The Cars and Tracks of Gran Turismo Sport

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The Cars and Tracks of Gran Turismo Sport

Race around the world with everyday rides, exclusive concept cars, and everything inbetween.

As players around the world gear up for the start of the Gran Turismo Sport Limited Time Demo and the launch of the Gran Turismo franchise on PS4, we wanted to give you an insight into the cars and tracks you can look forward to racing.

With its emphasis on selecting only the best and fastest cars to take to the track, players will be able to pick everyday cars, racing cars, and even concept cars that you’ll only be able to drive in GT Sport.

Cars will be grouped into six categories from Group N (your everyday stock cars) through to Group X (those deemed too extreme for our other categories).

Grp. N

Gran Turismo Sport - Mazda Atenza Sedan

Grp. 4

Gran Turismo Sport - Porsche Cayman

Grp. 3

Gran Turismo Sport - Lexus Prototype

Grp. 1

Gran Turismo Sport - Alpine Vision

Grp. B

Gran Turismo Sport - GRP

Grp. X

Gran Turismo Sport - Honda Project 24

This year you’ll be able to race from the streets of Tokyo, through the iconic Nurburgring to the dirtiest of rally tracks.

With a total of 40 layouts (17 courses) you’ll have the chance to test your racing skills in a host of different environments from around the world, and customize your experiences by playing across different times of the day and through varied weather conditions.

We’re really excited to introduce some of the fantasy tracks that the Polyphony team have created, using over 20 years of racing and driving game experience, tracks that are not only fun but will push even the most experienced of drivers.

Tokyo Expressway

Gran Turismo Sport - Tokyo Expressway Central Outer Loop

Blue Moon Speedway

Gran Turismo Sport - Blue Moon bay Speedway


Gran Turismo Sport - Dragontail Seaside

But we’ve not forgotten the classics, including…

Brands Hatch

Gran Turismo Sport - Brandshatch Indy


Gran Turismo Sport - Interlagos GP 3


Gran Turismo Sport - Nurburgring

And here’s the full track list:

  • Alsace – Village
  • Alsace – Village II
  • Autodrome Lago Maggiore – GP
  • Autodrome Lago Maggiore – GP II
  • Autódromo De Interlagos
  • Blue Moon Bay Speedway
  • Blue Moon Bay Speedway II
  • Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit
  • Brands Hatch Indy Circuit
  • Broad Bean Raceway
  • Broad Bean Raceway II
  • Colorado Springs – Lake
  • Colorado Springs – Lake II
  • Dragon Trail – Seaside
  • Dragon Trail – Seaside II
  • Fishermans Ranch
  • Fishermans Ranch II
  • Kyoto Driving Park – Miyabi
  • Kyoto Driving Park – Yamagiwa
  • Kyoto Driving Park – Yamagiwa II
  • Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit
  • Northern Isle Speedway
  • Northern Isle Speedway – Infield
  • Nürburgring 24h
  • Nürburgring GP
  • Nürburgring Nordschleife
  • Nürburgring Nordschleife Tourist Layout
  • Sardegna – Windmills
  • Sardegna – Windmills II
  • Suzuka Circuit
  • Suzuka Circuit East Course
  • Tokyo Expressway – Central Inner Loop
  • Tokyo Expressway – Central Outer Loop
  • Tokyo Expressway – East Inner Loop
  • Tokyo Expressway – East Outer Loop
  • Willow Springs International Raceway: Big Willow
  • Willow Springs International Raceway: Horse Thief Mile
  • Willow Springs International Raceway: Horse Thief Mile II
  • Willow Springs International Raceway: Streets of Willow Springs
  • Willow Springs International Raceway: Streets of Willow Springs II

Don’t miss out on the chance to try some of these cars and tracks ahead of launch by taking part in the GT Sport Limited Time Demo starting October 9 at 10:00 AM Pacific.

We look forward to seeing you all in game!

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