Orcs Must Die Unchained: Wu Xing Battles Expansion Out October 24

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Orcs Must Die Unchained: Wu Xing Battles Expansion Out October 24

Rethink your battle strategies in new Chaos Trials mode, available today.

Attention, War Mages! Harmonia here to share some exciting Orcs Must Die Unchained news. Chaos Trials are now available with today’s update! This new game mode for one to three players brings a whole new level of chaos to Unchained’s Survival gameplay. Just when you think your killbox is under control, Chaos Trials will make you rethink every orc-gibbing and ogre-smashing strategy known to War Mages as you adapt to the ever increasing challenges.

Let’s Get Chaotic

Chaos Trials are accessed with Chaos Keys earned while playing matches in all other game modes, awarded through daily logins, and purchased with gold or gibs. Each key will select one map as well as several random, additional modifiers to comprise the challenge for that Chaos Trial. Increased trap cost, team dance on mercenary kill, permanent barricade rubble, and extra mana pickups are just a few examples of potential modifiers!

Every time a challenge is defeated the Chaos Key will upgrade by selecting a new map, increasing in difficulty, and adding additional modifiers into the mix. Each time a challenge is failed, one of three Chaos Key lives will be lost but the challenge can be retried. After three failures or twelve successes, the key is destroyed and the Chaos Trial ends. High tier Chaos Trials are no joke!

With Great Challenge Comes Great Rewardability

Each Chaos Trial has an associated challenge level from Apprentice through Rift Lord and also awards chests of the same challenge level for every victory. You heard me right: every victory! Put yourself to the ultimate orc-slaying test with up to 12 challenging tiers per key. That’s 12 opportunities for victory chests and to prove you’re the baddest War Mage around.

But Wait, There’s More

We’re thrilled to announce that the Orcs Must Die Unchained Wu Xing Battles update will be launching on October 24 for PS4! This massive update contains three new maps, a brand new faction of enemy invaders, the powerful new hero Yi-Lin, and much more!

New Maps
Hordes of never-before-seen enemies are invading the White Tiger Empire on three brand new maps and it’s up to us War Mages to defeat them. Defend the White Tiger Empire’s beautiful Water Gardens in Survival mode and hold the Castle Gates in Survival and Endless! Both locations offer strategic challenges with open layouts and not much room for wall traps. The Midnight Market is a popular nighttime location and is under heavy attack in both Survival and Sabotage game modes!

New Enemies
The new Wu Xing invaders are on the march and they bring fresh skills and tactics into the mix! Being masters of the five elements, even the common Wu Xing soldiers and archers have magic armor. Their massive Terracotta Giants do not attack players directly, but slow any nearby players and march faithfully to the rift on their mission of destruction. The “Red” Pandas are real tricksters, casting powerful speed boosts on their allies, and the Elemental Mages throw bouncing orbs of elemental energy. Last but definitely not least, the Water Dragon hunts players, but unlike other enemies of this type it casts an area-of-effect splash attack.

You can get your first look at the upcoming content on the Designing Yi-Lin Insider Access stream this Thursday at 3 pm Central on OrcsMustDie.tv, followed by a reveal stream every Thursday until the update.

Join us as we preview what’s to come with the Wu Xing Battles update!

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