Announcing Onrush: Codemasters’ Ambitious New Arcade Racer

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Announcing Onrush: Codemasters’ Ambitious New Arcade Racer

Announced on stage with PlayStation at Paris Games Week, here are the details on Codies’ brand-new IP.

Hello! I’m Christina McGrath, the Senior Community Manager over at Codemasters – and I’m super excited because it’s finally time to start talking about our new title: Onrush.

Just in case you missed our announcement trailer at Paris Games Week – or even if you just fancy another look – you can watch it above.

Now you’ve seen that, I imagine you might want to know a bit more about our awesome new arcade racer coming summer 2018 – so without any further ado, here are the need-to-know facts!

Onrush PGW-01

We’re bringing back the magic of arcade racing

It’s been too long since there was an awesome, all-out arcade racing game! It’s great that there’s so much choice for those of you who love choosing tires and tweaking set-ups, but what happened to the love for physics-defying, fast-paced, all-action racing? Onrush is a brand new game that celebrates everything you loved about the iconic arcade titles of yesteryear, but in a visually stunning, phenomenally fun and fresh take on what it means to race.

Onrush is a contact sport

You don’t get any penalties for hitting competitors in Onrush – you get rewarded! Onrush isn’t just about fighting for the win; it’s about racing with style and flair, earning boost from pulling daring stunts and powering up your RUSH bar by taking huge risks (more on that later). Whether you’re performing ridiculously audacious barrel rolls or slamming down from above to takedown a rival, the focus is always on doing something spectacular.

The ultimate rush

Onrush is all about thrill-seeking, adrenaline-pumping, grin-inducing fun. To those of you familiar with the arcade racing genre, the concept of ‘Boost’ won’t be a new one – but we’re bringing something new to the party: RUSH.

What’s RUSH, we hear you cry? Well, it’s an injection of explosive speed and unstoppable force that always packs the possibility of being your best moment in the game. RUSH is the ultimate manifestation of power and speed, and when used at the right moment can wreak absolute havoc on the competition.

There’s so much more to come

Since the incredibly talented team formerly known as Evolution Studios joined Codemasters, they’ve been quietly getting their heads down and working on Onrush. Now that it’s time to talk, we want to say a huge thank you for everyone’s support. You’ve been asking us so many questions that we haven’t been able to answer – but now the time has arrived, we’re so happy to finally share with you what we’ve been working on.

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  • This game caught me by complete surprise! I don’t think I was alone in thinking this was a new Motorstorm title initially, but that trailer made me excited nonetheless. And I’m super glad the guys and gals formerly of Evolution Studios are getting a chance to work on something reminiscent of the kind of stuff they did (and did quite well!) in the past.

    I’ll be keeping an eye on this for sure : )

  • Know what this looks like? Fun. Officially on my radar.

  • YES YES YES!!! My hope is restored. Looks like fantastic, irreverent fun in the face of all this seriousness recently.

  • Way into this! Love Codemasters, but am definitely more interested in arcade racing than sim. Keeping my eye on this!

  • I sure hope this brings the best of Pacific Rift back to the PlayStation, along with the new elements it adds. I’ll be following this one to its release.

  • Looks like a sweet game for sure. You’ve got my attention!

  • Love Racers! Love Motorstorm! Love Codemasters! Hate the title Onrush! Sorry but the generic title alone will ruin this game. Will be picking it up either way. You should run a contest for a better name, please!

  • Motorstorm: Pacific Rift is my favorite racing game of all time. I was so upset when Evolution was shuttered since it meant we’d never get another installment in that awesome franchise.

    It looks like I despaired too soon. If this game captures the thrill of Motorstorm’s racing formula while simultaneously bringing it to the next level for modern hardware, I’ll be sold. It’s been four years already and I still haven’t played a racing game on PS4 (I don’t enjoy sim racers). Can’t wait to see more.

    Best of luck, devs.

  • Does the title have anything to do with the old Rush games? Like San Fransisco Rush? I loved those arcade/n64 game as a kid.

  • This is one of my favorite announcements from today. I was thinking a while ago I want a new MotorStorm or something. The last arcade racer I really liked playing was Excite Truck on the Wii. This game looks really fun and cool.

  • This looks like a lot of fun. Looks like a cross between Motorstorm and the original Burnout 3/4. I’m interested in giving this a go, especially since some of the Evolution team are involved with this. I hope this gets great support like Driveclub did after the fact.

    • Yup, I was thinking the same thing. One of my favorite things about Burnout 3 was the ‘Takedown’ mechanic. The ‘RUSH’ system they mentioned in the article gives me that feeling.

  • Man, about to fire up Motorstorm: Pacific Rift just because of that trailer. Looking forward to this game and best of luck to the team!

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