Strategy Card Game Hand of the Gods Enters Closed Beta Today

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Strategy Card Game Hand of the Gods Enters Closed Beta Today

PS Plus members get free access, alongside a few exclusive goodies.

Wield Thor’s hammer against mighty Zeus in Hand of the Gods, the collectible-card strategy game from the makers of Smite. We grew up playing collectible-card games on the kitchen table and are proud to bring our take of the genre to life. Today, Hand of the Gods enters Closed Beta on PS4 and we invite players to enter a first-of-its-kind card game — with a special bonus for PlayStation Plus members!

The Hand of the Gods Closed Beta is available for free to PlayStation Plus members along with a bundle of exclusive items, including a PlayStation-only Galactic Invader Ah Puch leader skin! Not a PlayStation Plus member, but want to play? Any of the bundles in the PlayStation Store for Hand of the Gods will include Closed Beta access.

Unlike physical collectible-card games, Hand of the Gods isn’t limited to just playing cards on a table to simulate the action. Here, you’ll directly summon the creatures and Gods of mythology and they’ll come to life in beautiful models rendered in Unreal Engine 4. We’ve taken the genre and designed our take as a video-game first — not as an adaptation. So, once the creatures are on the board, you’ll take direct control of them and attack your opponent’s objective, the Summoning Stone.

Take command as one of seven unique leaders, each representing a different pantheon in the Smite world. Each leader has its own special ability and those abilities can produce interesting synergies in the game. Ra, leader of the Egyptian pantheon, can heal allied units each turn, and many of the creatures and Gods in that pantheon gain additional effects when healing occurs. We’ve designed Hand of the Gods around these interactions, so players can find their own way to play!

We’ve only scratched the surface of what’s available in Hand of the Gods. You can find out more for yourself by playing today! Be on the lookout for exciting content updates, including new game modes and more cards, coming soon!

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