Gran Turismo Sport Out Today

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Gran Turismo Sport Out Today

Here's how to transfer your demo save over to the full game.

The wait is over — Gran Turismo Sport is finally here!

Built from the ground up for PS4, GT Sport is Polyphony’s most ambitious undertaking as it utilizes the latest form of technologies to deliver a true “Real Driving Simulator.” We can’t wait for our GT fans to start racing this week

For those that participated in the GT Sport Limited Time Demo, it gave our fans a chance to experience a taste of Sport, Campaign, and Arcade mode. New features to the series including Scapes Photography and Custom Livery Editor were also available for the very first time.

It also allows you to transfer your hard earned in-game credits (up to 1,000,000 in-game credit) and unlocked vehicles from the demo to the full game starting today!

To transfer your demo save data to the full game, simply follow the instructions below:

  • Upon PS4 power up, on the main menu, select GT Sport to load the game (Note — You must be logged in as the User Profile used for the limited time demo.)
  • On the GT Sport main menu, an on-screen message will appear asking you to confirm save transfer of the limited time demo to full game.
  • Select Yes, and a second confirmation of carry over data will appear:
  • Transfer successful!

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  • Congrats on the release! (Also, uh, not trying to embarrass you, but you misspelt the name of your own game in your first sentence. In the link.)

  • Got my LE steel book version…..but I’m having trouble downloading the bonus content and and scape mode. I have the space but it won’t download.

  • What’s so funny?

  • Ah ok cool. And yeah that was funny lol

    • Did you get yours from Amazon btw? I received an email with my code but I’m at work so I won’t be able to try until tonight.

    • I got mines from GameStop (the last game I will buy from them) and the codes work now. But with the LE I got the code from GS and the code that came with the game. Use the PS App dood. You can redeem codes

    • Will do! I’ll go ahead and redeem the code I received from Amazon using the PS app. Maybe we can race it out one day! I’ll add ya.

  • Waiting for the VR reviews, I’m loving driving around in drive club, just want to know it’s enough contain to justify the full price entry since i won’t place the 2d version. I tried the demo and got bored… Or add VR to the demo which would solve both my problems.

    • I haven’t spent too much time w/ GT Sport yet but… I couldn’t help but think how much better Driveclub is & I’m wishing I’d have saved my money but it is early. Also extremely disappointed that there isn’t a 370z and the overall lack of cars…

      I know Driving School hasn’t always been easy but I can’t even get past the first challenge. Mission Challenge, Circuit challenge, no luck either. I expect the basics to be easy enough to clear on bronze to progress at least. For the record I’ve been playing GT since it’s first release back on PS1. I certainly hope something changes but right now, right now I kind of wish I’d just went back to DC.

    • @Sarges24 you can’t do the first challenge?! It’s simple, get to the checker road in 16 seconds. How are you falling?!

    • (Post 1 of 2)

      The VR mode has a 1-on-1 race mode and a showroom mode where you can check out the cars (similar to Driveclub VR), but while the showroom mode doesn’t include all of the annoying button prompt spots that marr your view that Driveclub VR uses, you don’t have the kind of optionsas you do in Driveclub VR as far as how you look at the vehicle, at least that I’ve been able to find. I’d suggest going into that mode sitting down, then stand up once in it if you want to see higher than the level of the headlights as your eyeline.

      1-on-1 racing feels tighter than Driveclub VR, there are quite a few tracks to choose, and (at least on a PS4 Pro) it is a bit clearer visually than Driveclub VR, most obviously on the car models, especially when right next to each other.

    • (Post 2 of 2)

      That said . . . that’s all there is. I’m mostly someone who plays PSVR more than traditional games now, and I have gotten more out of Driveclub VR than I expect to get out of GTS, *but* I am starting to branch into more 2D driving with GTS now that I have a decent racing wheel peripheral.

      If you just plan to drive in VR, I’d suggest sticking with Driveclub. The VR mode here provides little more than slightly better visuals without most of the feaures you’d want in a driving game, unless you’re really heavily into 1-on-1 races.

