Introducing the Mini Wired Gamepad for PS4

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Introducing the Mini Wired Gamepad for PS4

An officially licensed controller designed for younger gamers.

We’re pleased to introduce a new controller from Hori, the officially licensed Mini Wired Gamepad for PlayStation 4, designed with younger gamers in mind. This controller is 40% smaller than the DualShock 4 and has a simple form factor with a flat design that makes it easy to fit into smaller hands. Best of all, the controller has a low price of $29.99 USD (MSRP) / $39.99 CAD (MSRP), making it a great purchase for companion play on games like Knack 2.

The Mini Wired Gamepad provides the essential functions to play most PS4 games while still providing a great gaming experience — that includes the right and left sticks, R1/L1/R2/L2 buttons, directional buttons, and action buttons. Certain touch pad inputs can be simulated via the left or right sticks.

The wired controller includes a 10ft cable, making for an easy plug-and-play experience. While this controller does not include some features of DualShock 4, including a touch pad, light bar, stereo headset jack, speaker, vibration, or motion sensing, it comes at a great value and helps open gaming to the whole family. Find out more about the gamepad here.

The blue Mini Wired Gamepad launches across U.S. and Canada this holiday. Let us know if you plan on picking one up for co-op in the comments below.

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  • Conveniently wired so your kids can trip on it and drop your PS4 Pro on the floor.

    • I hope that wire is nice and long so my son can wrap it around his neck. Sweet.

      Wire controllers, welcome to 1999.

    • Will the Mini Wired Gamepad be compatible with the PS3 and PSTV as a controller?

    • I think it’s a nice idea and it’s always good to have more options.

      By the way if your son likes tying stuff around its neck they’re gonna find a way regardless. It’s not the controllers fault :P

    • LeMatster that’s so true lol…. but then i read further comments and damn ya’ll some pessimistic weirdos out there.

    • I need a a controller for my arthritis. My hands are killing me now after gaming for an hour.

    • Wireless would be nice but it’s not like there aren’t 5 generations of consoles with wired controllers and children somehow avoided strangulation.

    • Amazing idea… If it were not implemented wrong.
      I need a small controller for my kid… But I will not buy a wired controller with the risk of pulling the wire or something happening to the console.
      Pass until a wireless version is available for my kid.

    • Thank you. My son will love it. Unbelievable comments from other parents. While kids are playing. You still have responsibility to look after them. Disconnect controller after it’s use.

    • I’m sorry if your parenting skills are that bad they try to kill themselves purposely or yank and trample cords. Numerous people on here are older and played games in their youth without this problem. Perhaps instill values and responsibility. Though I find that a hard thing to get across to young parents today.

    • Not in a negative manor but my son is 2 and he’s been playing with my retro Nintendo’s and ps1, 2, 3 and 4 and he’s understood the concept of how to treat a system.. if a child gets harmed is it really the childs fault? These systems aren’t toys.. and this is why we teach them early how to basically not be stupid..
      P.s. it’s nice to teach these youngyans a thing or two about our old days with wired controllers.

    • salesmunn, thats nice talking bout your son dying on your controller. You should be banished for life from PSN for that horrific comment.

    • @Salesmunn – As others here have said, almost every generation of consoles came with wired controllers and we managed to squeak by without some epidemic of children strangling themselves with them. However, I have a great remedy for your kid – it requires parenting, though, so I don’t know if you’ll want to get into all that:

      If you catch him wrapping a cord around his neck, you take it from him, then say “don’t do that” and then WATCH HIM so he doesn’t do it again. If he does, repeat the steps above. He’ll eventually stop. Or just stick with your wireless controller that came with your console and pretend you live in a world where the big bad wired controllers don’t hunt down children at night.

    • @LeMatster: Stepping over objects that may present a tripping hazard is an awesome skill. Definitely take some time away from gaming to pay attention to your child and try teaching them at some point. Or just, you know, don’t buy the controller and let everybody with fully formed brains and motor skills enjoy them.

    • Exactly what i was thinking. Getting my 3.5 year old to play the mini snes has been awesome but the wire is a pain in the bum. i shall wait for a wireless option i think.

    • Eh, it’s a ten foot cable. That’s long enough to make a noose. You know what they say about kids who wrap the cables around their necks right?! They don’t get to grow up and have cable wrapping kids of their own. Natural selection at its finest. :) please laugh. It’s a joke.

