5 Tips For the Star Wars Battlefront II Beta

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5 Tips For the Star Wars Battlefront II Beta

Use the Force... is only the first step to mastering the game!

It’s time to complete your training. The Star Wars Battlefront II Beta hits PlayStation 4 for all players on October 6, and there’s a lot to take in. The skills you’ll need to utilize as a trooper in Strike aren’t quite the same as the maneuvers you’ll need to deploy as a pilot in Starfighter Assault.

Here are five tips to make you more successful on the iconic battlefields of Star Wars Battlefront II’s Beta.

Managing Battle Points

One of Star Wars Battlefront II’s more prominent innovations is the introduction of Battle Points. As you defeat enemies and help teammates, you earn Battle Points in combat. As they accrue, you gain the power to call in reinforcements and heroes. You’ll be able to climb into the cockpit of an atmospheric starfighter, drive an AT-RT, become a clone Jumptrooper, or transform into Rey and wield her lightsaber.

But Battle Point costs aren’t all the same, and you’ll constantly have to balance risk and reward. Will you opt for an upgrade the moment you can afford one and hope to leverage your tactical advantage to keep the Battle Points rolling in? Or will you hoard your Battle Points while playing as a trooper? Each approach has merits… cashing in earlier will make you more effective in the first part of a battle, but if you’re defeated before accumulating more points, it may delay your ascent toward becoming a hero.

It could also prove a safer path to rely on your skills as a trooper class and work toward a singular heroic goal. The choice is yours… but we confess that it’s an awful lot of fun to use vehicles and special characters. They’re a great way to help your team and advance your way closer to becoming a hero.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Breaking Missile Locks

In Starfighter Assault, there’s nothing more harrowing than seeing the notification that an opponent has locked on to you with a torpedo or missile. These guided fire-and-forget weapons can be difficult to avoid, especially in open space. But you’re hardly defenseless.

If you know a missile is closing in, your best bet is to weave around cover. Fondor’s orbital platform is huge, and it makes for remarkably effective protection. Banking around any large structure at a sharp angle gives you an excellent chance of escaping a pursuing torpedo. Diving into narrow areas like a tunnel can also work. And even in open space, it’s sometimes possible to dodge missiles by rapidly turning and cutting speed or accelerating as a projectile draws close… if your timing is perfect.

Also, it doesn’t hurt if you’re Darth Maul and you have a cloaking shield. It’s hard to kill what you can’t see.

Using the Force

Speaking of Darth Maul, he’s just as dangerous on the ground in Galactic Assault as he is in a cockpit. Maul is fast and agile, and he’s an offensive juggernaut. His ranged force abilities are extremely potent, and his mobility highly compliments his melee combat skills.

But Maul has a weakness: he can’t deflect enemy blaster bolts. The best defense with Maul is to keep moving and keep attacking. Search and destroy. Eliminate enemies before they have a chance to draw a bead on you. And liberally apply your Force abilities the moment they’re available. Darth Maul rewards aggression.

Be a Teammate

It’s always fun to lead your side in kills, but Star Wars Battlefront II also rewards team play. You may find as much fulfillment in a supporting role as you do rushing headlong into a firefight.

Class-based abilities are complimentary. Assault troopers flank enemies while Heavy troopers tie down the opposition. Specialists can cover advancing friends from hiding. And for ultimate team players, there’s the Officer class, a support type who thrives at buffing nearby allies and utilizing automated tech (like remote turrets) to protect squad mates. Officers earn Battle Points for their supporting actions, so they’re a great choice for players who love making the team stronger.

Play Your Hero Ship Correctly

When you earn a Hero Ship, be sure to utilize it in a manner that maximizes its particular abilities. Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon is tough as nails and very hard hitting. It’s a forceful instrument, deadly in straight-on attacks and playing objectives. Boba Fett’s Slave I has a unique, rear facing special that’s absolutely awesome against close pursuit and devastating in enclosed spaces (like the interior of the Fondor orbital platform).

Star Wars Battlefront II

Darth Maul’s Scimitar is most effective when employing surprise with its cloak and when ambushing foes at close range, although the cloak is also terrific as a defensive measure. Poe’s X-wing, Black One, is a powerful dogfighter, but it’s even more effective when you’re using Poe’s special ability to enhance nearby teammates… so don’t fly solo!

These are just a few of the many strategies you can implement in the Star Wars Battlefront II Beta, and we can’t wait for you to try it for yourselves.

Star Wars Battlefront II is available on November 14 if you pre-order the Star Wars Battlefront II: Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition, or on November 17 in the worldwide release.

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