    • @ GaMeR_bOi_83

      I guess that explains my problem. My best time was 13.2x seconds. However, for me completion wasn’t 16 seconds. For Bronze I needed to complete the first challenge in 13 seconds flat. Having said that, I did get through Challenge #1 eventually. Guess I got that lucky jump to get there in time. However, the next challenge was the same thing. 13 Seconds and you can’t drive a straight line. I went to options to adjust it to beginner even though normal shouldn’t be a problem. Didn’t matter though, it showed me it was on beginner but still had me pegged at needing to do it in 13 seconds or less… I’m certainly rusty having not played a GT game in a long time but that was absolutely ridiculous.

      Like I said, I expect some of the challenges to be tough or at least tough to get Gold on but not the early ones. These should be accomplished relatively easily for a Bronze to continue onto the next. Or even able to improve and complete after a handful of runs. Then as you get better you can go back and acquire Silver or Gold on them.

  • That trailer gets me every time :-)

  • Worst racing game of the year hands down..

  • Nice….uh…wait I see the eSports module, but where is the actual *game*?

    I love Gran Turismo, I do not love Gran Turismo Sport. If you want me back, make a game out of this esports garbage. I’m never going to compete with the wannabe formula 3000 racers online, and I’m pretty damned sure I’m not alone in that. So, where is *my* Gran Turismo? You know, the one about racing for fun, building your garage, having fun trying to be a race driver in the Sunday Cup or on Tokyo R246?

    4 years is a long time to wait for a PS4 Gran Turismo, only to have your hopes dashed by an eSports title that stole the name of your favorite game. Maybe the other side has a decent racer for ordinary gamers without pretensions of grandeur.

    • I’m with highlander992k!!!!!!!

    • Can’t agree more. I spent limited time working on My License. Missions Challenge, Circuit, same. I did just beat the 1st My License but… after looking into the game more I see that’s all My Career actually is? Just My License, Mission Challenge and Circuit Challenge? I was extremely disappointed there isn’t a 370z then looked at other manufacturers. Bare BONES. It’s literally just that, an esports title. It looks great in 4k HDR but what I’ve played it also lacks that sense of speed. It lacks depth and what made GT what it is, rather was. I clearly remember the justification for calling it Sport was because racing is just that. However this is incredibly offensive for a GT title. I wish Id played GT5 more because that was brilliant. Even Driveclub is a much better title than GT Sport. I’m sending my copy back to Amazon be it refund or trade in and I NEVER send or trade games in and I buy a lot of games.

    • This is why I did not get it. I wish more people would have listened/read the reviews and previews about this game being mostly online garbage and would not have bought it. As long as people throw their money at a non-game like this, they will keep making them. Kind of like this same company raising the requirements to pass the last license courses in GT6. Just a sad way to smack the paying people in the face.

      Maybe I will try driveclub.

  • I hit Level 11 in the demo but had to start over with the full game. I thought that transferred over as well. I got everything else, including my custom liveries.

  • Will it also work for the closed beta?

  • Great game. well done. All my friends will be buying game soon too. Driving etiquette is great. I could be dead last and bumped a few spots up at the end because I was a clean racer.

  • It has been less than 24 hours since release, an your servers are broken again? WTF Sony??? You make it so you must be online to play the game and save it, yet you can’t seem to keep your damn servers functional. Get your SH%& togther, FFS. I paid for this game June of 2016, and this is bullsh%&. Whose brilliant idea was this stupid Online Only BS ???????������������������������������������

  • Whoever at PD tied the game save to being online needs to be FIRED immediately. Thanks for my lost progression last night as my shell of a game is basically USELESS with no back end server infrastructure.

    This game is a significant let down. 4 years to develop this? 4 YEARS?? Seriously?

    If this is the future of Gran Turismo, I am done.

  • Gran Turismo sport…. Where is the body shop???”

  • Sport mode is so broken. Each race should make you qualify for a new poll position. Instead it takes the best lap you have had of all time. You can literally never enter a qualifying lap if you have a great all time lap time. This is stupid because the same few people constantly take #1 poll position because of a lucky lap they got 3 days ago.

    Next issue is the penalties. I get penalized for absolutely no reason. Someone bumps me from behind and I get penalized. I was in 1st place and hit nothing and I ended up with a 30s penalty. This is so broken and it makes me not even want to play anymore.

  • I haven’t been able to play won’t connect to the servers
    Please help

  • Its good racing platform but compared with other racing games its lacking alot , it would been better to remaster gt6, with this as game mode

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