Rule the Battlefield as the Emperor in Star Wars Battlefront II

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Rule the Battlefield as the Emperor in Star Wars Battlefront II

Devastate your enemies with the power of the Dark Side.

The Emperor has been expecting you.

Sheev Palpatine. One-time Senator from Naboo, former chancellor of the Republic, now ruler of the Galactic Empire. Secret Lord of the Sith and undisputed master of the dark side. And starting this November, you’ll be wielding his fearsome abilities in Star Wars Battlefront II.

At close range, the Emperor is especially potent, wrecking groups of enemies with his area effect attacks. The heart of the Emperor’s arsenal is his signature Force lightning. The iconic bolts of purple-blue energy fired from his hands serve both as the Emperor’s standard attack and as the basis for his special offensive abilities.

The Emperor’s chain lightning is among his most terrifying and potent attacks. A bolt of lightning strikes a nearby foe, then spreads to strike another, and another. Used against tightly packed squads, this power is a potent equalizer, shifting the balance of power in seconds.

The Emperor can also summon a dark aura of Force energy to surround his body. Any opponent caught within it suffers a twofold effect: the aura deals damage and it slows any enemy unfortunate enough to come into contact.

Finally, the Emperor can completely lock down groups of nearby enemies with Electrocute, catching them in an immobilizing area of energy and rendering them vulnerable to the Emperor’s allies.

Emperor Palpatine is just one of many heroes and villains you’ll take control of in Star Wars Battlefront II. You’ll be able to harness the power of the Emperor across three eras of Star Wars starting November 17.

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