    • Yeah my 5 year old son doesn’t play on his own. I’m right there with him. Accidents may happen but if you’re a parent you need to be a parent. People get this now before it’s ripped off the shelf because some mom or dad is day drinking with her meth dealer watching real housewives of whatever or Pawn stars and their kid dies because they aren’t being a parent, sues and this gets pulled

  • If this was wireless, I would try it simply to have a controller that doesn’t have a light bar, touchpad, speaker, vibration and moition sensing. Maybe then, the controller battery would last more than a few minutes.

    • A few mins? Stop being a ridiculous baby.

    • It’s called hyperbole. Look it up.

      Love the PS3 controller btw. Make one similar to it on PS4 and im on board.

    • I can mod you a regualr controller to do all that, disable lightbar, disconnect speaker and vibration
      Touch pad doesn’t take any battery unless you use it, but it can be disconnected too

  • I first misread this and thought it said PS4 Mini

  • Wired for kids? Yeah that’s a big no!

  • We had wired controllers as kids, from every console released from 1977 through 2001, and none of us ever choked ourselves with the cords, rammed the joystick into our eyes or went blind from sitting 6 inches in front of the old tube television. And those of us who tripped over the cord and knocked the console off the shelf got a good whipping with a stitch, belt or ruler and learned not to be idiots… This is obviously not for everyone, but I like having this option for younger kids.

    • Totally agree, from my Coleco Vision to my Playstation 2, never had a problem with wired controllers. It be nice if they sell had 10′ of cable on them like this one. I’ll probably pick one up for my son for Christmas. I expect it’ll work on the PS3 and Sony 4K 850E I recently acquired as well.

    • ‘all’ not ‘sell’, stupid auto-correct.

  • Interesting! I know a number of folks who play with their kids who could really use this. I assume the wire is to keep the cost and weight down by eliminating the battery. And it’s guaranteed to always work without needing to be charged :-)

  • That controller looks like utter trash to me. Guess it’s good for people that are on a budget, but I can’t put a price on something that is as important as a controller. It is the driving force of your gaming experience.

    What does it say about you as a gamer if your controller of choice is a $30 pos Hori wired controller?

    • It says I’m a 6 year old child…. Which is the point dummy. It literally says first thing “An officially licensed controller designed for younger gamers.”

    • Clearly you’ve never used a Hori product. Most of the things they make are better than first party. I’m all for losing the latency caused by wireless inputs.

  • My 6 year old has no problems kicking my arse at Injustice 2 using just the regular DS4. And wires for my kids to trip over. Sorry Sony but this it not how fight back against the Xbox One. The DS4 is already a great lightweight and sleek controller. It’s Xbox that has the really heavy bulky controller that is not kid friendly. Right product, wrong company.

  • Oh phew it’s from Hori, I thought for a few minutes this misguided idea was coming right from Sony proper.

  • Depending on how the pad and shoulder buttons feel, this might replace the controller I usually use when I go play fighting games at events. Currently using a PS4 controller that I open up, removed the battery, and glued a micro USB to it.
    I have the NACON Pro controller (great for FPS and other games but the 8 way pad messes up my inputs since it takes longer to press down) and the FPS HORI one atm (D pad feels weird and the turbbo button is to close to it).

  • HAHA, this is so cool! I love the design. Not worried about the wire has I have a USB extension for LEGO Dimensions portal. For me, I absolutely love the DS4. Playing games and having the speaker is an awesome feature. I have never been bothered by the light bar and actually enjoy it. All I ask is if there is a PS5 and I am sure there will be……..please keep the DS4 as the controller!! Thanks!

  • Please add Persian language to PS4 , our request is at TOP

  • I’m going to try this out when available. As a female game with smaller hands, this might be a viable option. It would provide a different ergonomic feel and that might help during really long playing sessions.

  • Hey PlayStation, where is our official pro controller?

  • I was hoping I could cancel my preorder on Play-Asia since it’s coming out here, but nope. You’re not bringing the special edition Dragon Warrior Slime version over ;_;

  • That looks so cute!

  • it reminds me to a joycon but wired. Its nice I think to have it, but the wired thing is a big no for me :(
    Like I read above in other comment, if this one could be wireless should be very nice with a longer battery life! A bit tired of change between controllers every 5 hours because it get out of battery.. just because of the light that is almost useless.. i never notice if the bar changed the color or something because I never look at the joystick while I am playing, I play on Playstation systems since I was young so I know where is every part of it :(

  • Wow the Nintendo Switch controller on Ps4… WAO

  • I miss wired controllers…

    but the reason for making it wired is that it’s harder for kids to lose it. lol

  • Is this from Hori?

    Will it feature a headphone jack? I use a wired headset for chat.

    • Headphone jack yes or no? Came here for this info too. Useless without one.

