Introducing the New PlayStation Credit Card

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Introducing the New PlayStation Credit Card

Get big points when you buy PlayStation products, and a $50 PS Store code after your first purchase.

Working with our colleagues over at Sony Rewards and Capital One, we are excited to present a new PlayStation Credit Card with rewards designed specifically with gamers like you in mind. Beginning today, we’re inviting all of our fans to start turning your everyday purchases into a number of amazing rewards and benefits.

Now the good stuff – what you can get!

When you apply and get approved, after your first card purchase, you get a $50 PlayStation Store code. That could be a free new game! And that’s just the beginning…

PlayStation Credit Card

5X points when you use the card at PlayStation Store 5x points on all PlayStation and Sony purchases at authorized retailers with purchase confirmation using a Sony Rewards Bonus Points form 3X points when you use the PlayStation Card to pay your mobile phone bill 1X points on all other every day purchases

PlayStation Credit Card

  • No annual fee
  • Customize your card for free with multiple game-inspired designs (after you become a card member and create an account at

Once you start racking up your Sony Rewards points (100 points is like $1 in Sony Rewards), the possibilities are endless! Redeem the points you earn for PlayStation games, consoles, downloadable content, subscription services, Sony electronics, movies, music, experiences and more. Not a member of Sony Rewards? Check it out here.

This is a great opportunity for any gamer looking to earn rewards just by purchasing the items you already enjoy. To learn more about the new Capital One PlayStation Card and to apply today, click here.

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  • Does these changes apply to those of us that already have the card as well or only for new cardholders?

    • yeah same here, I’m a card holder and a Vue subscriber

    • Would also like to know if this affects the current 10x bonus for PS Store purchases that the current card gets. Capital One’s website still mentions this bonus, but I’m no longer able to find it anywhere on Sony Rewards website anymore. Very concerning if it’s true that it’s gone away.

    • Would also like to know how this affects current card holders.

      I like the 10x points I get already, but on the other hand, most of my monthly purchase is PSVue, so getting that 10% back directly would be nice.

      Also am an annual PSNow subscriber so only paying $90 for that is also great out of pocket.

    • I’d also like to know if this affects current cardholders. We currently get 10x points on PS Store purchases, and 3x on fast food and movie theater tickets. Is that going away? If so, I might as well cancel this card.

    • So yeah does this apply? Also will this card ever be put into Samsung pay because I love using Samsung pay but I can’t because this card isn’t accepted….is the new one?…but yeah mainly I want to know if this applies to old card users because I’ve had this card for a while now. it’s awesome too.

    • This is obviously a downgrade and a worse deal. Can’t believe they are doing this and not benefiting the older long time playstation card holders. The 10x points was a big reason I purchased digitally, since it was saving me money by getting card rewards. Goodbye.

  • I would like to know as well. It really is a great card for a gamer

  • It’s funny how they don’t mention the APR even once…

    • It says right on the made page they link:

      Get 0% intro APR on purchases until March 2018.
      After that, a variable APR of 14.99% – 24.99% applies

    • Unfortunately, that’s for Cap One to decide and having had a Cap One card there’s a darn good reason they are not mentioning it.

    • Man that’s so high. I just financed a new truck and my credit union threw in a CC with 7.5% APR for the life of the card.

    • Credit Union will generally have a lower APR because they’re non-profit. Though I have yet to find a nice credit card from a credit union that gives decent rewards.

    • Yeah, Cap One cards are known for high interest rates. I know people want rewards on their purchases but honestly you could just pay in cash, not pay interest each month and you’ll see the benefits quicker. It all sounds great until you realize just how much you’re getting gauged for on interest.

    • LOL, oh come on, that would depend totally on how much you actually owe. If you only owe 10 dollars, for example, the extra you pay in interest would be totally minimal. Besides, if you’re going to be buying games on the PS Store, you should only be getting them when they have a deep discount.

    • If you pay your card off after purchases each month, then you don’t pay interest.

    • You only get interest/APR after the first like 9 months of owning the card, and if you pay your balance in full every month your APR wouldn’t even matter.

