Or will Spider-Man’s responsibility to protect the city take priority if Kingpin really was the “one who kept order in this city”?

Spider-Man PGW-06

In the past, we’ve talked a lot about how the best Spider-Man stories happen when Spider-Man and Peter Parker’s worlds collide. So to understand Peter’s world a bit, players will also play as Peter during parts of the game. Not only that, Mary Jane has a significant role here too. MJ is a smart, savvy reporter with The Daily Bugle and she’s investigating the suspicious activity happening throughout the city. She won’t be just a bystander either, so yes, players will even play as MJ for key moments.
Spider-Man PGW-04

MJ, however, isn’t the only intersection between Peter and Spider-Man’s worlds. His own Aunt May is a longtime employee of philanthropist Martin Li at his F.E.A.S.T. shelters. Peter even introduces a young Miles Morales to his aunt as a new shelter volunteer. Unfortunately, Peter makes the terrible discovery that May’s employer is secretly Mister Negative (you can see that moment in our E3 2017 Gameplay Demo). Mister Negative and his Inner Demons’ reign of terror on New York City pose the most serious—and personal—threat that our Spider-Man has faced in his eight years of web-swinging and crime fighting.

Spider-Man PGW-01
We couldn’t be more excited to be bringing Spider-Man to PlayStation 4 in 2018. To celebrate the trailer, we are hosting a special livestream this Friday, November 3rd, at 2pm PDT. We’ll be doing a rewind of the trailer, giving away rare development team swag, and answering your questions. If you have something you’d like to ask, we’ll be putting out a call for questions on Twitter and you can tweet us your question. Join us this Friday at
And in the interim – be sure to visit the game’s official page for more details and brand-new screenshots – as well as follow Insomniac Games on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for the latest news and info.

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  • I can’t wait to play this!

  • Woo! Looks awesome :)

  • Not to be mean but someone needs to be fired. On the main blog page as of 5pm EST all the trailers are off. By that I mean they are under the wrong title /header.

  • Umbeliavable teaser, loved it, I just hope there will be side missions on this game too, just the way it was on spider man 2 on ps2, It’s awesome to help people on the streets of manhatan, just awesome!

  • I still can’t believe this is really happening. My favorite development studio making a game about my favorite super hero in my favorite game genre/type — AAA, story-driven, PS-exclusive-style — for my preferred platform. I’ve desperately longed for this game ever since playing Spider-Man 2 on PS2. This is literally a dream come true for me. I just hope the gameplay mechanics are rich, varied, fun to preform, and take advantage of SM’s unique abilities. Not really a concern of mine though since fun gameplay is probably the area that Insomniac excels at most.

    Now if only we could get another Resistance title my life would be complete (lol. I know how unlikely this is).

    Random side note: Sunset Overdrive was criminally underplayed and underappreciated.

  • I hate to say this, Bryan, but couldn’t you guys have made Peter Parker look a bit more likable?

    You guys focused so much on Spider-man’s costume that you completely neglected Peter Parker himself.

    Instead of looking like a boy who would help his friends who are being bullied, now he looks just like a bully himself.

  • Every trailer gets me more and more excited for this game. It looks gorgeous, too. Can’t wait for my next Platinum trophy from an Insomniac game.

  • My main concern is the “players will also play as Peter during *parts* of the game” which may suggest that he is only in there for story elements and not so much for free roam. This bugs me a bit and I hope they let us play as Peter with freedom. But whatever, I can hopefully live without it, given it is the case. Everything else looks beyond perfect imo

  • MJ tho! <3

  • Mary Jane is a lot more than Peter’s “very close friend” a lot more, She is his best friend, has been IS his wife, his other half, his soulmate and I hope by the end of the game is will be again.

  • Wow Spider-Man looks better and better each time I see it.

  • Spidey stole the show again,sorry TLoU 2 and Ghost of Tsushima…each time y’all show it the game looks more and more insane(in a good way of course).Can’t wait to play it.

    PS:In the thumbnail MJ looks like Claire…the model from RE Revelations 2 lol.

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