    • “While this controller does not include some features of DualShock 4, including a touch pad, light bar, stereo headset jack, speaker, vibration, or motion sensing”

      If you came here looking for this info, you may want to figure out how to read the blog post before jumping straight to the comments section.

      Reading, a wonderful skill!

  • We ask sony for a Dual Shock 4 Pro controller complete with rear paddles and interchangable analog sticks and trigger throw adjustment. Instead we get this thing from Hori with the PS brand slapped on the box.

    Look I like Hori. I really do. But this was about as necessary as a welcome matt in my bathroom.

    Please Sony, consider consumer asks here. I like the DS4, I don’t need a wired mini abomination and I can’t honestly think of any kids who need this either.

  • It should be Bluetooth and able to connect to Apple devices/Android devices

  • Wish we could get an official elite DualShock 4 with metal paddles. Instead of licensing off to third parties. Would love an official first party one.

  • I have large hands and I usually prefer smaller controllers. This looks neat.

  • Here’s where I don’t understand you guys, Sony.

    Why can’t you make it easy for us to use PS3 or PS4 controller on PC?

  • Make a wireless version and I’ll take 2. However the wires defeats the purpose of getting it for my kids to use as they will just trip over them and break something.

  • Oh Ya bring it out sooner. This is awesome for a younger person with smaller hands. My son is getting the PS4 for Christmas and I need this Controller for him

  • also forget to say, we need a new MOVE controller with analogs
    so if you cant do it, then ask to Hori to do it, but seriusly, I am sick of warp system for VR games.

  • First of all this great accessory for playing games on the go by just having a Laptop or MacBook with PS Renote Play over WiFi! 10ft is enough in that regard. My only concern is that they didn’t swap the dpad with the left analog stick. The sticks are too crammed in as a mini controller in that configuration. It’s fine in a full sized dualshock otherwise.

  • Where is it supposed to plug into i have my psvr in o one port and my head set in the other port where is this going.
    No thanks Sony

  • Remote Play even. ;) Like making your own portable PlayStation.

  • no offense but $30? small controller that hurts hand after long time use. I sense another fail product

  • Awesome, my daughter can play the game now, her hands are to small for the dualshock.

  • As I was reading through the blog I see “includes..R2/L2 buttons…”
    RIP Vita
    But seriously good idea. Gamers with smaller hands or disabilities will appreciate this.

  • I like Hori controllers and I like wired game pads without all the unnecessary bells and whistles but this thing is not for me. We need a DS4 pro controller like the competition has. Also why not promote Hori’s great products like the fighting commander, that is the best way to play injustice 2 or any Netherrealm fighting game.

  • does it work with computers as well?this could be a cool xmas gift for my young nephews :)

  • Not going to lie, I want it! A cheaper controller for a third or fourth person to play, plus an easier controller for the girlfriend to use

  • whats the point?

  • Yeah but theres almost no games to play with 2 controllers nowadays

  • I actually love it. They do still make wired controllers. I bought the Mortal Kombat X PS4 wired controller on release, and now plan to get at least one of these. Great design, guys! I love Hori. (they also made the best NEW Nintendo 2DS XL case)

  • Totally and 100% genius!!! I’m starting to get real in depth with my 2 year old sons gaming experience and with this controller it will only make the experience that much better!! Thanks Sony! This ones got me hyped!

  • Its a great controller but for kids wireless would be better, now I know that previous generations have had mostly wired controllers but in this day and age that doesn’t have to be the case, Bluetooth makes it more easier than it ever was to have a wireless option so making this 2 dollars more and making it wireless would be the ideal choice for kids.

  • Sign me up. Finally a way to get rid of the light bar.

  • I’m introducing my nieces and nephew to PS4 and this shows promise! I will pick one up for them to play when I’m over for Christmas. :)


  • Wired you say? Thank you. As someone who plays mostly on PC , input lag keeps me from buying a lot of games on PS4.

  • Yeah a wireless would be cool too but this cool sony doing this and microsoft not because they controller bigger then ps4 lol.

  • I think it’s a great idea. Wired or not the simple way to fix the problem is tell your kid to sit his ass down and not move lol.

  • Hmm I know this is not a Sony product but please Sony put your damn focus on making a DS4 that actually has some battery,I use a DS3 since 2013 and the battery is as good as new it literally holds up for nearly 3 days.I have ma two DS4 controllers since 2015 and the battery is a JOKE…3 hours playing and it’s empty.The DS4 charging barely has time to complete the charge when the one I’m playing with is already about to run outta battery plus I pick up the “supposed” charged DS4,play for like 5 min and it’s already on 2 bars of charge…WTF Sony?…lame as hell.

    Ma 1st DS3 took 5 years to have poor battery.

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