      I think this credit card is worth getting for 1 simple factor. You can get the credit card, have it as the SOLE payment method on your account, get the rewards, get the free credits, maybe use it to pay your cellphone bill, and voila. You have a card that if it gets hacked it’s not your main card, not your main bank account, so it’s incredibly easy to dispute any charges on it.

      A credit reporting firm was hacked. I mean, there’s a bit of peace of mind to separate all our cards out.

      Only using a Playstation Card for Playstation purchases and maybe your cellphone.

      Only using your Amazon card for Amazon purchases.

      Only using your gas card for gas stations.

      You build your credit, have emergency funds, make it easier to rent or lease later on in life, and you can have a usage pattern that makes reporting credit fraud incredibly easy. But don’t forget to freeze your credit after this. Thanks Experian.

  • Any chance of offering a comparable Canadian card?

  • Where do I sign up???

  • I love my Playstation Card! I highly recommend it. I get a bunch of free games every year thanks to the rewards program.

    • If they drop the current card to these new bonus point values, you’ll be getting about half as many free games a year. That’s what I’m worried about.

    • Let’s do a math break down for the fun of it.

      $50 for applying and getting approved.
      $18 back (divide that by 12 for monthly amount) for a $50 cellphone bill payed every month (times 12 is $600)
      $30 dollars off your bill for being a plus subscriber and spending more than $3,000 a year.
      $24 for the $2400 you spent that took the $600 you spend on phone service

      $122 for the first year $72 for every other year.

      That’s your minimum. If you got your mom or dad to get the card, and they only used it the bare minimum that’s how much you’d get. $72. Now if you are a plus subscriber I think that means you get $3 in points, and $30 off the bill. For me I guess that would offset about $300 or so in purchases technically. So… if you spend more than say $450 (if my late at night out of my arsenal math is right) and a plus subscriber you will lose out in the long run or if you eat out a lot.

      Otherwise you might benefit from the changes. Much better situation for people who buy 1-3 games a year and plus. Not so much for people like me. Amazon Prime + Prime Rewards will benefit me much more.

  • I would like to know if my current x10 points will be dropping to x5 points.

  • how about you guys make a pre-paid card as well everybody dont have good credit to get one of those cards i like the idea of the card being for people who plays games that way we get points for pre-ordering games from the psn store or just buying stuff in general but you guys should really look into doing re-loadable cards as well you will get more people invested.

    • I didn’t have any credit 2 years ago. A year ago I got dinged from an apartment that screwed me over because they manipulated me into singing a new rental agreement months ahead of time, by putting hyperbolic notices on my door about how it’s serious and I need to get to the office ASAP, and then when my dad suddenly passed away I gave them more than a month’s notice before my initial lease was up that we were moving out but then they claimed we broke the new lease which if that’s legal, someone needs to be shot for writing in bull laws like that.

      So we didn’t pay them because we couldn’t afford to, congradulations your first time with a credit score is bad! Yay! 30 years of life and you for the first time have any credit what so ever because nothing else has ever reported you as a good payer. I couldn’t get credit cards so i went to my bank put down $500 for a secured credit card (extra inheritance) that I’d get back in a year, and after a few months of that secured card, my credit was good enough for the playstation card, and now I have good enough credit that Amazon gave me a $1k limit card.

      So now I have emergency cards which is great because Hurricanes. YAY!

  • Wait… so instead of 10x points on ps store, its now gonna be 5x? And we are also losing 3x points on fast food purchases? WOW! Looks like i need to find a new credit card. Such a bad move for current cardholders. Smh…

  • Hey fellow Gamers – looks like the new changes have already been effective on current card holders. I just checked a purchase (Wonder Woman Digital Movie) for $19.99 – 20 + 10x points = 200. I’ve already seen a huge swing in points. So current card members already have this benefit!

    • Those were always the points you got for spending in the store.

      You’d get 100 points on your next $19.99 purchase if these changes are in effect.

      You made some huge miscalculation.

  • Is this just for US? access denied for me…

  • It would appear, as a Canadian, I am able to apply for the card. However, reading the Important Disclosures, it indicates that having a Sony Rewards account is necessary to redeem points; that seems counterproductive. I’ll earn points, but because the Sony Rewards program isn’t available to Canadians, I’ll have no way to redeem them.

