Darth Vader Joins the Fight in Star Wars Battlefront II

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Darth Vader Joins the Fight in Star Wars Battlefront II

If you only knew the power of the dark side.

The Dark Lord of the Sith is coming to PS4.

Gleaming helm, sweeping cape, glowing red lightsaber: Darth Vader’s imposing presence is so purely menacing that few dare stand before him. In Star Wars Battlefront II, you will wield the full arsenal of Lord Vader’s vast powers against the enemies of order.

Anger fuels the dark side of the Force, and Vader’s rage is nearly boundless. By drawing from his potent fury, Vader can periodically increase both his durability and his damage output, becoming stronger as a battle unfolds. Vader is always dangerous, but when he calls upon his anger, he is nearly unstoppable.

Vader can also attack at range with his lightsaber with a powerful throw, sending the red blade of energy scything through enemy ranks and then returning it to his hand. This allows him to make potent strikes at a distance.

And of course, Darth Vader wields his iconic Force choke, punishing his enemies with a telekinetic attack that lifts them off the ground as it weakens them. The crushing grip of the Sith Lord holds victims in the air, then drops his enemies at a place of his choosing (like a nearby cliff).

Players can also customize Vader’s abilities with Star Cards to suit their play style. Regardless of the configuration you choose, you’ll be delighted by Darth Vader’s ability to effortlessly cut down opponents within reach of his lightsaber, and impressed with his durability.

Darth Vader is just one of many heroes and villains you’ll be playing in Star Wars Battlefront II when it arrives everywhere November 17.

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  • Will Vader melt like butter instantly by being defeated within seconds on the battlefront? Like Han Solo and Rey did in battle in the Beta?

    • Hey EA, please think again that loot crates thing… dont do this a Pay to WIN like a free to play game in a 60$ game..
      per example things like that boba fett card that reduces damage 100% while flying is total pay to win in the way you handle it
      If that goes to everything, like other heroes or classes weapons/attachements, will be sad because the game looks asome and fun..

    • Not while flying, but durring rocket barrage. Learn to read and stop panicking like morons type Angry Joe.

    • I agree that EA needs to scrap this crappy Play-to-Win system for Battlefront 2.

      It’s bad enough the game has an upgrade system for weapons/abilities that make a seasoned player objectively better in every way, which sucks for new players, but having a “way out” where people could buy level ups with real-world money Day 1? That is absurd.

      The system is bad and just illustrates why EA was the wrong choice for handling Star Wars: Battlefront. I wish Rebellion were given the reigns once again, cause they understood the games. (If you haven’t checked out the 2 PSP titles, they are the best in the series, despite the platform being inferior to home console/PC.)

    • Yes, yes he will. They can’t have a hero be an actual hero now can they? lol

      Multiplayer on anything is usually a mess of pay to win and “run and shoot” – no tactics at all and thisi swhat has happened to Battlefront. No use using a sniper, unless you have a cheat of course.

      I really hope the single player campaign is a LOT better!

    • Vader will never fall!

    • hey ea says play the beta until Wednesday (today) does that mean u cant play the beta anymore?

  • Agree, too, about the campaign.

  • About heros: if you can’t get enough points before the mtt reaches the palace then you still need to learn how to play the soldier. If you do get a hero and die instantly it’s because you were probably weren’t doing a good job. About crates and unlockables: people want stuff to unlock during the game otherwise what’s the point and not evryone plays all the time and aren’t broke because they have jobs and will probably enjoy the fact they’ll be able to buy some crates in order to catch up. base weapons are good enough if you know how to play the game

    • I would love some tips Dr-Amazing! Rather than asking for praise and adulation post some tips for those of us that can’t get those number of points or die right away with a hero (1 shot kills are a cheat!) because that hero is underpowered.

      Should we duck and cover?
      Run straight ahead and shoot blindly?
      Zig-zag down the field of battle while waving are arms in surrender?

      Tips man, give us lowly people some info.

      Darth Maul is decent in arcade…

    • Agreed. As with all first person shooters, those who actually know how to play will rise to the top. Not to mention, using heroes is also incredibly easy if you know what to do. Star Cards have a marginal impact on the experience. All this fear mongering is tiresome and stupid.

  • Very disappointed in how EA is handling the MP section. Anyway, the beta just seemed like extra DLC maps for the original.

    The single-player campaign looks intriguing, but looks can be deceiving. Honestly this game was rushed, and we all know how that goes. I will be more than happy to wait for some reviews. The original had big discounts in short order. I suspect that this one will be no different.

  • Ea please dont add this star crate thing i left playing call of duty to play your games because of the supply drops you guys please dont just please rethink that

  • So he has the same buff ability that Rey has, as well as sharing Force Choke and Saber Throw with Darth Maul. Considering he could also saber block in Battlefront I, I’m assuming Vader will be able to do the same in Battlefront II. Rey can block blasters with her lightsaber, but Darth Maul cannot with his double-bladed lightsaber.

  • Hey EA, I loved the gameplay of the Beta but the star crate system needs either get modified heavily or go away. There’s now no relation between how well you play or how much you play and how you can level up. It’s too random and takes forever to get enough scrap to add weapon mods. You can be a level 10 for the game but it translates into nothing as far as combat class levels go. And, since everyone on the team in multiplayer gets the same number of credits after a match there’s not a lot of individual incentive. The Hutt Contracts were much better in SWBF1, it gave each person a goal to play for and an individual reward. Plus you could choose the ones you liked. Gameplay is great, the level progression and weapons mods is really hard to understand and random.

  • Are you going to have us pay for another season pass that’s has glitches again?

  • We has to purchase join Star War Darth Vader joind the fight in Star Wars battlefront 2

  • Can’t we all just be happy about the game? It looks awesome and sick! I can’t wait to play it the day it comes out because I know a good game when I see one. It could use some updates and fix a few things revolving around heroes and star crates, but other than that, this game is a masterpiece. I think EA has finally done it. They have created an awesome game and that’s what I like.

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