    Next Steps:
    – Bring Sony Rewards to Canada!!!

  • Well, not in Canada.

  • Available for Canadians? I have a Capital One Mastercard already, so maybe?

  • This is a downgrade from the current Playstation card.

    In the most basic sense, the rewards are being cut in half.

  • I just got my credit going so in a few months Sony. Any one who has this card are the interest rates high? I normally use my Capital One cc for a purchase and pay it as soon as it gets posted. Unfortunately I don’t get points. This would be great but wanna hear from gamers/people who actually have this Card.

    • Just a heads up, if you’re trying to build your credit, don’t pay as soon as a purchase is posted or your credit usage reported to bureaus is 0..

      You’ll get a statement every month, pay the full amount on the statement at that time. Then credit usage is reported (good for your score) and you don’t accrue interest unless a balance carries over statements.

  • So basically the “new” card is half as good as the “old” card and you’re hoping to pull a fast one on the people who don’t read the terms?

    If this is the case, I won’t be using my card much more. 5% back isn’t as good as my other cards. 10% was amazing

  • This is not a good deal, do not fall for it.

  • Love this card! I have had it for a while and the Sony Rewards really is great. Just today I had 1056 points from game purchases on PSN which is $10.56 so I got a $20 PSN card from the Sony Rewards site for under $10. However, I am getting 10X on game purchases so hopefully that stays the same for veteran card owners.

  • Sorry Sony, but I’m not getting a credit card, even if it’s a PlayStation themed credit card. The reason why I avoid credit cards is because I don’t want to burrow money from the credit card issuer and then owe them the amount I spent. Therefore, I’m sticking with prepaid PlayStation Store cards. So thanks, but no thanks.

  • Hey Everyone,

    I just got off the phone with Sony Rewards. The following is good news for us current PlayStation card holders.

    This is a small excerpt:

    “I have a PlayStation Card now. Do I get the same benefits as the new PlayStation Card?

    Your existing benefits will not change. However, if you’d like to switch your card to receive the new PlayStation Card benefits, please call customer service using the number on the back of your card.” 

    Thank goodness!!!! I love the old benefits and was afraid I would lose them.


    Rob aka Graf

  • so I’ve had the card since it first came out, I have to say y’all changing the get 10X back romps store to 5X is a slap in the face. and this better not effect this months points. I bought a 80$ fight on demand I better see 800 points. cause it was bought before y’all decided to change all this.

  • Being a PSVR owner I constantly make purchases on the store and since I have a 2tb HDD I just love that digital content. And after seeing this post I was interested in the card. But seeing that it dropped from 10x points to 5x points made me reconsider signing up for this offer. Here’s to hoping they bring back the 10X rewards so I can sign up

  • Can we get this card in Canada? do we get to have the same privileges?

  • LOL, I have an Amazon Visa and a Best Buy Visa, yet you decline me for this one. Morons.

  • Is this only a thing in America, or can UK gamers like myself get one?

  • How can I get the card

  • Can I use this card on any store, or do I still need to have one PSN account for every region I’ve lived in? (I moved country, and can no longer use my original account for purchases because I couldn’t change region, thus not able to use my new debit card or PayPal)

  • Has anyone confirmed that old card holders still get 10%? I mean that is the only reason I got this card was for digital purchases. I can get 5% anywhere and have better options then the Sony rewards program.

  • really? Spend $3000 and get 50% off 1 year online access… think about it folks!

    • What’s to think about? My rent is $1000 a month. I’ll hit $3000 in three months and that’s $3000 I would have spent anyway. May as well put it on the card first to get the 50% PS+ and then just pay off the card like I would pay my rent.

  • I want this! Launch it internationally please!!!

  • Could please somebody help me? Im getting this error

    Am I eligible to earn that card eventhough I am from Slovakia? :c

  • Is this for American Citizens only? Gives me the option to choose that I am not an American Citizen (I’m Canadian) but won’t let me go any further because it won’t let me pick my province but takes my current address and everything.. any help would be great.

  • Is It Available In The UK?

  • Did my first purchase.. still waiting on that 50 dollar gift card

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